DreamWorks Animation Postpone Upcoming Films

The release schedule for upcoming films with a notable production house has been altered. Announcements were made by DreamWorks Animation that “The Boss Baby: Family Business” and “The Bad Guys” have been postponed. Pandemic limitations for moviegoers is being cited for DreamWorks decision to prolong the release of both films. It’s an announcement that film analysts weren’t anticipating, with speculation indicating Universal Studios & DreamWorks Animation could sustain similar streaming contracts to Warner Brothers.

Announcements issued in early December notified millions in North America that upcoming films for 2022 will launch on HBO Max. Corporations operating cinemas in the United States & Canada rallied against Warner Brother’s decision, emphasising that WB is strategically trying to eliminate movie theatres in the United States. Production houses like Universal Studios & DreamWorks Animation have taken different positions, confirming they’ll continue to support cinemas worldwide by postponing upcoming releases.

The Boss Baby: Family Business from DreamWorks was slated to release on March 26th of next year. That date has been altered to September 17th, 2021. Postponing the international launch by several months provides ample time for moviegoers to become vaccinated & sustain average lifestyles. Details regarding the official date for “The Bad Guys by DreamWorks” wasn’t provided, with DWA Spokesperson’s identifying a timeframe for Summer 2022.

The Second Boss Baby

DreamWorks Animation’s Boss Baby franchise is popular amongst children aged five to twelve. It’s not exclusively because of the first film, which released three years prior in 2017. Partnership agreements sustained between Netflix & DreamWorks allowed for a streaming services themed around Boss Baby to comprise several seasons. Audiences behind this franchise continue to grow, with its popularity rising notably as millions of children in North America remained indoors during pandemic lockdowns.

It’s estimated that when this second installment released on September 17th of next year, profit margins will reach $1 Billion. That’d be double the margins earned from the first film. Depending on how Boss Baby: Family Business performs in the box office, DreamWorks Animation will greenlight a third installment.

MGM Studios Up For Sale

The Covid Pandemic has prompted forced changes onto numerous industries, including film & television. Information released by inside sources indicates that MGM has begun selling its collection of assets, including its largescale library of film content. This means James Bond has become available for purchase. However, the information isn’t being praised by industry elite & prominent reviewers. MGM selling their assets is the first indication of largescale studios shutting down become of Covid-19. MGM Studios began operations in 1924, with a collection of legendary production houses consolidating themselves into one firm. Reports being accurate indicates that bankruptcy isn’t far behind for MGM Studios.

MGM Studios has developed all James Bond renditions, working alongside EON Productions since the franchise started decades ago. The final Bond film created by MGM Studios will release next year, with whoever buys this franchise likely to ascertain its profits. Concerns mentioned online suggest that whoever believes the franchise rights for James Bond could reshoot “No Time To Die”, the final movie hosting Daniel Craig as the iconic character. This franchise isn’t the exclusive one for sale, with MGM Studios maintaining an array of properties for film & television. Those include:

  • The Pink Panther
  • The Hobbit Trilogy
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Stargate SG-1
  • G.I. Joe
  • Hercules
  • Rocky
  • Creed

This isn’t the first time that MGM Studios has faced near bankruptcy, with the corporate entity facing hardships in 2009. Surpassing difficulties like Covid-19s destructive force on the film industry is unlikely for MGM Studios. Reports indicate that MGM Studios’ self-valued pricing is listed at $5.5 Billion, with whoever making that purchase having full access to the historic film library held by MGM & all property franchise rights. Inside sources suggest MGM Studios is negotiating with streaming services to earn their desired price tag.

MGM Studios being sold will mark the first largescale production house that’s been terminated because of Covid-19. Unless cinemas reopen worldwide before Christmas 2021, other production houses holding popularity amongst consumers will be forced to shut down.

Ant-Man Three Announced for 2022 Release Timeframe

The release timeframe for Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania has been revealed by a titular star for this second sequel. Michelle Pfeiffer confirmed that the third instalment is arriving for 2020, with supporters shocked that Marvel would provide Pfeiffer clearance to make this announcement. Her role as “Janet Van Dyne” didn’t come until the second instalment, with the on-scene time of that character being minutes.

Michelle’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Janet Van Dyne became a fan-favourite supporting character for the Ant-Man franchise. Michelle Pfeiffer’s name was the original “Wasp”, who spent decades living inside a quantum universe. After being resurrected with the help of her husband & their daughter, Janet Van Dyne lived to see another day. Those days were numbers, as the end of Ant-Man, Two saw all prominent characters of the franchise killed by the MCUs greatest villain, Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

The second instalment of this franchise surrounded the inner workings of Marvel’s “Quantum Realm”, which is a smaller scale iteration of our universe where gravity & life doesn’t operate on similar mechanics. Being stuck inside the Quantum Realm for 31-Years gave Janet Van Dyne prominent data on what’s possible inside this smaller universe. Her data-enabled Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) to calculate that time travel is possible. Without Janet being stuck inside the Quantum Realm, it wouldn’t have been manageable for the Avengers to destroy Thanos in another timeline.

The Official Release Announcement

Social media has become the conventional method for announcing release dates on upcoming films & games. Michele Pfeiffer selected Instagram for this announcement, where she confirmed that Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania is arriving by 2022. The third instalment is likely coming for this year’s holiday season, which would follow suit with previous release dates seen with Ant-Man One & Two.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s announcement correlates with a multitude of other confirmations made by Disney on 2020s Investors Day. Multiple MCU Films & TV Shows were announced, which extended to other series regarding another property owned by Disney, Star Wars. Between 2021 & 2022, more than 30+ shows or movies are being released by the Walt Disney Corporation.

Directors Rally Against Warner Brothers

Warner Brother Pictures determined last week that the best strategic option for 2021s fiscal year is releasing all movies simultaneously with streaming services & cinemas. This has prompted industry outrage, having dozens of actors and directors emphasising that Warner Brother Pictures is initiating an unreversible change. Viewers are unlikely to attend cinemas & spend upwards of $50.00 if films are available on streaming platforms at home.

Warner Brother Pictures made confirmations that additional costs wouldn’t be sustained for consumers on HBO Max, the streaming platform selected for upcoming releases. This decision benefits customers wanting to entertainment, as dozens of films have been postponed following Covid-19 restrictions. It doesn’t help directors, producers, actors, and crewmembers. Compensation with streaming-related projects is typically lower than standard productions & directors have begun learning that salaries for their skillsets are being decreased.

This happened for James Gunn, Director of DCs Suicide Squad Two. It’s disturbing for Director Gunn after learning that actresses like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) are receiving $10 million for WB selecting to move releases over to streaming platforms. Director Gunn didn’t receive any compensation, showing evident favouritism that’ll likely create industry-wide criticism. Some analysts predict that actors, directors, crewmembers, and producers could strike if other studios make similar announcements. These individuals won’t lose their livelihood because of executive greed.

Christopher Nolan, the Director behind prominent films like “The Dark Knight” announced that he doesn’t support WBs decision to release movies on streaming services. Nolan is considering if directing another project for Warner Brother Pictures shouldn’t be ascertained. Christopher expects WB to reverse their decision or experience industry-wide fallouts. This decision could ultimately inflict monetary damages to Warner Brother Pictures on the long-term scale, with prominent personnel likely unwilling to work with this studio again.

James Gunn is Disturbed with Warner Brothers Decision

Lacklustre compensation was provided to Director James Gunn, which has sparked outrage behind the prominent creator. Gunn confirmed that he hadn’t been informed of Warner Brother Pictures decision and had been blindsided. Solutions offered by WB were minimal for Director James Gunn, with dissatisfaction growing after learning Gal Gadot was paid $10 million. Gunn noted he’d never work for the studio again.

Oscar Isaac is Solid Snake in MGS Film

Film adaptations for video games have become prominent in Hollywood. Decades passed where these movies struggled to garner fanfare, with an exclusive franchise dominating this film landscape. Resident Evil intrigued audiences by incorporating storylines involving the undead & our modern landscape. Financial revenue for VG film adaptations was minimal for decades, prompting studios to avoid greenlighting projects surrounding video game properties.

Sony Pictures anticipated that moviegoers are prepared for film adaptations surrounding video game franchises. Its prompted Sony Pictures to greenlight multiple films, including Uncharted & The Last of Us. Confirming these two movies prompted multiple studios to announce adaptations of video game franchises. SEGA released “Sonic the Hedgehog” in early 2020, which proved popular amongst moviegoers.

Columbia Pictures is the latest production house to announce a VG film adaptation. It was confirmed that “Metal Gear Solid” from Konami is being adapted for the silver screen. The announcement coincided with the revelation that Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) will play the role of Solid Snake. Announcement details also revealed that Jordan Vogt-Roberts is directing Metal Gear Solid, with the Head Writer being Derek Connolly.

Interested moviegoers shouldn’t anticipate filming & production on Metal Gear Solid to begin immediately. Oscar Isaac has multiple films requiring his attention, including “Marvel’s Moon Knight”. Columbia Pictures avoided details regarding when production will begin. The narrative & set for Metal Gear Solid wasn’t revealed either. However, this film will likely centre around the storyline from Konami’s first or second MGS.

A Long Wait

Supporters that’ve played several titles in the Metal Gear Solid franchise have praised the announcement. Director Vogt-Roberts has regularly expressed his fandom with this video game franchise and would become a prominently known supporter. It led towards Kojima (Creator of Metal Gear Solid) to provide Vogt-Roberts with his blessing to direct. This movie has sustained years of limbo because Kojima demanded a director suitable for his vision & not the studios. Under the timeline of films slated for production with Columbia Pictures, Metal Gear Solid will likely start production by January 2022. Release dates won’t likely arrive until Summer 2024.

Red Notice Finishes Filming with Special Thank You

Four hundred individuals have concluded filming on “Red Notice”, an upcoming film from Netflix that stars Hollywood elite like Ryan Reynolds & Dwayne Johnson. Post-Production has begun, but Ryan Reynolds has given the recognition of the challenges associated with filming during a pandemic. An infamous actor is known for his comedic personality; Reynolds recorded four hundred thank you message videos for every crewmember. It’s one of the most notable acts of kindness seen in an actor in 2020.

Filming was postponed with Covid-19 became an international pandemic, forcing studios throughout Hollywood to furlough hundreds of crews until restrictions were lifted. New measures coinciding with government requirements were implemented by Netflix, allowing for dozens of shows & films to continue production. Red Notice would be a fixed point for future exhibitions, with the movie being one of the first to resume filming in Atlanta.

Crewmembers knew their extensive efforts were appreciated after Ryan Reynolds filming four hundred thank you messages, which each incentivizing personal details about that individual recipient. Commitment towards production was praised by Ryan Reynolds, with the Deadpool actor providing each crewmember with a bottle of “Aviation Gin”. Shipped bottles will include a personalized note that reiterates Reynolds thanks towards the crew.

When questioned on how filming these four hundred thank you messages was, Ryan Reynolds clarified it was worth every second. Sentiments from Reynolds indicated that what crewmembers accomplished was challenging & morale was low because of lockdown restrictions. Filming those thank you messages were minimal in-comparison to what the crew carried out. It should be noted that personal details in those video messages included thanks towards the crew’s families, pets, and significant others.

The Storyline

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are appearing in Red Notice for 2021. It’s being directed by the same individual that filmed Skyscraper & Central Intelligence; two other movies centred around Dwayne Johnson. It’s known that the plotline for Red Notice will see Johnson & Reynolds traverse the globe for Gal Gadot, who helms the role of an international thief running from American CIA Agents. Post-Production will begin immediately, with the film slated to release by late 2021.

Universal Pictures Signs Distribution Contract with Cinemark

Industries worldwide have been forced into transition during the Covid era, with alternative concepts for market growth being introduced. The film industry has experienced a pivotal shift, with streaming services becoming adopted over cinemas. Theatres worldwide haven’t earned monetary compensation since March 2020, with influential brands like AMC & Regal warning of their bankruptcy. Brands like Cinemark have selected an objective strategy as of November 17th. An updated distribution contract was announced by Universal Pictures & Cinemark, with industry analysts praising the agreement for its revolutionary format. Analysts predict that other production studios & cinemas will sign similar contracts if this format sustains high margins.

Universal Pictures & Cinemark confirmed their latest distribution began with “Freaky”, a movie mentioned last week with Vince Vaughn. Under the new contract, Freaky would launch with Cinemark on November 13th & become available on streaming platforms starting November 17th. It’s unknown how long this timeframe format will be sustained, with Cinemark remarking the contract is accounting for consumer demand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most production studios in Hollywood have resisted the Covid-19 pandemic, refusing distributions methods that would transition their brands to the quarantine era. Universal Pictures didn’t sustain their standard formats and began releasing new films to On-Demand services like “Google Movies”. Universal’s most popular Covid film was “Trolls: World Tour”, which earned more than $400 Million on its digital opening weekend. Other films released by Universal Pictures during the Covid era include:

  • The Hunt
  • The Photograph
  • The Turning
  • Emma
  • The King of Staten Island
  • The Invisible Man

Summer saw Universal Pictures & AMC Theatres implement a similar contract with longer timeframes. Films releasing to AMC cannot become available for “On-Demand & Streaming Services” until seventeen days after their initial cinema release. It should be noted that before Covid-19, movies weren’t permitted to release digitally until 75 to 90 days after their theatre release.

Cinemark Theatres clarified that movies releasing with opening weekends of $50 Million or more, will sustain five weekends in cinemas before distributing digitally to various On-Demand services like Apple Movies. Ultimately, these contracts offer an opportunity for production houses to generate increased revenue during the Covid era & still support international theatres.

Constantine Two is Officially Happening

Films that perform horrendously at the box office will occasionally become cult classics, prompting studios to develop sequels for that respective property. History is repeating itself for another franchise, with Peter Stormare (Lucifer in Constantine) confirming that a sequel is being set. Peter Stormare didn’t provide details regarding the second coming of Lucifer & Constantine. However, it’s known that Keanu Reeves is returning to his iconic role.

DC Comics & Warner Brothers reconsidered Constantine in 2016, believing that the remittance of Keanu Reeves career could prompt a sequel to garner incredible popularity. Both Reeves & Peter Stormare have become iconic actors since Constantine One released in 2005. Stormare has appeared in iconic properties for both film & games. The likelihood that Constantine Two will garner considerable profits at the international box office is enormous. It means that Warner Brothers & DC Comics have greenlit the sequel.

There were chances that the Keanu Reeves iteration of Constantine wouldn’t return. J.J Abrams became the Director & Producer for a rebooted version of this film at Warner Brothers. However, approaches in the storyline from Abrams went against the core premise of Constantine & prompted creative difference between himself and Warner Brothers. It’s allowed for the Keanu Reeves iteration of Constantine to return. Fans have praised this announcement for not changing the formula. The same actors are reprising their roles & the same Director is helming this film.

It’s expected that Warner Brothers & DC Comics will create a visually stunning film with Constantine Two. The first film was praised by critics for its advanced CGI, looking five years beyond its time in 2005. That was one of few praises given by critics. Subsequently, Constantine never performed admirably at the Box Office. It meant that for fifteen years, Warner Brothers & DC Comics had shelved this film. Consideration for a sequel wouldn’t begin until the Constantine TV Show became a cult classic. Warner Brothers understand there’s a unique market of comic fans that adore this franchise & are clamouring for more. It’s expected that Constantine Two will release in Summer 2023.

Orphan Prequel Details Revealed

Films in Hollywood are continually being rebooted, with producers & directors believing that audiences are ready to see another iteration in that series. No genre repeats this formula more than horror, with series like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” spanning multiple sequels & reboots. There are moments where new concepts behind horror are created, creating exciting cinema for moviegoers & one of those moments derived from “Orphan” in 2009. It’s now been announced that a Prequel Film is being developed, with Isabelle Fuhrman returning in her role as Ester. Multiple questions have been raised regarding how Orphan will be filmed after eleven years since Isabelle Fuhrman played Ester.

Named “Orphan: First Kill”, it’ll follow Ester as she orchestrates an extensive & brilliant escape from a psychiatric facility located in Estonia. Moviegoers will witness the events that unfold when Ester travels to America & then begins impersonating a wealthy families missing daughter. However, unexpected conflicts arise when the mother starts suspecting Ester for not being her genuine daughter & will do anything to protect her family. What follows is a suspense that builds up over nearly two hours with a climactic death. If anything like the first film, Orphan: First Kill will become a cult-classic movie amongst fans of horror & thrillers.

Challenges with Filming

Film analysts questioned how Isabelle Fuhrman would reprise her role of Ester. The character was nine in the original film, meaning that her character in the prequel will be aged anywhere from seven to eight. Ten years have passed since Isabelle Fuhrman played Ester, with the actress being a grown adult in 2020. Warner Brother Pictures confirmed that forced perspective & de-ageing makeup would be employed to create a younger version of Isabelle Fuhrman. This will be challenging to accomplish without the usage of CGI, which has proven favourable for de-ageing. Martin Scorsese’s “Irishman” was Robert DeNiro de-aged by decades.

William Brent Bell is helming Orphan: First Kill. He’s directed iconic films in the horror genre. Director Brent Bell hasn’t completed films in any other genre, making him the perfect decision. Other films from this director include:

  • Stay Alive
  • The Devil Inside
  • The Boy
  • Esther
  • Wer

Marvel’s Shang-Chi Finishes Filming

Disney Studios has accomplished a formidable & challenging task with “Shang-Chi & the Legend of Ten Rings”. Disney announced that Shang-Chi had concluded filming without a single case of the coronavirus. It’s a notable accomplishment that shows producing & directing a film is possible during the COVID-19 Era. Movie analysts predicted that Disney’s Marvel Studios would be forced to terminate production a 2nd time on Shang-Chi, under the presumption that an outbreak of coronavirus would be sustained. Those predictions were inaccurate following this announcement.

Storyline Details

Shang-Chi & the Legend of Ten Rings is slated to release in Summer 2021. It’ll showcase the storyline of Simu Liu, the first Asian comic-book hero being released under Marvel’s branding. His storyline begins when being orphaned as a young child. Simu Liu would become adopted by “The Mandarin” from the Iron-Man movies. Liu, alongside multiple other competitors to train in the Ten Rings Tournament.

Each ring sustains an elemental power, with Simu Liu expected to support one ring from “The Mandarin” before joining the tournament. Storyline details also conclude that Simu Liu escapes capture of the Mandarin after the events of Iron-Man 3, with his adoptive-father locating Liu weeks before the Ten Rings Tournament is set to begin. The Mandarin is slated to offer Simu freedom of capture & freedom to keep whichever Ring is acquired during the competition. Simu Lui agrees, dawning on the name Shang-Chi.

Numerous large-scale heroes from the Marvel Comic-Book Universe appear in the Ten Rings Tournament. It’s rumoured that unknown characters will get introduced, with speculation suggesting that two mutants could make an appearance in Shang-Chi & Doctor Strange Two. However, those storyline details aren’t confirmed.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Shang-Chi & The Legend of Ten Rings was slated to arrive in February 2020. However, Disney’s Marvel Studios was forced to postpone the film alongside multiple others following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Production was also cancelled for Shang-Chi, sustaining one month without any continued shooting. Filming resumed in the summer with various protocols implemented. These protocols permitted no spreading of the coronavirus, with 40+ thousand PCR Tests conducted during the final month of filming. Disney & Marvel would evoke their proud sentiments towards the crew for sustaining protocols.