The COVID-19 Pandemic forced multiple entertainment facilities to shut their doors for a prolonged period. This included AMC Theaters in North America, with both their American and Canadian locations having to be shut down. This decision was implemented after government orders were enforced to curve the spread of infection. Multiple other cinemas like Regal and Showcase also closed their doors. The chief executive officer with AMC Theatres believes it’ll be possible to reopen their locations by Mid-June. There isn’t any end in sight for the United States, with them now having the highest rate of infection globally. Several changes to how the entertainment industry distribute films after COVID-19s fallout.

Franchise owners behind AMC Theatres have become increasingly concerned over the prolonged closures. Profits aren’t being earned, and employees were forced into layoffs with social distancing measures implemented by the American government. This extends towards the Canadian government. Cinema fanatics haven’t been left without any new experiences, as multiple films have been released to On-Demand Services like Google Play Movies. The Invisible Man is available today for a 48-hour rental at $20.00. Fanatics will still be excited with the prospect of returning to their local cinema.

The National Association of Theater Owners expressed that locations in the United States and Canada will reopen for Mid-June. That decision is dependant on the American and Canadian government, who could enforce social distancing measures for a prolonged period. Military and Police Services have been called to ensure that enforcement is met. Medical analysts suspect that social distancing will be implemented until August in North America, which could prolong the NTOA from reopening their respective chains.