What would you say if somebody told you that Chris Rock was rebooting the SAW franchise himself? Most haven’t heard of this upcoming film, but it’s been confirmed by Lionsgate Studios. Four months previous to January 2020, Chris Rock began final production on this secretive title. Since that date, minimal information has been released regarding the plot of this film. This hasn’t stopped loyal supporters of this franchise to begin searching for unexpected online information. These individuals compiled their data on a Sub-Reddit, which noted that the 9th instalment would be called Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Though Chris Rock is financially supporting this film, it’s still being directed and helmed by Darren Lynn Bousman.

Directing duties fall under Darren Bousman, but Chris Rock has written the storyline. Demands were met when Rock approached Darren about a 9th instalment. Those included that he’d be the leading role, with Samuel Jackson co-staring. Rock will take the role of a police detective that’s solving the murders of Jigsaw, with Samuel Jacking playing his elderly father. Additional actors starring in Spiral include Marisol Nicholas and Max Minghella. It’s anticipated that this new film will provide long-time supporters with a new level of gruesome behaviour from Jigsaw. The complicated traps centred around his games will be disturbing, with a large portion of them being inspired by the real-life McKamey Manor. Audiences are promised to have one of the most thriller-associated cinema experiences of their life. This should be expected from what’s considered to be the world’s most haunted franchise.

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Before this announcement of the 9th instalment, the SAW Franchise had regularly been struggling to meet support demands. It’d become more about the jump scares than life-threatening situations and expansive lore. Bringing back original producers, Oren Koules and Mark Burg will benefit the Saw Franchise drastically. The three most profitable and popular Saw films were helmed by these producers and director Darren Bousman. While the film has been co-written by Chris Rock and executively produced, the original writers for Saw have returned. Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger are working with these three other men to create the best entry in this franchise since 2010.

The original release date for the 9th instalment, Spiral: From the Book of SAW, was slated to release on May 15th. It’s expected that it’ll be pushed back following the lack of announcements or trailers surrounding this film.