Multiple actors in Hollywood have confirmed their positive tests of COVID-19, prompting an outcry of support from fans & industry leaders. It’s known that Bryan Cranston, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Aaron Tveit, Idris Elba, Alyssa Milano, and Andy Cohen have had COVID-19. All these actors received immediate treatment & have recovered from this deadly virus. However, one of Spain’s most prominent actors has now confirmed his positive test of COVID-19. Antonio Banderas announced via Twitter and Instagram that he’s begun recovering from the virus.

Learning of his confirmed infection would’ve been saddening for Antonio Banderas, who’ll now spend his 60th birthday alone in Quarantine. Sentiments regarding his condition & mental state were issued through Antonio’s social media accounts. Through Twitter, he’d first announce that on August 10th he’d contracted the virus & will now spend 14-Days in Quarantine before being tested again.

Antonio Banderas clarified that his symptoms aren’t extreme, with the Spanish actor remarking his body is regularly exhausted, but that’s the limit of his condition. Antonio expects he’ll recover shortly, where afterwards Banderas will provide his blood & other bodily materials to assist pharmaceutical companies in developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Antonio Banderas didn’t detail which medication he’s taking to eliminate the virus, with most speculation the Spanish actor is receiving preferential treatment due to his wealth. This has been consistent amongst the top world elite.

Statements from Antonio Banderas switched from his medical condition to emotional psyche during Quarantine. Desires to read & write during prolonged isolation was expressed by Antonio, emphasizing his enthusiasm towards upcoming projects. Banderas also mentioned the requirement of giving more meaning to his six decades on Earth. Sentiments from the Spanish ended with the typical “A big every to everyone out there”.

Fanfare Support

After Antonio Banderas announcement was posted to Twitter & Instagram, thousands of supportive comments were made within minutes. This included family and friends, like Santi Rodriguez. The Spanish Comedian supported Antonio by remarking her desire for Banderas to have a proper birthday, even if it’s not the best period to celebrate. Santi also emphasized the best of luck for his recovery.