Representatives behind the Avatar Films confirmed that production had been postponed following the coronavirus pandemic. New steps were taken following the increasing information coming daily, with James Cameron and film executives determining that this was the best decision to ensure public safety. It should be mentioned that multiple films and television series have terminated their productions for a prolonged period as well. This includes the Stanger Things Season Four, The Voice Australia, American Idol and many others.

The Coronavirus & Protective Measures

Covid-19 or the novel coronavirus became an internationally discussed topic on January 1st. This followed after a substantial outbreak of the SARS-Related virus broke out throughout Wuhan, China, on December 31st. Those infected with Covid-19 would acquire the specialized flu that would lead to symptoms of pneumonia. Individuals of older age, mothers and children are most likely to pass away from this virus. Others with sound immune systems and average ages have been healing. Thousands have died globally from this virus, with that valuation expected to increase.

One hundred nations globally have enacted various measures to ensure public protection and limit the spreading of this disease. This followed after global death tolls continued to rise, financial markets began to crash, and entertainment venues were cancelled. The world has somewhat halted during this period of universal fear, with politicians using this time to calculate the best decisions for their respective populations. It should be noted that sporting venues across the European Union, Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa have been postponed following the global coronavirus pandemic. These sporting events and entertainment venues aren’t expected to open until Summer 2020, with Covid-19 unable to live in temperatures above 27+ degrees.

Avatar Sequels Possibly Delayed

Film enthusiasts that are excited about the Avatar sequels have become concerned that opening dates will be postponed. This doesn’t come as a substantial loss, with James Cameron haven’t confirmed any dates for the three slated sequels. Details, when production will continue, weren’t provided, even with the minimal cases of Covid-19 displayed throughout New Zealand. Production houses like Universal Studios have demanded the immediate postponement of all films or television shows, giving Cameron minimal room to negotiate continued filming and editing.