There will be a Game of Thrones movie according to George RR Martin, it is on its way, which is excellent news to millions if not billions of fans. The author of the Song of Ice and Fire novel attended the afterparty of HBO after the Emmy’s and was happy when the important announcement was made. Martin announced the film but told the Daily Star that he would not be involved with the Game of Thrones film as he was with the series.

When asked why he would not partake in the film, he answered that he had just too much to take care of, this includes completing two more books, and something else for David Benioff, DB Weiss and HBO. George also said that he was a very slow writer and that he did not want to upset the fans. There is the belief that he wants to complete The Winds of Winter and that the film would be the prequel that allows some of the characters that are dead to return.

Taking A Dip Back to the Days of Ned Stark

It could be a dip back in time when the prominent characters were alive, and the film could include Ned Stark, Robb Stark and Oberyn Martell the Red. The books written by George can contain as much as 1,200 pages. One thing is for sure, and that is that the biggest ever show worldwide is not ending in 2019. There are already plans for the start of filming later this year, and while most fans are left to believe it’s the final, a big announcement may come soon.

For now, all focus is on how the current series would end, but sadly fans won’t be able to solve the riddle that easily. There is a lot of anti-heroic and rug-pulling that left Snow bleeding. It’s a rag to the throne kind of story, and there are some of the heroes that can’t die, so what are the odds. Some believe the white walkers are not dead and will return to kill off everyone. Other believe that the thrones will belong to Daenerys, although the last episode did many wonders after she killed off just about everything. Cersei is still alive, although she has less power.

Will The Nice Guy Win?

There is also Jon Snow, and he remains the favourite when it comes to entertainment betting, some wonder if he would take the throne, he is not that good as a leader. George Martin likes tales in which the good guy wins he likes the gentle gust to rule. Maybe the throne was destroyed by the one who wants to sit on it the most? But if you a keen supporter you might feel that the final episode will only wrap up some of the things, but at the same time introduce a whole bunch of new theories. This time around, Game of Thrones is all about epic battles, betrayals and there will be tears.