Financial & Business analysts both warned Christopher Nolan that launching Tenet during COVID-19 would inflict low revenue at the domestic office. Both Warner Brother & Christopher Nolan disagreed with these warnings and released the film on September 4th. Their initially weekend saw $20 Million acquired between the 4th to 7th, with that figure dropping to $6.7 Million during September 11th to 13th. These valuations are considerably lower than what’s conventionally earned by influential films. Before COVID-19 became an international pandemic, Tenet was expected to gross $100 Million or more during its opening weekend.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was the 1st film released after multiple Hollywood Studios postponed their movies. Warner Brothers used Tenet to test the movie landscape, with initial results providing unfavourable. This marks the lowest profits that Christopher Nolan during his career, which reached a notable high after “Batman Begins”. It should be mentioned that though domestic valuations have proved unsatisfactory, international profits have been higher than anticipated.

Unsurprisingly, profits for Tenet at the domestic box office are low. Audiences in the United States, Canada, and Mexico remain concerns that viewing films in public spaces could prompt increased infections. Cinemas haven’t reopened to their full scale either, with few willing to resume operations for Tenet, citing financial distress. It meant that moviegoers that masked-up to witness the Christopher Nolan thriller, were limited in available cinemas. All movie theatres that’ve opened are requiring visitors to wear face coverings, or immediately be removed from the facility.

Tenet had competition at the international box office. The New Mutants was released on August 28th, with Unhinged resuming its availability after initially releasing on July 17th. The New Mutants from Fox earned $2.05 Million between September 11th to 13th, with Unhinged receiving $1.5 Million during the same timeframe.

The Fallout

Reports worldwide indicate that the release of these three films, and particularly the launch of Tenet, has prompted financial distress for cinemas. Large percentages of moviegoers refused to watch this Tenet at reopened theatres, which saw cinemas earn low profits. More funds were spent operating the cinema in-hopes of acquiring customers. It’s prompted multiple theatres to announce their foreclosure & bankruptcy, showing that Warner Brothers has hurt the overall industry by releasing Tenet.