The Netflix Corporation is developing a sequel towards one of their most beloved movies in 2017, Bright. This information comes directly from David Ayer, who developed the original incarnation of Bright and expressed that the sequel is in development. Rumours circulated for a prolonged period that Netflix was working on a follow-up film for the Bright franchise, with confirmation coming in the new year. Ayer expressed that numerous fans have requested for a sequel, providing him with insight on how it could be approached via the storyline. Potential storylines can include greater insight into the previous war amongst the Elves and Orcs.

When the original film was released in 2017, it met negative reviews from the critics. Viewers provided it with an average rating, with a select group expressing their unwavering commitment to this universe. This didn’t stop criticism from reviewers, claiming that he focused on clichés and didn’t provide a heartfelt storyline. These horrible reviews came after David’s previous film, the Suicide Squad. This film also was shamed by critics, claiming that the storyline had continuous loopholes that were covered up by computer-generated imagery. However, David Ayer has the chance to redeem himself with the Bright Sequel.

Overall, eleven million individuals watched this film on its Netflix opening weekend. This was one of the highest-debuting films for Netflix in 2017, which prompted the immediate development for its sequel. Fans won’t have to wait to see Joel Edgerton and Will Smith take to the streets of Los Angeles.

Avatar Sequel Details Released

Details regarding multiple sequels were released in the new year. This included Avatar, which has an additional four films in development. The 2009 blockbuster from James Cameron is returning with a sequel that focuses on Neytiri and Jake, eight years after the first films original war. Throughout those eight years, a child is born and plays a pivotal role in the development of this upcoming film. The first of four sequels for Avatar is slated to release during 2021.

Minimal details have been released, with Cameron noting one small percentage of the storyline. He expressed that there’s a scene shot in the viewpoint of their young child, who remained hidden under a structure. James mentioned that developing Jake as a character was challenging, seeing how he’d react as the father of an alien species. It turns into an emotional rollercoaster throughout the four sequels. How the tribe react to Neytiri having a child with a human remains to be unseen.