The filmography is by far the most enjoyed artform especially when it comes to box-office hits such as The Departed, Mean Streets and Good Fellows. One thing Martin Scorsese is not guilty of is shying away from is profoundly delving into the dubious fringe of the society of America.

A true story inspires the film titled Casino. Robert De Niro can is seen in the leading role in this film based on the life of Frank Ace Rothstein. It is an epic exploration and investigation into the world of organised crime and the involvement thereof in 1970 in some of the major casino in Las Vegas.


Ace started his career as the sharpest oddsmaker, and this detailed-orientated and ethical man became the best-known in the betting world in his era. His organisational skills and expertise as an oddsmaker led to organised crime in Chicago and he was put in charge of some of the largest casinos in Vegas. He had a talent for creating profit, his ability to manage and organise gambling operations unparalleled and his talent did not go unrecognised. In Real-life the one thing Ace Rothstein was utterly fascinated by was sports betting, and he was the first to establish a legitimate sportsbook in America based inside a casino in 1976.

Scorsese’s Casino

Scorsese fans all agree it is quite a light film measured to the usual films by Scorsese. In Casino, he portrays all he could find on the real history of Ace Rothstein as well as the history of sportsbooks betting. The past is essential as today sports betting is featuring everywhere on ESPN and CNN. The film tells it all, and without even giving you a hint of how it ends, towards the end, big corporations take control.

What Critics Had to Say About Casino

Audience reviews all agree that the acting was brilliant, while Casino told the story based on real events superbly. Even despite several violent scenes and the tragedy part of the film, Casino is described as often exuberant yet beautiful. Its soundtrack features both classic, and jazz rock and the audience get to enjoy many moments of goodwill and humour. Strong language is used, and the audience also meets a few hustlers. While alcohol and drug problems are part of the film and corruption are part of Ace’s lifestyle.

Other main characters in Casino is Ace’s wife Ginger played by Sharon Stone, and Joe Peshi plays the role of Nicky, his psychopathic friend. Sam Rothstein called Ace loves following rules, believes in loyalty and works hard while Nicky uses strong-arm tactics to get his hands-on riches. Ginger complicates both men’s lives, and when she agrees to marry Ace, she has to trade her sanity, freedom and happiness for security. Casino was released by Universal Pictures and is available on streaming or DVD; its run time is 179 minutes.