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DreamWorks Animation Postpone Upcoming Films

The release schedule for upcoming films with a notable production house has been altered. Announcements were made by DreamWorks Animation that “The Boss Baby: Family Business” and “The Bad Guys” have been postponed. Pandemic limitations for moviegoers is being cited for DreamWorks decision to prolong the release of both films. It’s an announcement that film analysts weren’t anticipating, with speculation indicating Universal Studios & DreamWorks Animation could sustain similar streaming contracts to Warner Brothers.

Announcements issued in early December notified millions in North America that upcoming films for 2022 will launch on HBO Max. Corporations operating cinemas in the United States & Canada rallied against Warner Brother’s decision, emphasising that WB is strategically trying to eliminate movie theatres in the United States. Production houses like Universal Studios & DreamWorks Animation have taken different positions, confirming they’ll continue to support cinemas worldwide by postponing upcoming releases.

The Boss Baby: Family Business from DreamWorks was slated to release on March 26th of next year. That date has been altered to September 17th, 2021. Postponing the international launch by several months provides ample time for moviegoers to become vaccinated & sustain average lifestyles. Details regarding the official date for “The Bad Guys by DreamWorks” wasn’t provided, with DWA Spokesperson’s identifying a timeframe for Summer 2022.

The Second Boss Baby

DreamWorks Animation’s Boss Baby franchise is popular amongst children aged five to twelve. It’s not exclusively because of the first film, which released three years prior in 2017. Partnership agreements sustained between Netflix & DreamWorks allowed for a streaming services themed around Boss Baby to comprise several seasons. Audiences behind this franchise continue to grow, with its popularity rising notably as millions of children in North America remained indoors during pandemic lockdowns.

It’s estimated that when this second installment released on September 17th of next year, profit margins will reach $1 Billion. That’d be double the margins earned from the first film. Depending on how Boss Baby: Family Business performs in the box office, DreamWorks Animation will greenlight a third installment.

Ant-Man Three Announced for 2022 Release Timeframe

The release timeframe for Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania has been revealed by a titular star for this second sequel. Michelle Pfeiffer confirmed that the third instalment is arriving for 2020, with supporters shocked that Marvel would provide Pfeiffer clearance to make this announcement. Her role as “Janet Van Dyne” didn’t come until the second instalment, with the on-scene time of that character being minutes.

Michelle’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Janet Van Dyne became a fan-favourite supporting character for the Ant-Man franchise. Michelle Pfeiffer’s name was the original “Wasp”, who spent decades living inside a quantum universe. After being resurrected with the help of her husband & their daughter, Janet Van Dyne lived to see another day. Those days were numbers, as the end of Ant-Man, Two saw all prominent characters of the franchise killed by the MCUs greatest villain, Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

The second instalment of this franchise surrounded the inner workings of Marvel’s “Quantum Realm”, which is a smaller scale iteration of our universe where gravity & life doesn’t operate on similar mechanics. Being stuck inside the Quantum Realm for 31-Years gave Janet Van Dyne prominent data on what’s possible inside this smaller universe. Her data-enabled Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) to calculate that time travel is possible. Without Janet being stuck inside the Quantum Realm, it wouldn’t have been manageable for the Avengers to destroy Thanos in another timeline.

The Official Release Announcement

Social media has become the conventional method for announcing release dates on upcoming films & games. Michele Pfeiffer selected Instagram for this announcement, where she confirmed that Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania is arriving by 2022. The third instalment is likely coming for this year’s holiday season, which would follow suit with previous release dates seen with Ant-Man One & Two.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s announcement correlates with a multitude of other confirmations made by Disney on 2020s Investors Day. Multiple MCU Films & TV Shows were announced, which extended to other series regarding another property owned by Disney, Star Wars. Between 2021 & 2022, more than 30+ shows or movies are being released by the Walt Disney Corporation.

Red Notice Finishes Filming with Special Thank You

Four hundred individuals have concluded filming on “Red Notice”, an upcoming film from Netflix that stars Hollywood elite like Ryan Reynolds & Dwayne Johnson. Post-Production has begun, but Ryan Reynolds has given the recognition of the challenges associated with filming during a pandemic. An infamous actor is known for his comedic personality; Reynolds recorded four hundred thank you message videos for every crewmember. It’s one of the most notable acts of kindness seen in an actor in 2020.

Filming was postponed with Covid-19 became an international pandemic, forcing studios throughout Hollywood to furlough hundreds of crews until restrictions were lifted. New measures coinciding with government requirements were implemented by Netflix, allowing for dozens of shows & films to continue production. Red Notice would be a fixed point for future exhibitions, with the movie being one of the first to resume filming in Atlanta.

Crewmembers knew their extensive efforts were appreciated after Ryan Reynolds filming four hundred thank you messages, which each incentivizing personal details about that individual recipient. Commitment towards production was praised by Ryan Reynolds, with the Deadpool actor providing each crewmember with a bottle of “Aviation Gin”. Shipped bottles will include a personalized note that reiterates Reynolds thanks towards the crew.

When questioned on how filming these four hundred thank you messages was, Ryan Reynolds clarified it was worth every second. Sentiments from Reynolds indicated that what crewmembers accomplished was challenging & morale was low because of lockdown restrictions. Filming those thank you messages were minimal in-comparison to what the crew carried out. It should be noted that personal details in those video messages included thanks towards the crew’s families, pets, and significant others.

The Storyline

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are appearing in Red Notice for 2021. It’s being directed by the same individual that filmed Skyscraper & Central Intelligence; two other movies centred around Dwayne Johnson. It’s known that the plotline for Red Notice will see Johnson & Reynolds traverse the globe for Gal Gadot, who helms the role of an international thief running from American CIA Agents. Post-Production will begin immediately, with the film slated to release by late 2021.

Hubie Halloween Revealed by Netflix

Adam Sandler & Netflix have sustained a prolonged partnership that’s seen the release of six films throughout several years. Those include notable favourites like Murder Mystery, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, and Uncut Gems. Netflix has ironically kept details regarding new projects with Adam Sandler under wraps, making an official announcement days before the trailer drop. Netflix has followed the same strategy with the recently announced “Hubie Halloween”, which is being released in early October.

An official trailer for Hubie Halloween hasn’t been released to YouTube. Netflix confirmed their comedy-horror film with Adam Sandler via set photos. An official release date for this movie was given with Netflix’s Twitter confirmation. Hubie Halloween is coming out globally on October 7th.

Storyline & Film Details

Minor details on Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween were provided through the set photos. It shows Maya Rudolph dressed in a “Bride of Frankenstein” costume, who discusses some matter with Adam Sandler. There’s also a headless Tim Meadows that engages with Sandler, who’s horrendously dressed like a 1940’s ghost. Additional set photos showed that Kevin James is playing the standard comedic cop, who’s more focused on delicious treats than helping Sandler & Rudolph in their Halloween debacles. Overall, Hubie Halloween seems to follow the standard format associated with Adam Sandler. The backdrop is merely October 31st & this isn’t remotely a bad thing for Netflix subscribers.

Adam Sandler is playing Hubie Dubois, a dedicated law-abiding citizen to the witch-town of Salem. Hubie’s concern with the legends of witches in Salem prompts protective behaviour over residents & children. This makes Hubie Dubois a mockery to the people of Salam, and often make him an outcast during the “Salem Halloween Celebration” in Massachusetts. In Hubie Halloween, Sandler’s character has his concern vindicated & an unexpected adventure unfolds where Mr. Dubois must save the day.

The Director

Adam Sandler has employed the skillsets of Steve Brill, a long-time collaborator on multiple written by this comedic legend. Steve Brill has directed numerous films where Sandler was the Lead Actor. This includes Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, Sandy Wexler, 100% Fresh, and The Do-Over. Considering these are some of Adam Sandler’s best films to date, it’s not surprising that they’ve collaborated for the 6th time.

Shazam and Aquaman Sequel Details Revealed

The DC FanDome Event took over the internet, with numerous announcements driving newfound popularity behind characters like Batman & the Black Adam. Details were provided on all upcoming movies under the DC Extended Universe, including the sequel to Shazam. A panel featuring all the iconic character from the original was held at DC FanDome, where Zachary Levi revealed the name of Shazam’s sequel. It’ll be called “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”.

Other details weren’t provided, with the actors admitting that the sequel’s plot is a concept & cannot be explained at this point. Compared to the other panels held at DC FanDome, the Shazam sequel was shorter & focused on actors taking questions from online fans. Answered were given by Zachary Levi, Jack Dylan Glazer, Asher Angel, Meagan Good, Adam Brody, and Faithe Herman. These are all the original actors from Shazam One. Director David Sandberg was also present and revealed the release date for “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”. Viewers can watch the sequel on November 4th, 2022.

Aquaman Sequel

Shazam wasn’t the exclusive sequel highlighted at DC FanDome, with Wonder Woman 1984 & Aquaman Two taking considerable interest from the fans. Details regarding the sequel to James Wan’s Aquaman were less than Shazam, with the former Fast & Furious Director revealing the overall tonnage of this film but going no further. James Wan evoked that the sequel to Aquaman hones in on heavy elements of our current world, which influences our Trident-bearing hero to approach his next enemy in the same mentality. James Wan didn’t hand over details outside of the tonnage for Aquaman Two.

The Aquaman Panel was lesser than Shazam’s as well, with most actors from the original not appearing for legality purposes or former obligations. Amber Herd could arise from an onslaught of legal accusations & Jason Momoa wasn’t available, with the Aquaman-actor filming for another movie elsewhere. James Wan & Patrick Wilson were the two exclusive individuals from the first film that appeared at this panel, where they did their best to evoke confidence behind their sequel.

Billions Lost Worldwide for Cinemas

Cinemas worldwide have begun announcing their operation losses for 2020, with collective estimates ranging between $20 – $31 Billion. This follows after the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen an economic downturn for most nations worldwide. Millions of companies have shut their doors amid the Stay-At-Home Orders, with closures extending to theatres like AMC and SilverCity.

Nobody anticipated that the film industry would be destroyed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, Hollywood Studios were forced to delay multiple films as Governments demanded that entertainment venues shutdown for social distancing. Entertainment & Sporting Venues are still closed today in North America, European Union, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Some nations are allowing for cinemas to reopen, but reports suggest that civilians aren’t risking their safety in enclosed space.

Altering the mindset of moviegoers could become challenging for multiple brands. It’ll prove move challenging for AMC Theatres, who owns thousands of locations worldwide. Their considered the most significant property holder of cinemas & confirmed weeks ago that declined sales are forcing them into one of two options. The 1st option would see AMC Theatres enter bankruptcy, hoping that government aid would be provided over a prolonged period. The 2nd option would see this largescale brand sold to an unknown entity. Details of which option the AMC Board of Directors will initiate hasn’t been confirmed.

AMC Theatres isn’t the exclusive brand that’s been financially destroyed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Omdia Cinemas announced that their operating profits have depleted by 70% in 2020, with those revenues being compared with the 2019 fiscal year. The CEO of Omdia Cinemas anticipated that industry losses could sustain anywhere from $20 – $31 Billion, with the lower valuation possible if governments begin reopening their cinemas. Challenges would still await Omdia Cinemas & AMC Theatres, with Hollywood Studios currently refusing to release their films if these entertainment venues open. It’s Hollywood’s way of assisting with stopping the COVID-19 Spread.

Films that are anticipated to return when cinemas are opened include Wonder Woman 1984, Black Window, and No Time to Die. The number of upcoming films would’ve been more significant if studios like Paramount didn’t release their movies for Video-On-Demand Services.

New Scooby-Doo Film Cancels Theatrical Release

The novel coronavirus has infected numerous industries worldwide, forcing an influx of cancellations for the entertainment industry. Most thought that the influx period had dissipated until the Centre for Disease Control announced the expansion of social distancing. It prompted Warner Brothers Studios to announce that SCOOB, the latest entry in the Scooby-Doo franchise, will be released straight to VOD. Multiple studios have implemented similar measures with their respective films, ensuring that moviegoers and industry-wide staff are protected.

Film studios have understood the conditional factors with coronavirus and how they can take lives. This doesn’t mean that Warner Brother Studios has cancelled all their upcoming films, with titles slated for 2020 being pushed back by two or three months. This extends towards Wonder Woman 1984, which was postponed from June 2020 until August. Productions for films under Warner Brothers have also been cancelled, with The Batman from Matt Reeves being delayed from 2021 until Summer 2022. These cancellations and postponements are forcing millions of dollars in lost revenue onto these studios. It’s expected that lower positioned studios like MGM could find themselves going bankrupt.

Additional Cancelled Films

Warner Brothers extended their cancelled films on March 1st, indicating that movies like “Malignant” from James Wan would be postponed by twelve months. This extends to their first musical is nearly ten years, which is called “In the Heights”. No additional confirmations had been made until April 22nd, where RP Representatives confirmed that SCOOB would be postponed until August 2020. That postponement period can be extended by Warner Brothers depending on the conditions of COVID-19 in North America by Summer 2020. Supporters behind Warner Brothers were already disappointed when Formula Nine and Jungle Cruise were postponed by twelve months. It’ll be interesting to see the reactions of parents with children if they’ll thank Warner Brothers from releasing SCOOB on VOD.

Warner Brothers released an official statement. It read that executives are excited to release films to theatres eventually, but until then were locating new strategies that can see our fanbase get new entertainment while in self-isolation.

Netflix Dominates Over Disney

Film experts were astounded to learn that the Disney Corporation was overwhelmed by the Netflix Company on April 15th. Nobody would’ve anticipated this possible, with Disney being the most significant studio in the entertainment industry. This powerhouse company has created infamous films, which range from the Lion King to Avengers End. The fact that they’ve been overcome by a streaming service known for limited quality is shocking. Regardless, stock valuations from Wall Street contested that Netflix was higher than Disney.

Disney’s History

The Disney Corporation has modernized films multiple times since its iteration in 1923. Movies were provided to the public before, during and after the World War. Their more than a global brand but an element of culture seen globally. They’ve created numerous household characters, varying from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Tony Stark or Rey Skywalker.

Beyond the scope of their films, which now expand multiple branches of Hollywood, Disney is also known for providing theme parks worldwide. Disneyworld and Disneyland are supported worldwide, with their most notable location being in Florida. Cruise Lines are also owned and operated by Disney. Their true scope over the entertainment and tourism industry should outweigh whatever Netflix has to offer. However, the overwhelming number of global civilians remaining indoors has prompted the immediate increase of usage with Netflix. Registrations for new accounts have also drastically increased, with Disney+ not seeing those same sign-up volumes.

Netflix’s Brief & Important History

The Netflix company wouldn’t become operation until 1997, more than 55+ years after Disney had cemented their brand in America. They initially began as a rental service, competing with the likes of Blockbuster and Rogers Video. Consumers would order desired films via phone or the internet, which would then be delivered by mail. One decade later and Netflix launched its streaming services. However, the Netflix Streaming Platform wouldn’t become adopted worldwide until 2015.

Thousands of television shows and films are available through Netflix. A large percentage of their offerings are created in-house. Some of the most notable titles from the Netflix Production House include Bloodline, House of Cards, The Irishman, Dolomite is my Name, The Witcher, The Christmas Chronicles, Mowgli, The Two Popes, War Machine and The Cloverfield Paradox.

New Star Wars Film in 2022

The Disney Corporation has provided detailed insight regarding their next Star Wars Trilogy. This comes weeks after they finished their theatrical release of “The Rise of Skywalker”, which concluded Disney’s failed first attempt into the franchise. After considerable backlash from the three last firms, LucasFilm and Walt Disney Studios are entering into a new time period for the 1st time in this franchise’s history. Star Wars fans will be taken back thousands of years to the High Republic, with this upcoming trilogy slated to coincide with multiple television series on Disney+.

This upcoming trilogy could be a failure similar to the most recent. It was initially confirmed that David Benioff & D.B. Weiss would direct the forthcoming trilogy in the High Republic. However, after these two men had creative differences with Walt Disney Studios, they left the project. It’s now prompted Disney executives to re-hire Rian Johnson for the newest trilogy, with his last Star Wars film being considered the worst ever made.

These executives have received considerable backlash for this decision, with film analysts stating that Disney will continue to ruin Star Wars by refusing to enter any dark subject matters. It should be noted that Kevin Feige, the infamous creator behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is helping produce the upcoming trilogy. He could be their saving grace.

Release Dates

The Disney Corporation has provided the bare minimum details regarding this upcoming trilogy. It’s known that they’ll be released on a two-year time frame starting December 2022. That means the two sequels will follow in 2024 and 2026, with zero details regarding the plot having been provided. This illustrates the secretive nature behind the High Republic Trilogy, with film analysts believing that Rian Johnson will manufacture a childish Star Wars Experience. If Disney cannot perform with their upcoming trilogy, it’ll be the end of this infamous brands cinematic run. The viewer would become bored with Star Wars and being let down.

Star Wars Enthusiasts can anticipate this film to begin production in January 2021, with set development and costume creation already underway. It’s expected that two renditions of the script have already been revised as well. We will keep our readers updated with any additional information regarding the High Republic Trilogy, which won’t be for a minimum of eight months from now.

Shazam Two Filming This Summer

Supporters of the Shazam franchise were excited to learn that the sequel will begin filming with accordance to the upcoming Black Adam film. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both of these films are entering production in the summer. Individuals that supported the original Shazam film saw Zachary Levi take on a comedic role, with the film becoming one of DC & Warner Brothers most successful in recent memory. Critic praise was provided to this film for its capabilities to enter deeper themes while keeping self-aware humour for a family-friendly audience.

Individuals anticipated that Black Adam would appear in the 1st Shazam movie but was thoroughly shocked when Johnson didn’t appear in the film. This was because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became one of the most notable names in Hollywood, with his presence garnering billions at the box office. It prompted Warner Brothers to provide Black Adam with his respective film, taking the role of this Anti-Hero into live-action cinema for the first time. It’s expected that both characters will meet each other in either Shazam 2 or Black Adam, or both. The showdown between these individuals wouldn’t happen until Shazam Three, with their fallout displayed in the 2nd Black Adam film.

The official production cycle for both films begins in July 2020, with both films releasing three months from each other. The second Shazam film will arrive before the 1st Black Adam, with whatever transpiring events from Zachary Levi’s film entering into Dwayne Johnsons. Overlapping timelines have become the norm with comic book films, with these two characters garnering incredible popularity. This hasn’t always been the case for Warner Brothers and DC, with these companies struggling to provide a consistent universe similar to Marvels.

Potential Storyline Outcomes

It appears that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are trying to recreate the popularity behind Batman Vs Superman: Dawn for Justice. The differences will be a prolonged rivalry which could see additional characters like Wonder Woman or Superman. This could even extend upcoming Batman film from Matt Reeves with Robert Pattison starring as Bruce Wayne. It should be noted that the directors behind Shazam Two have collaborated with the production staff from Black Adam, with insiders with both units expressing that the showdown wouldn’t happen until 2025 or later. Plenty of action between these two characters will play out on cinemas worldwide, with supports hoping that Robert Pattison’s Batman will assist with the Black Adam’s defeat.