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MGM Studios Up For Sale

The Covid Pandemic has prompted forced changes onto numerous industries, including film & television. Information released by inside sources indicates that MGM has begun selling its collection of assets, including its largescale library of film content. This means James Bond has become available for purchase. However, the information isn’t being praised by industry elite & prominent reviewers. MGM selling their assets is the first indication of largescale studios shutting down become of Covid-19. MGM Studios began operations in 1924, with a collection of legendary production houses consolidating themselves into one firm. Reports being accurate indicates that bankruptcy isn’t far behind for MGM Studios.

MGM Studios has developed all James Bond renditions, working alongside EON Productions since the franchise started decades ago. The final Bond film created by MGM Studios will release next year, with whoever buys this franchise likely to ascertain its profits. Concerns mentioned online suggest that whoever believes the franchise rights for James Bond could reshoot “No Time To Die”, the final movie hosting Daniel Craig as the iconic character. This franchise isn’t the exclusive one for sale, with MGM Studios maintaining an array of properties for film & television. Those include:

  • The Pink Panther
  • The Hobbit Trilogy
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Stargate SG-1
  • G.I. Joe
  • Hercules
  • Rocky
  • Creed

This isn’t the first time that MGM Studios has faced near bankruptcy, with the corporate entity facing hardships in 2009. Surpassing difficulties like Covid-19s destructive force on the film industry is unlikely for MGM Studios. Reports indicate that MGM Studios’ self-valued pricing is listed at $5.5 Billion, with whoever making that purchase having full access to the historic film library held by MGM & all property franchise rights. Inside sources suggest MGM Studios is negotiating with streaming services to earn their desired price tag.

MGM Studios being sold will mark the first largescale production house that’s been terminated because of Covid-19. Unless cinemas reopen worldwide before Christmas 2021, other production houses holding popularity amongst consumers will be forced to shut down.

Orphan Prequel Details Revealed

Films in Hollywood are continually being rebooted, with producers & directors believing that audiences are ready to see another iteration in that series. No genre repeats this formula more than horror, with series like “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th” spanning multiple sequels & reboots. There are moments where new concepts behind horror are created, creating exciting cinema for moviegoers & one of those moments derived from “Orphan” in 2009. It’s now been announced that a Prequel Film is being developed, with Isabelle Fuhrman returning in her role as Ester. Multiple questions have been raised regarding how Orphan will be filmed after eleven years since Isabelle Fuhrman played Ester.

Named “Orphan: First Kill”, it’ll follow Ester as she orchestrates an extensive & brilliant escape from a psychiatric facility located in Estonia. Moviegoers will witness the events that unfold when Ester travels to America & then begins impersonating a wealthy families missing daughter. However, unexpected conflicts arise when the mother starts suspecting Ester for not being her genuine daughter & will do anything to protect her family. What follows is a suspense that builds up over nearly two hours with a climactic death. If anything like the first film, Orphan: First Kill will become a cult-classic movie amongst fans of horror & thrillers.

Challenges with Filming

Film analysts questioned how Isabelle Fuhrman would reprise her role of Ester. The character was nine in the original film, meaning that her character in the prequel will be aged anywhere from seven to eight. Ten years have passed since Isabelle Fuhrman played Ester, with the actress being a grown adult in 2020. Warner Brother Pictures confirmed that forced perspective & de-ageing makeup would be employed to create a younger version of Isabelle Fuhrman. This will be challenging to accomplish without the usage of CGI, which has proven favourable for de-ageing. Martin Scorsese’s “Irishman” was Robert DeNiro de-aged by decades.

William Brent Bell is helming Orphan: First Kill. He’s directed iconic films in the horror genre. Director Brent Bell hasn’t completed films in any other genre, making him the perfect decision. Other films from this director include:

  • Stay Alive
  • The Devil Inside
  • The Boy
  • Esther
  • Wer

Fantastic Beasts Three Resuming Production in October

October 2020 marks the month when Fantastic Beasts Three will resuming filming in the United Kingdom. This announcement came from Director David Yates, who cited delayed schedules in filming to the COVID-19 Pandemic. New postponements are potential with the continued lawsuit of Johnny Depp & Amber Herd, with Warner Brothers working towards avoiding another scheduling error by assisting Johnny Depp in lengthening his case with Ex-Wife Herd.

Warner Brothers greenlit Fantastic Beasts to resume filming in June 2020 at undesignated Brazilian locations & the United Kingdom. However, the production house willingly implemented a secondary postponement. Concerns for the safety of cast & crew were prominent amongst Warner Brother executives, waiting until October 2020 to evaluate the global Pandemic.

Completed scenes from Director David Yates will be sent to post-production afterwards. Yates will oversee the computer-generated graphics, sound layovers, and countless other attributes associated with post-production. Fantastic Beasts Three will have a November 2021 release date under this heightened schedule.

Storyline Questions Answered

Fantastic Beasts Three will answer pivotal questions regarding Grindelwald & his army, which will inevitably be stopped before the 5th film. Grindelwald was the precursor to Lord Voldemort in the Wizarding World, taking place throughout the 1920s. His actions are remembered throughout the Harry Potter Saga, with Lord Voldemort demanding that an elderly Grindelwald provide him with the location of the “Elder Wand”. This means that whenever a Young Albus Dumbledore & Newt Scamander defeat Grindelwald by the 5th film, the dark wizard will be sent to a new prison worse than Azkaban.

It’s anticipated that Director David Yates will reveal more information on a notable cliff-hanger from “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald”. The ending of this franchises 2nd entry saw Credence Barebone reveal his true identity, Aurelius Dumbledore. He’s the long-lost older brother of Albus Dumbledore & considered the strongest wizard that lived before his younger brother became the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Speculation suggestions that Aurelius & Albus Dumbledore will be forced to fight against each other under the manipulation of Grindelwald. Considering that Aurelius isn’t mentioned in the Harry Potter Saga, some film analysts speculate that Albus kills his older brother to stop Grindelwald from winning the war against the wizarding & mogul worlds.

Antonio Banderas Announces COVID-19 Contraction

Multiple actors in Hollywood have confirmed their positive tests of COVID-19, prompting an outcry of support from fans & industry leaders. It’s known that Bryan Cranston, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Aaron Tveit, Idris Elba, Alyssa Milano, and Andy Cohen have had COVID-19. All these actors received immediate treatment & have recovered from this deadly virus. However, one of Spain’s most prominent actors has now confirmed his positive test of COVID-19. Antonio Banderas announced via Twitter and Instagram that he’s begun recovering from the virus.

Learning of his confirmed infection would’ve been saddening for Antonio Banderas, who’ll now spend his 60th birthday alone in Quarantine. Sentiments regarding his condition & mental state were issued through Antonio’s social media accounts. Through Twitter, he’d first announce that on August 10th he’d contracted the virus & will now spend 14-Days in Quarantine before being tested again.

Antonio Banderas clarified that his symptoms aren’t extreme, with the Spanish actor remarking his body is regularly exhausted, but that’s the limit of his condition. Antonio expects he’ll recover shortly, where afterwards Banderas will provide his blood & other bodily materials to assist pharmaceutical companies in developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Antonio Banderas didn’t detail which medication he’s taking to eliminate the virus, with most speculation the Spanish actor is receiving preferential treatment due to his wealth. This has been consistent amongst the top world elite.

Statements from Antonio Banderas switched from his medical condition to emotional psyche during Quarantine. Desires to read & write during prolonged isolation was expressed by Antonio, emphasizing his enthusiasm towards upcoming projects. Banderas also mentioned the requirement of giving more meaning to his six decades on Earth. Sentiments from the Spanish ended with the typical “A big every to everyone out there”.

Fanfare Support

After Antonio Banderas announcement was posted to Twitter & Instagram, thousands of supportive comments were made within minutes. This included family and friends, like Santi Rodriguez. The Spanish Comedian supported Antonio by remarking her desire for Banderas to have a proper birthday, even if it’s not the best period to celebrate. Santi also emphasized the best of luck for his recovery.

Netflix Commissions Witcher Prequel Series

Successful TV series are challenging for production houses to create, with competition in this industry being more prevalent than ever before. Broadcasting stations have found themselves losing viewers at a rapid descent, with streaming services like Netflix now dominating the TV space. Netflix has maintained multiple shows that are deemed successful, like “Orange is the new Black” and “House of Cards”.

Their most recent series that saw the highest viewings in Netflix history is “The Witcher”. Starring Henry Cavill, Netflix has confirmed that a 2nd season is arriving & two sequel films will be released. Now a 5th instalment into the Witcher franchise has been announced by Netflix, which is named “The Witcher: Blood Origins”. Storyline details were emphasized in the announcement, giving dedicated fans something to discuss until it’s anticipated release date of 2021.

The Storyline

Netflix is allowing Declan De Barra to helm this prequel series, having insightful knowledge into the Witcher franchise after being a head writer on the 1st season. Declan remarked that Blood Origin would take place 1200 years before Geralt Riveria is heard of, allowing showrunners to detail the events leading to “The Conjunction of Spheres”. This moment is pivotal in the Witcher franchise, historically marking when humans & horrific monsters began entering the world of Elves. It’d create an imbalance that see’s the 1st Witcher be born.

It’s known that Lauren Schmidt & Andrzej Sapkowski will assist with helming this prequel series. Declan De Barra clarified that their Witcher prequel would sustain six episodes for a single season. The showrunner pitched the concept to Netflix, noting how this how could centre around the fall of civilizations & how they always occur during a peak of knowledge or innovation. This is an apparent reference to our current climate worldwide, prompting Netflix to approve the prequel instalment. Production is slated to begin in the United Kingdom for early 2021, with the release date slated to come later that year.

Declan De Barra hasn’t selected the cast. However, Witcher fanatics shouldn’t anticipate that Henry Cavill will appear. His character of Geralt Riveria hadn’t been born until hundreds of years later.

Matt Reeves Announces New Gotham Series

The Batman revival film from DC Comics is receiving a prequel series produced by Terence Winter. Rumours & speculation didn’t surround this upcoming show, which is rare inside the genre of superheroes. The announcement was made by Director Matt Reeves, who hasn’t been able to continue production on “The Batman” following the COVID-19 global pandemic. That doesn’t mean Matt Reeves isn’t focusing on expanding this new iteration of Batman, which will be darker & more realistic to current life events than ever before. Similar themes will be implored with this prequel series, which will be named “Gotham” and stream through HBO Max.

Acquiring the directing & producing capabilities will upscale the quality of this show. Terence Winters is known for creating shows like Boardwalk Empire & The Sopranos. Both shows were critically acclaimed for their era-specific realism. Considering that Gotham is slated to focus on the criminal underground & brutality of law enforcement, it’s rumoured that this era of Batman will take place throughout the 70s.

Matt Reeves revealed through public statements that Terence Winter’s iteration of Gotham will take place years before the arrival of Batman, who’ll be played by Robert Pattinson. Reeves also guaranteed that there wouldn’t be the same undertones & themes seen throughout the recently cancelled version of “Gotham from Fox Broadcasting Company”. The cancellation was forced onto Gotham after Disney purchased Fox’s film & television properties, with the exclusion of DC Comics.

Comments from Matt Reeves

The primary concept will be corruption within the police force & how it builds the villainous characters known throughout “Batman’s Rogue of Villains”. Matt Reeves also mentioned that Terence Winters would create an iconic drama on an entirely different level than previously seen in this franchise.

Sentiments from “The Batman” director concluded with Reeves noting how Terence Winters shares the same vision for depth & detail in this franchise that working with his colleague has been an insightful experience not to seen be forgotten. The Batman will arrive in cinemas worldwide by October 1st, 2021. Details on the release for this prequel series wasn’t identified with Matt Reeves announcement.

Greyhound Release Upsets Tom Hanks

COVID-19 has forced multiple changes onto the life of Tom Hanks, a notable A-List Actor that contracted the virus. Now the coronavirus is taking another minor toll onto the actors’ emotions, with his most recent film not being released to cinemas worldwide. Greyhound instead is releasing onto Apple TV+ after the production house determined financial burdens with postponing this movie would be extensive.

Most of Hollywood has determined that Video-on-Demand or Direct-to-Streaming platforms are best suited for the COVID-19 pandemic. Their assumptions are correct but disassociate audiences from experiences that come with film. Viewers are watching on smaller screens in lite environments, where often multiple people are around. This creates numerous distractions that often cause storylines to fade away into the background.

Tom Hanks worries that similar results will follow after releasing Greyhound to Apple TV+. Subscribers for Apple’s streaming service should be excited behind the concept of Greyhound. It’s a World War Two film centring around Commander Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks). This mean leads a convoy of Navy vessels through the Atlantic Ocean before being attacked by multiple U-Boats.

Sony produced this film with Tom Hanks, who wrote the script & assisted in directing the film. Greyhound was initially slated to release for March 2019 but was rescheduled for May 2020, with Sony hoping to avoid losing profits against other films like Captain Marvel & Disney’s Dumbo. Their decision would prove more costly than postponing until May 2020. Details on how much Apple TV+ paid to acquire this film isn’t known, but it would’ve been considerably less than the finances garnered from cinemagoers.

The Thoughts of Hanks

Tom Hanks provided insight into his thoughts behind the release of Greyhound. He indicated that Sony Pictures broke his art by refusing to postpone until cinemas reopened. Not caring about the concept of angering Tim Cook & other Apple Executives, Tom Hanks remarked that the quality in “Sound & Picture” are drastically worse with Apple TV+. His sentiments aren’t incorrect. The Apple Company would have their consumers believe that the quality of their services outweigh cinemas, which most have fallen for, even with it not being a reality. Tom Hanks is justified in his annoyance to Sony with Greyhound.

The Tax Collector with Shia LaBeouf

Another franchise from David Ayer could be arriving, with Shia LaBeouf leading the way. It’d mark the 1st time that Shia LaBeouf has acted in a franchise-role since Transformers Three. David Ayer is infamous for directing films that become Hollywood franchises. Notable films from his directing history include Training Day, Suicide Squad, and Bright. Ayer hasn’t notably returned for sequels to infamous films he’s directed. It’s often led towards the destruction of that brand, with film analysts anticipating that David’s latest film will fall under a similar territory.

David Ayer’s latest film is named “The Tax Collector” and shares significant similarities to other films made by the director. It shares identical markings that’ll inevitably lead towards multiple sequels. Focusing on storylines surrounding criminal underworlds on both sides, Blue Collar and White Collar. Shia LeBeouf stars alongside Bobby Soto, the Tax Collectors themselves. Their daily activities include collecting the drug debts from gangs across Los Angeles County, with their boss being George Lopez’s “Wizard”, the largest drug lord in LA.

Reviewing the trailer indicates that David Ayer is reinstalling classic premises seen throughout prior films under his repertoire. This includes End of Watch, Training Day, and Bright. It appears the Suicide Squad Director is taking another step forward with violence in his latest entry, which will be hard to overcome when comparing to the Jake Gyllenhaal Starred-End of Watch.

Should I Watch?

Those on the fence about watching this film shouldn’t divert themselves from an excellent cinema experience. David Ayer is infamous for creating a violent & realistic impersonation of gritty lifestyles amongst criminal underworlds. Shia LaBeouf has thrown his full talents into this role, becoming unrecognizable in five minutes. It shows that LaBeouf has grown tenfold with his craft & will surely become a more desirable dramatic actor after “The Tax Collector”. This will be the 1st film that Shia LaBeouf headlines since Transformer Three.

Cinemagoers that want to watch “The Tax Collect” can expect this film to release on August 7th with international theatres & Video-On-Demand Services. George Lopez, Shia LeBeouf, Lana Parilla, and Cinthya Carmona star in this upcoming film.

Disney Releases Details on Star Wars: The High Republic

The reprisal of Star Wars from the Disney Corporation met failure on multiple occasions. Kathleen Kennedy helmed all operations regarding the Star Wars Franchise, with this woman believing the Science Fiction Series was a proper outlet for politician opinions. She’d learn that politics isn’t meant for every film, with Kathleen Kennedy potentially losing her job as LucasFilm President to Jon Favreau. Fans that heard this information praise the concept of Marvels Creator taking over LucasFilm.

Failure is seen throughout “The Force Awakens”, “The Last Jedi”, and “The Rise of Skywalker” has prompted LucasFilm to move from previous eras seen in the Star Wars Universe. Their next film series centres 200 Years before Anakin Skywalker is born. Named “Star Wars: The High Republic”, this period of history for the Jedi is peaceful. This is because the Galaxy isn’t plagued by Sith Lords & Criminal Underworlds that Jedi Knights are obliged to stop. The most damaging aspects to life in the High Republic are sicknesses & hyperspace accidents.

The Storyline Details

Things change for the High Republic Chancellor, Lina Soh, who requests the aid of Jedi Masters. The Chancellor suggests creating posts in the Outer Rim Territories, which hadn’t been explored 200 years before the Skywalker Family being born into the force. This information became available to Star Wars fans after Disney released “Light of the Jedi”, a new comic-book novel setting up the events for the High Republic.

It’s mentioned that Outer Rim World have opportunistic moments for civilian’s brave enough to travel these unmarked planets. The High Republic Chancellor refuses to send Military Forces meant to protect Coruscant, meaning the Jedi are tasked to locate new worlds for natural resources that could benefit civilian life back home. What happens next isn’t being revealed, with it being speculated that Jedi will unknowingly embark to the Sith homeworld. Star Wars fanatics familiar with this era know that Darth Revan is resting on Korban during the High Republic. Darth Revan is noted as the deadliest & darkest Sith Lord from lore, which follows after this corrupt Force-user was previously one of the Jedis greatest warriors.

Billions Lost Worldwide for Cinemas

Cinemas worldwide have begun announcing their operation losses for 2020, with collective estimates ranging between $20 – $31 Billion. This follows after the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen an economic downturn for most nations worldwide. Millions of companies have shut their doors amid the Stay-At-Home Orders, with closures extending to theatres like AMC and SilverCity.

Nobody anticipated that the film industry would be destroyed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, Hollywood Studios were forced to delay multiple films as Governments demanded that entertainment venues shutdown for social distancing. Entertainment & Sporting Venues are still closed today in North America, European Union, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Some nations are allowing for cinemas to reopen, but reports suggest that civilians aren’t risking their safety in enclosed space.

Altering the mindset of moviegoers could become challenging for multiple brands. It’ll prove move challenging for AMC Theatres, who owns thousands of locations worldwide. Their considered the most significant property holder of cinemas & confirmed weeks ago that declined sales are forcing them into one of two options. The 1st option would see AMC Theatres enter bankruptcy, hoping that government aid would be provided over a prolonged period. The 2nd option would see this largescale brand sold to an unknown entity. Details of which option the AMC Board of Directors will initiate hasn’t been confirmed.

AMC Theatres isn’t the exclusive brand that’s been financially destroyed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Omdia Cinemas announced that their operating profits have depleted by 70% in 2020, with those revenues being compared with the 2019 fiscal year. The CEO of Omdia Cinemas anticipated that industry losses could sustain anywhere from $20 – $31 Billion, with the lower valuation possible if governments begin reopening their cinemas. Challenges would still await Omdia Cinemas & AMC Theatres, with Hollywood Studios currently refusing to release their films if these entertainment venues open. It’s Hollywood’s way of assisting with stopping the COVID-19 Spread.

Films that are anticipated to return when cinemas are opened include Wonder Woman 1984, Black Window, and No Time to Die. The number of upcoming films would’ve been more significant if studios like Paramount didn’t release their movies for Video-On-Demand Services.