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Financial Failures are Imposing Bankruptcy for AMC Theatres

Monetary implications associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced numerous corporations into bankruptcy, with most largescale brands having defended their market position with reserve funds or government aid. That hasn’t been the case for AMC Theatres, the largest operator of cinemas worldwide. Forced closure of their entertainment venues for several months has prompted financial fallout that AMC Theatres cannot sustain.

That fallout grew when reopening hundreds of locations worldwide for Fox’s final film, the New Mutants & Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Internationally speaking, China was the singular market that sustained large profits for both films. The domestic box office saw minimal attendance from moviegoers, with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet total earning is $45.1 Million in North America. Profits sustained $307 Million worldwide.

Moviegoers Aren’t Attending Cinemas.

Fox’s final film after decades of operation was “The New Mutants”, which was meant to revitalize the X-Men Universe. That was until Disney purchased Fox for $71.3 Billion in 2019. Profits from the first film under Disney’s ownership was dismal & upsetting for Ex-Executives at Fox that put their faith into the New Mutants. It’d garner $19.9 Million at the domestic box office, and $39.2 Million at the international box office.

Production houses in Hollywood noticed the minimal fanfare & attendance for both films, prompting another round of delays for numerous films. James Bond’s No Time to Die won’t release until April 2021 & Fast Nine isn’t arriving until May 2021. Another movie from Warner Brothers was cancelled last week, announcing that Dune from Denis Villeneuve won’t arrive until October 2021. These extensive delays have prompted concern from AMC Theatres & their subsidiary brand, Regal Cinemas. A warning has been issued by both brands, which evoke their sustainability won’t be manageable for another twelve months on limited reserve funds.

6.9% Drop in AMC Stock

AMC Theatres has reported that they’re rapidly losing their remaining assets, which comes after reopening 494 cinemas in the United States of America. Those locations have seen an attendance decline of 85% since their official relaunch. This has prompted a 6.9% drop in AMC Theatres stock, with their warnings expected to increase that percentage. Unless Hollywood production studios begin supporting AMC Theatres & other brands, most cinemas won’t return to operation after the Covid-19 Pandemic has concluded.

Amazon Potentially Purchasing AMC Theatres

Movie theatres worldwide are entering financial peril amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Their operations have shut down for the foreseeable future, prompting some of the most notable brands in this marketspace to locate new investors. This extends towards AMC Theatres, with it now being reported that the Amazon Company is considering the full acquisition of this movie theatre chain. It’s also reported that Showcase Cinemas and Regal Cinemas also contacted Amazon for financial freedom. However, Amazon selected against those two respective brands and are moving forward with AMC Theatres.

Most of these movie theatres had hoped they’d reopen their doors weeks after the initial lockdown began. However, that was sixty days ago. It appears that an additional thirty to sixty days of lockdown measures will be imposed on Western Nations. That will force double the lost revenue on these companies, with Summer coming as their most financially profitable quarter. Obtaining an acquisition through Amazon would enable AMC Theatres to remain an active property for the foreseeable future, especially when considering that Jeff Bezos holds $145 Billion in financial wealth. He could afford to purchase all movie theatres worldwide and have barely inflicted his fortune.

It should be mentioned that AMC Theatres is struggling more than their competition. This company stands as the most prominent operator of movie theatres worldwide, supporting 11+ thousand screens globally. All these respective screens are shut down right now, with hundreds of millions being lost weekly to this company. Financial experts were predicting that AMC Theatres would file for bankruptcy during the pandemic. However, obtaining financial freedom with Amazon would revert all chances of AMC Theatres entering bankruptcy.

Amazon’s Benefit

Jeff Bezos isn’t considering purchasing AMC Theatres from the kindness of his heart. It’s a business investment that would drastically improve the growth of Amazon Studios, which currently develops films and television series for Amazon Prime Video. Instead of these respective properties being released to their streaming service, they’d launch onto the big screen internationally. Amazon would throw hundreds of millions into acquiring new features through notable novels, directors, or writers. The investment would take a prolonged period to see returns but would eventually make Amazon Studios a powerhouse similar to Disney.

AMC Theaters & Regal Cinemas Fight Against Universal Studios

Universal Studios is receiving backlash from two theatre chains after announcing multiple films straight to Video-on-Demand. Those companies include Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres, which announced that they wouldn’t showcase any movies slated for a theatrical release that’d already been projected onto VOD.

March 2020 marked the date when Universal Studios decided that four films that were slated for summer release would be implemented onto VOD services like Google Play and Apple Movies. It enabled Universal to obtain fast profits during a period where all studios are losing millions per day. Studios like Disney, MGM, and Columbia Pictures have refused to implement similar strategies. They’ve instead rescheduled their releases to adhere with contractual obligations. Universal deemed these contractual obligations unnecessary and unavoidable, prompting the backlash from operators like AMC Theatres & Regal Cinemas.

Universal Studios hasn’t provided public apologies to either of these corporations, with inside sources indicating that a furious battle of lawyers and courts could ensue. Insiders revealed that executives with Universal Studios wouldn’t accept a banning of their films, prompting lawsuits that would more than likely immediately be dismissed.

Universal broke these contractual obligations initially, with executives upset that they’re being punished for their actions. It should be noted that after AMC Theatres & Regal Cinemas made this announcement, the Universal Studios CEO public remarked that this release model would be employed in the future. Instead of standing beside the film industry that’s growth Universal Studios, Jeff Shell has turned his back on this marketplace.

Regal Founder Provides Insight

The CEO & Founder of Regal Cinemas provided public insight on this matter. It was explained that Universal Studios broke multiple understanding with Regal Cinemas, choosing to inappropriately react to the coronavirus pandemic and disturb a prolonged good faith business relationship. The lack of transparency in their decision has ruined this partnership, which is why Regal Cinemas will follow AMC Theatres and not show any Universal Studios films moving forward. This is the fallout for failing to respect your industry, Jeff.

It’ll be interesting to see how Universal Studios reacts to the remarks from Regal Cinemas. Words can always be used towards benefiting Jeff Shell, A Snake in Hollywood, with his lawsuit.

Cinderella Castle Receiving Walt Disney Makeover

The Walt Disney World in Florida shocked guests with a surprise announcement. It was revealed that the Cinderella Castle would be receiving a fully-fledged makeover in the coming months. This marks the 1st instance that the castle is undergoing a physical change in design since 1971, which is when it was first developed.

It’s been known to millions worldwide that the Cinderella Castle is a centrepiece for the Disney logo. It’s one of the most recognizable symbols globally, with the Mickey Mouse ears being minimally more popular. Those that have attended the Walt Disney World Resort know that the castle stands 183ft tall, with it appearing in multiple films throughout the Disney Studios cinematic history.

Shockingly, Cinderella has remained an iconic character for Walt Disney Studios, with other character creations becoming more popular since the film 1st aired. Film analysts anticipate that some of their more original characters will centre around the newly announced castle, with colour schemes falling similar to Iron Man and the Marvel Universe. Considering that Disney’s most popular properties include Star Wars and the MCU, it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a change to Cinderella’s Castle. It’d surely destroy the dreams of countless little girls across North America and the world.

Walt Disney World in Florida expressed that their aware of Cinderella’s importance to fans and that she’d never stop engaging with guests. However, following their 70th anniversary as a theme park, changes are needed to keep this building relevant. Executives and investors are behind this design alteration, demanding that space be used properly or be torn down for new attractions. Marketing executives knew this wasn’t possible, prompting them to alternate from the Cinderella design scheme. The blueprints for this castle aren’t being changed, allowing for the overall shape to remain identical.

The Ridiculous Left of America

Those wanting to witness the changes coming to Cinderella’s Castle have to wait until the 3rd quarter in 2020. It’ll support a top-level with light shades of pink, royal blue and gold trim. There’s a secondary colour scheme being implemented on the bottom level though, which will see a darker grey and the gold trim blended. Some believe Disney World is trying to make this castle gender-neutral, avoiding any potential backlash before it can occur. Left-Wing Fanatics would’ve demanded that the castle be torn down to honour the LBGTQ Community, which Walt Disney World wouldn’t allow in any context. That’s why they solved the problem before it ever started.

Golden Rules of Online Gambling and Celebrity Endorsement

Service and product marketing have long been dependent on celebrity endorsement. The presence of significant film-superstars such as James Woods, Ben Affleck and Sharon Osbourne is what attracts the attention of many customers. This is also the case with casino games such as poker and bingo.

Commercial gambling only recently started to get celebrity endorsement in the form of gambling advertising, which previously was more restricted. Some of the golden rules that casinos need to keep in minds include whether they wish for a long-term endorsement or a once off advertisement.

Familiarity and Intrinsic Association Remains Most Important

It is essential for the operators to take into consideration that the endorsement of a celebrity also taps into the psychology of an individual’s intrinsic association. It is a degree to which gambling is represented and associated positively and showed as an exciting pastime. It is also the familiarity that is used to appeal to players by software developers in creating slots that are based theme-wise on films, favourite board games, celebrities or even video slots.

The casino brand that decides to utilize celebrity endorsement takes quite a significant risk, as celebrities don’t come cheap and at the moment it is still a niche market. It is vital to target as many players as possible via the correct product, while the reputation, shape and image of the celebrity are also outstanding.

Billy Connolly Not Perfect for Lotto

Every celebrity does not increase sales; a great example is that when Billy Connolly was asked to endorse the lottery, the sales decreased. During a survey, it was found that most found the Scottish comedian to be irritating.

Branded Video Slots Inspired by Films

Major software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have enjoyed significant success with the creating of video slots. Developing brand related niches requires an agreement with the brand owner and therefore it is also called licensed slots. Some of the significant success include games such as Jurassic Park, Batman, Guns N’ Roses, Gladiator, Titanic and The Three Stooges.

Titanic Slot Allows Your Heart to Go On

Most players enjoy the Titanic slot due to its massive range of bonus rounds, while it is also seen as a majestic tribute to the film, based on the events taking place in 1912. The long list of theme-related features includes the safety feature; jack rose double wilds, Jack’s drawing mystery feature and the heart of the ocean free games.

The game is packed with wilds and wild features, these include the mystery double wilds feature, mystery wild reels feature. There is also the wheel feature, and with massive rewards, it is quite easy to see why players want their winnings to go!

The symbols used include images of Kate Winslet as Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack, enabling players to feel part of the romantic adventure. Spending time with Jack and Rose is not only a great pastime, but the slot also offers significant rewards worth up to 100,000 the activating bet.

Sports Betting Films Impact on Society

Sports legends make as big a statement as any celebrity, if not bigger when it comes to stars such as John McEnroe, David Beckham or Kevin Durant. It could be the reason why sportsmen and women are often invited to play either minor or major parts in films. This is even when they lack in acting skills their names do attract huge crowds. It is just one of the connections between sports and the film industry. The next is the huge list of box office hits inspired by either sports or sports legends. The third the success of films based on sports betting.

Does Legalized Gambling Have Any Influence on Society

The youth is growing up in a gambling legalised culture in which sports betting and many other forms of gambling are widely accessible. Wagering on your favourite sports star, event or team is often a way to participate. More accurately, it is a way of feeling part of the action, while it is also a way of earning great cash returns.

While most views legalised gambling as a threat, several university studies are actually predicting the opposite. With the youth being more familiar with gambling it could have the opposite effect.

Bookies – Film About Young Students Being Successful at Sportsbetting

Bookies are one of the super popular films regarding sports betting, the film introduces the audience to young students who are very successful at sports betting. The students use a sneaky plan to help them profit from sports betting. Gangsters discover their success once they start living the dream and demand a share. Bookies is a comedy that offers many amusing scenes once the curious gamblers get to do with organised crime.

Bookies both Interesting and Witty

Bookies is a easy to watch a film that is basically inspired by every teenager’s dream. Whether you’ve seen it yourself, or just heard its storyline as others talk about it, the film sounds pretty amazing. The blockbuster film intrigued the audience, and anyone who is a sports betting devotee thought it was a very smart way of addressing the subject. The actor that truly shines in Bookies is Johnny Galecki, and even when you’ve seen him in other films, this performance is nothing short of stellar.

What Critics Had to Say About Bookies

The film Bookies offers a glimpse into gambling, an insight into the psychology of gambling and fundamentals of sports, was the main comments from critics. Hollywood Reporters described the film as one of the mons undemanding entertainment pieces that creep up and force viewers to enjoy it. The film was also recommended for anyone familiar with the sorrows and joys affiliated with sports betting. Even though Bookies was released in 2003, if you haven’t seen it, you should. It includes top actors such as David Proval, Nick Stahl, Lukas Haas, Racheal Leigh Cook and Johnny Galecki.


The filmography is by far the most enjoyed artform especially when it comes to box-office hits such as The Departed, Mean Streets and Good Fellows. One thing Martin Scorsese is not guilty of is shying away from is profoundly delving into the dubious fringe of the society of America.

A true story inspires the film titled Casino. Robert De Niro can is seen in the leading role in this film based on the life of Frank Ace Rothstein. It is an epic exploration and investigation into the world of organised crime and the involvement thereof in 1970 in some of the major casino in Las Vegas.


Ace started his career as the sharpest oddsmaker, and this detailed-orientated and ethical man became the best-known in the betting world in his era. His organisational skills and expertise as an oddsmaker led to organised crime in Chicago and he was put in charge of some of the largest casinos in Vegas. He had a talent for creating profit, his ability to manage and organise gambling operations unparalleled and his talent did not go unrecognised. In Real-life the one thing Ace Rothstein was utterly fascinated by was sports betting, and he was the first to establish a legitimate sportsbook in America based inside a casino in 1976.

Scorsese’s Casino

Scorsese fans all agree it is quite a light film measured to the usual films by Scorsese. In Casino, he portrays all he could find on the real history of Ace Rothstein as well as the history of sportsbooks betting. The past is essential as today sports betting is featuring everywhere on ESPN and CNN. The film tells it all, and without even giving you a hint of how it ends, towards the end, big corporations take control.

What Critics Had to Say About Casino

Audience reviews all agree that the acting was brilliant, while Casino told the story based on real events superbly. Even despite several violent scenes and the tragedy part of the film, Casino is described as often exuberant yet beautiful. Its soundtrack features both classic, and jazz rock and the audience get to enjoy many moments of goodwill and humour. Strong language is used, and the audience also meets a few hustlers. While alcohol and drug problems are part of the film and corruption are part of Ace’s lifestyle.

Other main characters in Casino is Ace’s wife Ginger played by Sharon Stone, and Joe Peshi plays the role of Nicky, his psychopathic friend. Sam Rothstein called Ace loves following rules, believes in loyalty and works hard while Nicky uses strong-arm tactics to get his hands-on riches. Ginger complicates both men’s lives, and when she agrees to marry Ace, she has to trade her sanity, freedom and happiness for security. Casino was released by Universal Pictures and is available on streaming or DVD; its run time is 179 minutes.

America’s John Cena – Professional Wrestler & Movie Star

Some believe that wrestling requires a combination of strength, fitness and a lot of acting. This could be the reason why a few have also starred in films, yet none of the others made it as big in Hollywood as John Cena. His huge success as a film super-star landed him acting roles in films such as Trainwreck, The Marine, Blockers, Bumblebee, Daddy’s Home I & II, The Wall, 12 Rounds, Legendary, The Reunion, The wall and Taboo.

Cena Tells All About His Film Career in Rolling Stone Interview

When interviewed by the Rolling Stone, Cena revealed his love for his new job as a movie star; however, he made it quite clear that he is not quitting from wrestling yet. He just enjoys films and accepted the first acting role as it seems a cool thing to do at the time.

John Cena – US Record-Setting Champion

Maybe if Cena wins a few Oscars, he would feel different, but for now, he remains one of the most successful professional wrestlers. John Cena is a sixteen-time World Champion, one of the most loved record-setting Make-A-Wish granters and also a five-time US Champion. Cena is one of those extremely talented people and have released an album as well as starred in some of the most successful blockbuster films, and in the middle of the WrestleMania season he also proposed to Nikki Bella, but that is all history and part of the past decade, yet Cena has no plan to slow down or step down yet.

John Cena WWE Superstar

John Cena does well in everything he tackles and is mostly known as a true superstar in WWE, while he is respected by millions for never cutting corners to reach success. When asked if he sees himself in the same light as Triple Age, The Rock, or Batista his answer is no since he sees himself as a ball cap wearing brawler who likes to talk with his fists. He is respected as one of the most generous sports heroes in the world and have granted over 500 requests made via the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which is more than any other athlete in the history of the charity foundation. The rapper, famous actor and professional wrestler have one message for all and that is to never give up.

John Cena was born in 1977 on the 23rd of April and is famed for appearing in both the SmackDown and Raw brands, before also becoming one of Hollywood’s most adored actors since his appearance in action thriller like 12 rounds and The Marine, while he gets to show off his funny side in comic films alongside Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in films such as Daddy’s Home. Cena loves being busy and welcomes the opportunity to do some knuckle-shuffling and star in films at the same time, while he is not at all planning to give up wrestling at all and is currently working on a new film titled The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. 

Walker Texas Ranger – Martial Arts Master

Full-fledged action movie star Chuck Norris is a martial arts master, film producer, screenwriter and actor. Most recognised as the Texas Walker Ranger, Carlos Ray Norris is also the author of several books with varying subjects that range from philosophy to exercise, martial arts to politics as well as religion and Western novels.

Carlos Ray Norris The Author

Chuck Norris was twice named as the best-selling author by the New York Times, the first book that qualified was The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story published in 1988. The book is a personal philosophy of Norris and is based on personal believes regarding self-improvement and the philosophy of positive force. The second book achieving best-seller status was titled, Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America, published in 2008 based on current USA issues.

Chuck Norris Comical Facts

Chuck Norris became a famous internet star in 2005 due to a long list of comical facts, these Chuck Norris facts are often absurd, mostly fictional, although it provided the star massive popularity and ensured his many endorsements. The star was also hired by many companies wishing to incorporate some the comical fact in commercials. The Chuck Norris facts also spawned no less than six books of which two books became New York Best Sellers and two video games was created.

Chuck Norris Movies

The first film Chuck Norris starred in was The Wrecking Crew in 1968, in 1972 he was Colt in Way of the Dragons, then a karate advisor in The Student Teachers in 1973 and in Yellow Faced Tiger released in 1974 he was Chuck Slaughter. In the 1977 film called Breaker! Breaker! Norris was John David Dawes, and then he became Maj. John T Booker in 1978 in Good Guys Wear Black. In A Force of One in 1979, he played Matt Logan, while he was Scott James in the Octagon in 1980. Fans saw Norris as Sean Kane in An Eye for an Eye in 1981, Sheriff Daniel Stevens in Silent Rage in 1982, Josh Randall in Forced Vengeance in 1982 and JJ McQuade in Lone Wolf McQuade. One of his roles he is most famed for is Maj. Scott McCoy in The Delta Force and Delta Force II: The Colombian Connection.

Chuck Norris Roles in TV Series

From 1993 up to 2001, Norris was the Ranger Cordell Walker in Walker, Texas Ranger, while he also starred in Sons of Thunder, Yes Dear and The Goldbergs.

Chuck Norris Facts Used in Commercials

Century Martial Art Supply Inc uses Chuck Norris in several adds including Action Jeans with the fact “Won’t bind your legs” as well as Bullet Boots and Gloves with the fact “If you take winning seriously arm yourself with Century Bullets”. Other commercials also include Mountain Dew, Toyota Tacoma Commercial in 2018 and one of the most loved by the public is the Volvo Truck commercial in which Norris imitated the split of Jean Claude Van Damme, which is now called the epic split. 

Escape to a Magical World with Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Wizardry and Witchcraft magically transport movie fans back to Hogwarts School, the place everyone knows has where Harry, Ron and Hermione were taught, just by viewing the exterior of the school during the trailers made fans ecstatic. The audience already knows Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne, as the magizoologist was introduced in the first film as he travelled to America from England in 1926 to meet up with magical types and Muggles. It’s near the end that the dark wizard emerges as Gellert Grindelwald is taken into custody.

Harry Potter fans get yet another opportunity to dive back into the world of magic, and this time it’s the sequel to the 2016 box office hit Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Moviegoers get to see Dumbledore at a much younger age in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, a film which trailer was revealed during the 2018 Comin-Con. J.K. Rowling revealed that there would be five Fantastic Beasts films in which the second introduces Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard.

Albus Dumbledore’s Earlier Life

Albus Dumbledore is introduced at a much earlier stage of his life as he enlists Scamander to stop Gellert Grindelwald from raising pure-blood wizards in order to rule over the worlds non-magical beings. Jude Law is cast in the role of Dumbledore, while the film is set in 1927 and takes fans on a magical trip to Paris and England. While the original film made well over $234 million in 2016, its sequel is set to beat all records when it is released in November 2018.

J.K. Rowling revealed as far back as 2007 that she meant for Dumbledore to be gay, in a relationship with Grindelwald, yet in the sequel, the intense relationship more focusses on the young men falling in love with each other’s ideology and ideas. Dumbledore is far from what fans might expect, he is young and inspiring Hogwarts teacher, he is a rebel and a maverick and very witty, far from the elderly statesman he is in Harry Potter films.

Many scenes in the trailer got fans euphoric, yet one really stood out, and that is when the Ministry of Magic officials can be seen apparating, its most unusual as in the novels Granger keeps reminding others that disapparating and apparating is never allowed on the grounds of Hogwarts. Could the sequel reveal why such a rule was enforced in the first place or is there another reason for the appearances out of nowhere? Find out how the fat of one will or can change the future of all when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is released in Australia on the 15th of November and in the UK and US on the 16th of November 2018.