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Financial Failures are Imposing Bankruptcy for AMC Theatres

Monetary implications associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced numerous corporations into bankruptcy, with most largescale brands having defended their market position with reserve funds or government aid. That hasn’t been the case for AMC Theatres, the largest operator of cinemas worldwide. Forced closure of their entertainment venues for several months has prompted financial fallout that AMC Theatres cannot sustain.

That fallout grew when reopening hundreds of locations worldwide for Fox’s final film, the New Mutants & Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Internationally speaking, China was the singular market that sustained large profits for both films. The domestic box office saw minimal attendance from moviegoers, with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet total earning is $45.1 Million in North America. Profits sustained $307 Million worldwide.

Moviegoers Aren’t Attending Cinemas.

Fox’s final film after decades of operation was “The New Mutants”, which was meant to revitalize the X-Men Universe. That was until Disney purchased Fox for $71.3 Billion in 2019. Profits from the first film under Disney’s ownership was dismal & upsetting for Ex-Executives at Fox that put their faith into the New Mutants. It’d garner $19.9 Million at the domestic box office, and $39.2 Million at the international box office.

Production houses in Hollywood noticed the minimal fanfare & attendance for both films, prompting another round of delays for numerous films. James Bond’s No Time to Die won’t release until April 2021 & Fast Nine isn’t arriving until May 2021. Another movie from Warner Brothers was cancelled last week, announcing that Dune from Denis Villeneuve won’t arrive until October 2021. These extensive delays have prompted concern from AMC Theatres & their subsidiary brand, Regal Cinemas. A warning has been issued by both brands, which evoke their sustainability won’t be manageable for another twelve months on limited reserve funds.

6.9% Drop in AMC Stock

AMC Theatres has reported that they’re rapidly losing their remaining assets, which comes after reopening 494 cinemas in the United States of America. Those locations have seen an attendance decline of 85% since their official relaunch. This has prompted a 6.9% drop in AMC Theatres stock, with their warnings expected to increase that percentage. Unless Hollywood production studios begin supporting AMC Theatres & other brands, most cinemas won’t return to operation after the Covid-19 Pandemic has concluded.

Doctor Strange Appearing in Marvels Spider-Man 3

Fans of Spider-Man experienced multiple announcements during the last week, prompting excitement amongst dedicated supporters. It was revealed that Jamie Foxx’s Electro would reprise his role in “Marvel’s Spider-Man Three”. Foxx last appeared in the Andrew Garfield-iteration of Spidey, which hasn’t received the same critical acclaim as Marvel’s version. Jamie Foxx’s Electro was one of the few aspects of “The Amazing Spider-Man Series” that received praise from critics, prompting Marvel to recast Foxx as Electro.

Knowing that one of Spider-Man’s most determined villains is returning, fans began wondering how Marvel will bring Jamie Foxx’s Electro from another film series to their own. That information has been revealed, with Marvel announcing that Doctor Strange will make a prolonged appearance in Spider-Man Three. This revelation has prompted for excitement for supporters, with the arrival of Doctor Strange guarantying a long-time rumour of the Spider-Verse appearing in live-action cinema.

Marvel’s is using Spider-Man Three to setup multiple iterations of the multiverse, including the Spider-Verse. It’s known that the sequel to Doctor Strange is named “Multiverse of Madness”. Having him appear in the 3rd Spider-Man before his sequel will set up the events of MoM. That film is slated to arrive three months after Spider-Mans final marvel film.

It should be noted that Sony Pictures owns the character rights for Spider-Man & will end their partnership with Marvel after three movies. This means that Doctor Strange setting up the Spider-Verse would permit Sony to move Tom Holland over to their exclusive multiverse, while also enable older versions of Spider-Man to return. ‘

The Return of Toby Maguire

Marvel Predictors suggest that Spider-Man Three will enable Toby Maguire & Andrew Garfield to return as the iconic superhero. Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man will likely return in “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness”, as the Director of this film is Sam Raimi. Director Sam Raimi helmed all three original live-action Spider-Man films & has maintained a friendship with Toby Maguire. Furthermore, Maguire has stated he’d exclusively return to the role if Sam Raimi were at the helm. His opportunity will arrive likely in March 2022. All Marvel films have been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom Hanks Reveals Father’s Personal Details

The Father of America, Tom Hanks, has revealed personal details regarding his dad & grandfather. Fans of notable actors commonly forget that these individuals live personal lives and outweigh those circumstances by the Hollywood Elites professional performance. That was similar for Tom Hanks until 2020, which saw his personal life reach international headlines. Tom Hanks contracted COVID-19 earlier this year but luckily recovered & will continue to thrive in cinema.

Tom Hanks told an incredible story regarding Amos Hanks & how he witnessed Ernest Buell Hanks get murdered. Amos Hanks was roughly Eight to Ten years of age when the event occurred, with a hired assassin killing his father (Tom Hanks Grandfather) in a barn. The murder happened in the state of California, within a small town named Willows. Amos Hanks wouldn’t tell his son, Tom Hanks, of the event until he was nearly thirty. Tom’s father revealed that he testified three times in front of his dads’ killer and that it hadn’t mattered because the killer was acquitted of all charges.

After telling the story of Amos Hank watching his father, and Tom’s granddad, getting murdered before his own eyes, the Hollywood elite reflected on the situation. Tom Hanks noted that witnessing this horrific event forever changed how his father saw the world and that he was a young child at the time. Tom Hanks said hos Amos Hanks never maintained a carefree lifestyle, didn’t know any sense of justice and saw the world as unfair. Tom Hanks would mention how it changed how Amos Hanks engaged with everyone from there on in.

The Best Movies from Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks often has thanked his father for being a drastic comedic & acting influence. Amos Hanks created an incredible lifestyle for his children, often teaching them valuable lessons from witnessing a great deal. Amos Hanks experienced everything from his father getting murders, to spending time in jail and fighting in the war. Tom Hanks noted that Amos had played a notable influence on which roles he selects. Below are parts that Tom Hanks selected in honour of his father.

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Sully
  • Cast Away
  • Forest Gump

Antonio Banderas Announces COVID-19 Contraction

Multiple actors in Hollywood have confirmed their positive tests of COVID-19, prompting an outcry of support from fans & industry leaders. It’s known that Bryan Cranston, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Aaron Tveit, Idris Elba, Alyssa Milano, and Andy Cohen have had COVID-19. All these actors received immediate treatment & have recovered from this deadly virus. However, one of Spain’s most prominent actors has now confirmed his positive test of COVID-19. Antonio Banderas announced via Twitter and Instagram that he’s begun recovering from the virus.

Learning of his confirmed infection would’ve been saddening for Antonio Banderas, who’ll now spend his 60th birthday alone in Quarantine. Sentiments regarding his condition & mental state were issued through Antonio’s social media accounts. Through Twitter, he’d first announce that on August 10th he’d contracted the virus & will now spend 14-Days in Quarantine before being tested again.

Antonio Banderas clarified that his symptoms aren’t extreme, with the Spanish actor remarking his body is regularly exhausted, but that’s the limit of his condition. Antonio expects he’ll recover shortly, where afterwards Banderas will provide his blood & other bodily materials to assist pharmaceutical companies in developing a COVID-19 vaccine. Antonio Banderas didn’t detail which medication he’s taking to eliminate the virus, with most speculation the Spanish actor is receiving preferential treatment due to his wealth. This has been consistent amongst the top world elite.

Statements from Antonio Banderas switched from his medical condition to emotional psyche during Quarantine. Desires to read & write during prolonged isolation was expressed by Antonio, emphasizing his enthusiasm towards upcoming projects. Banderas also mentioned the requirement of giving more meaning to his six decades on Earth. Sentiments from the Spanish ended with the typical “A big every to everyone out there”.

Fanfare Support

After Antonio Banderas announcement was posted to Twitter & Instagram, thousands of supportive comments were made within minutes. This included family and friends, like Santi Rodriguez. The Spanish Comedian supported Antonio by remarking her desire for Banderas to have a proper birthday, even if it’s not the best period to celebrate. Santi also emphasized the best of luck for his recovery.

Daniel Radcliffe Apologizes for Rowling’s Remarks

The 1st week of June marked the date when J.K. Rowling would express her Anti-Trans opinions, which prompted an outcry of backlash towards the infamous writer of Harry Potter. The statements mentioned by Rowling noted that men turning into a woman cannot reproduce, menstruate, experience menopause, or harvest breast milk. She remarked that these transgender civilians offend their mothers & all other women who had to experience those hardships.

Numerous individuals in Hollywood were quick to remark their disapproval, craving to a small majority of naysayers over the overwhelming majority of Rowling supporters. One such individual was Happy Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. He apologized on behalf of J.K. Rowling & the overall franchise for her transphobic comments. It prompted for both Rupert Grint and Emma Watson to both empathize with this community as well. However, it should be mentioned that all three actors are avoiding potential backlash towards their respective careers by apologizing for Rowling.

Unintelligent Potter

The sentiments released by Daniel Radcliffe indicated his apologies to anybody offended, to those that’ve felt their experiences with the Harry Potter franchise was tarnished. He mentioned his woes for those that were caused pain by Rowling’s sentiments. Reviewing this post saw naysayers remaking that an older woman that has birthed three children, obtaining more money than the queen, and donated to countless charities are permitted to her respective opinions. Millennials & GenX’s are overwhelming sensitive, happy to destroy anyone’s career for merely upsetting their thought process. It’s this “Hate Culture” that’s creating systemic issues throughout North America and the European Union.

Statements from Daniel Radcliffe finished by the Harry Potter actor saying & believing that all transgender woman are genuine females, that by not recognizing their different bodies, it sets back the overall female movement. Subsequently, it appears that Daniel Radcliffe didn’t obtain a significant level of intelligence while learning his educational course on the HP Set. Radcliffe didn’t learn the differences between male & female anatomy, how they are two entirely different things that manufacture various products for the human species. Science cannot be changed by mentality.

Netflix Purchases Los Angeles Egyptian Theatre

Netflix has purchased one of the most historic locations for American cinema. Considered a Los Angeles Historic Treasure, it was announced that the American Cinematique Organization sold the Egyptian Theatre to the Netflix Company. This prompted an immediate response from directors in the industry, informing the ACO to sell under the condition that Netflix doesn’t alter the historical programming commonly shown at the Egyptian Theatre. It was 1st revealed that negotiations had begun in 2018, with the involvement of directors postponing the agreement until 2020. This led analysts to speculate that Netflix struggled at the concept of purchasing the Egyptian, while also maintaining original programming.

The History

The Los Angeles Film Industry is culturally remembered at the Egyptian Theatre. It’s closed once in its lifetime, which began in December 1922. The prowess of this cinema enabled it to remain open during World War II and Vietnam, with its closing only once in 1992. Their doors wouldn’t reopen to the public until 1996, which is when the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency took over ownership. It cost them $1.00 to obtain property, with the Egyptian Theatre being awarded to the LACRA by Rick Nicita. Those permitted to attend this cinema can sit down in one of 616 auditorium seats. There’s also an additional screening room for exclusive members, with it being named the Spielberg Screening Room. It can seat seventy-eight cinematics.

Sid Grauman designed the Egyptian Theatre, with this architect being considered one of the most influential in the 1920s. He’s credited with developing some of the first cinemas in the United States, with his designs being reflected for decades after his death. His unique designs allowed for the first premiere at the Egyptian to be “The Ten Commandments” from Cecil B. DeMille in 1923. That film has been reshown every year since the Egyptian Theatre began a designated historical location.

The Cost

The deal is suspected of having cost Netflix $20 Million or more to obtain ownership of the Egyptian Theatre. PR Representatives with the streaming service guaranteed that the preservation of classic cinema will continue being maintained under their ownership. It should be noted that this acquisition enables Netflix to hold a piece of cinema history, where their critically acclaimed films can be inducted into the Egyptian’s preservation. Productions with remarkable stories, directing styles, and visuals will most likely be showcased 1st at the Egyptian moving forward.

AMC Theaters Re-Opening for June

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced multiple entertainment facilities to shut their doors for a prolonged period. This included AMC Theaters in North America, with both their American and Canadian locations having to be shut down. This decision was implemented after government orders were enforced to curve the spread of infection. Multiple other cinemas like Regal and Showcase also closed their doors. The chief executive officer with AMC Theatres believes it’ll be possible to reopen their locations by Mid-June. There isn’t any end in sight for the United States, with them now having the highest rate of infection globally. Several changes to how the entertainment industry distribute films after COVID-19s fallout.

Franchise owners behind AMC Theatres have become increasingly concerned over the prolonged closures. Profits aren’t being earned, and employees were forced into layoffs with social distancing measures implemented by the American government. This extends towards the Canadian government. Cinema fanatics haven’t been left without any new experiences, as multiple films have been released to On-Demand Services like Google Play Movies. The Invisible Man is available today for a 48-hour rental at $20.00. Fanatics will still be excited with the prospect of returning to their local cinema.

The National Association of Theater Owners expressed that locations in the United States and Canada will reopen for Mid-June. That decision is dependant on the American and Canadian government, who could enforce social distancing measures for a prolonged period. Military and Police Services have been called to ensure that enforcement is met. Medical analysts suspect that social distancing will be implemented until August in North America, which could prolong the NTOA from reopening their respective chains.

Cinderella Castle Receiving Walt Disney Makeover

The Walt Disney World in Florida shocked guests with a surprise announcement. It was revealed that the Cinderella Castle would be receiving a fully-fledged makeover in the coming months. This marks the 1st instance that the castle is undergoing a physical change in design since 1971, which is when it was first developed.

It’s been known to millions worldwide that the Cinderella Castle is a centrepiece for the Disney logo. It’s one of the most recognizable symbols globally, with the Mickey Mouse ears being minimally more popular. Those that have attended the Walt Disney World Resort know that the castle stands 183ft tall, with it appearing in multiple films throughout the Disney Studios cinematic history.

Shockingly, Cinderella has remained an iconic character for Walt Disney Studios, with other character creations becoming more popular since the film 1st aired. Film analysts anticipate that some of their more original characters will centre around the newly announced castle, with colour schemes falling similar to Iron Man and the Marvel Universe. Considering that Disney’s most popular properties include Star Wars and the MCU, it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a change to Cinderella’s Castle. It’d surely destroy the dreams of countless little girls across North America and the world.

Walt Disney World in Florida expressed that their aware of Cinderella’s importance to fans and that she’d never stop engaging with guests. However, following their 70th anniversary as a theme park, changes are needed to keep this building relevant. Executives and investors are behind this design alteration, demanding that space be used properly or be torn down for new attractions. Marketing executives knew this wasn’t possible, prompting them to alternate from the Cinderella design scheme. The blueprints for this castle aren’t being changed, allowing for the overall shape to remain identical.

The Ridiculous Left of America

Those wanting to witness the changes coming to Cinderella’s Castle have to wait until the 3rd quarter in 2020. It’ll support a top-level with light shades of pink, royal blue and gold trim. There’s a secondary colour scheme being implemented on the bottom level though, which will see a darker grey and the gold trim blended. Some believe Disney World is trying to make this castle gender-neutral, avoiding any potential backlash before it can occur. Left-Wing Fanatics would’ve demanded that the castle be torn down to honour the LBGTQ Community, which Walt Disney World wouldn’t allow in any context. That’s why they solved the problem before it ever started.

Famous Hollywood Stars Into Gambling

Movies about gambling and the scene surrounding it are often portrayed on the silver screen with much success. Yet in real life, the superstars of Hollywood, also usually like to dip their toes in the casino scene. Here are some of the names you know, who love to test the hand of Lady Luck.

Down below, we list some of the most notable Hollywood Stars that were caught having issues with gambling, often dipping into their vast sums of money to support the habit. It isn’t surprising that these famous millionaires select gambling as their form of entertainment. It comes with Glitz, Glamour, Liquor and Social Excitement. Examine those stars below:

  • Ben Affleck – Not only famous for his handsome looks but also known as a great actor, screenplay writer, movie director and producer. He also likes to spend his past-time trying his hand at poker or blackjack and even once earned the title of California State Poker Champion back in 2004.
  • Charlie Sheen – Often reflecting in his private life the same destructive habits which he portrayed in his role on Two And a Half Men. Sheen is notorious for some severe gambling and according to his ex-wife, regularly spends more than $20 000 per week on sports gambling.
  • Tobey Maguire – When Spider-man isn’t in action swinging between buildings, Maguire likes spending some time at the casinos. He is known for his love of gambling, and this was once again highlighted due to Molly’s Game by Aaron Sorkin.
  • Jennifer Tilly – Representing the ladies we have Tilly. Tilly seems to be in luck at the poker tables having won the World Series of Poker bracelet. Also, her winnings have been known to top $750 000.
  • Russel Crowe – Crowe is more than an actor or a rugby league owner. He is also involved in the gambling industry. A substantial part of his club’s income is coming from revenue generated by poker machines.
  • Ray Romano – We got to love Romano in the endearing sitcom. Everybody Loves Raymond. Hence it comes to some as a surprise that good old dependable Ray is an avid poker player. Since 2007 he has been very much devoted to poker and would never miss out on a World Series of Poker.
  • Kevin Hart – Hart is a giant in the comedy industry and is continuously keeping his fans ripped with laughter. Yet Hart is not only quite a presence to reckon with on stage in a comedy club, but also at the poker tables, his presence is bringing laughter and delight Hart is a regular player in the PokerStars Championships Bahamas.
  • Kevin Pollak – Famous for acting and comedy and his role in Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout, yet he has suffered a grandiose loss against Vanessa Selbst. Selbst walked away as the winner of $1 million and Pollak walked away defeated.
  • Pamela Anderson – Once upon a time, the babe of Baywatch has a deep-rooted love for poker. Often being seen at the poker tables and even having to live with some rumours that her marriage to Rick Salomon, the poker star was only due to her losing a bet against the poker genius.
  • Matt Damon – Damon took it upon himself to thoroughly prepare for his role in Rounders and took up playing poker. It seems that this became an interest that remained with the star.

Hollywood Celebrities Against the House – Part Two

Celebrities like stockpiling Oscars, they party, they hang out at strip joints, yes Mr Bieber we know and they Miley likes to swing on a ball. The hard-core party animals are Gary Bussey and Charlie Sheen, and there are several others. Some like loud music, others drinking and boogying and since the 1950s Las Vegas became the home away from your mansion-type of place. The casinos did not mind the crowds coming to get a glimpse of the stars, neither the large amounts thrown onto the roulette and blackjack tables. The A list of casino visitors includes big names Martin, Monroe, Styles, Sinatra, Anderson, Sheen and Affleck.

Celebrity Rat Pack of the 1950s

The name rat pack is associated with a crowd of celebrities that made Las Vegas theirs, they entertained, they performed and the relaxed in the casinos. The 1950s rat pack was made up of stars like Errol Flynn, Bacall and Bogart.

Spur-of-the-Moment Surprise Las Vegas Shows

It seems that every decade had a unique rat pack and the crew of the 1960s included icons such as Sammy Davis, Sinatra and Dean Martin. How it worked is that if one of the pack-members were performing in Las Vegas, the rest would follow, most of the time they would decide to surprise the audience with a spur-of-the-moment show. The rat pack was almost more in Vegas than at their mansions, and in 1984 Dean Martin got one of the casinos to allow the dealer to deal form her hand. The casino got into significant trouble as that is against the state law. It was only a matter to time before one of the rat pack decided to open a casino, and the brave one was Frank Sinatra. He was a considerable blackjack enthusiast and had a casino called Cal Neva based on the Lake Tahoe shores. Unfortunately, this casino closed in 2010.

Las Vegas versus Bad Boy Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen loves all-night partying, he is high blackjack roller, and he is famous for placing sports bets. Sheen is many things, but dull is not one of them, he is controversial, and maybe you could call him certifiably crazy. Most call him the bad boy of Hollywood as he uses his charms to get away with anything and everything. His real-life is similar to the role he plays in Two and a Half Men. He is rich and loves beautiful women and having a great time.

Batman Goes Poker Wild

The one that joins the bad boy genre is Ben Affleck, another regular in Las Vegas. He is Batman, and he loves playing at one Vegas casino in particular, which is the Las Vegas Palm. It is his all-night venue where he enjoys no-limit poker; some call this guy a bit of a card counter. Whether the claim is true or false, he did get into a bit of trouble over it and was banned from several casinos, who suspected card counting.