Steven Spielberg is one of the biggest directors of all times, duh, with many iconic movies he has directed. His latest out in theatres is Ready Play One and with its huge success, Spielberg became the first director to pass $10 billion at the box office. The overall gross is adjusted for inflation and the 32 films he has directed is for around four and a half million, but when you adjust that for inflation the $10 billion mark has been breached.

Spielberg may not be caught anytime soon, as his peers are well behind when you are talking about overall box office gross. Peter Jackson, Michael Bay, and James Cameron are the next top three earners and none is above $7 billion. However, Cameron may be catching up in the not too distant future with the Avatar sequels not far off. Cameron has directed nine movies and comes in at $6.1 million, but from Avatar and Titanic by themselves, they racked in a combined $4.9 billion.

Ready Player One is one of the top grossing movies of 2018 and one of the bigger ones Spielberg has made in over 10 years, as it approaches a worldwide gross of $500 million. His biggest movie of all time in terms of box office grosses was Jurassic Park, which took in nearly a billion dollars and that was 20 years ago.

Thirty Two Movies and Counting

Even with 32 movies under his belt Spielberg has no plans to slow down with a few movies in the works. He is working on the 5th instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise and a remake of the West Side Story (1961). Ready Player One had a huge opening in China and has been a big success even though Spielberg made some changes from the book the film was based on.

Spielberg’s current project is the new Indiana Jones movie, which will be the 5th one in the series. Harrison Ford is back again and production of the movie is slated for 2019. The 4th instalment in the series in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a pretty big hit at the box office, but critics and even fans did not receive the movie well. This will be Ford’s last foray into the Indiana Jones lore, as he will be hanging up his whip and fedora. In an interesting piece of info Spielberg has stated that the series may go on without Ford and that he may recast the lead role for a woman.


Spielberg has earned his success as the only $10 billion-dollar director and has been behind the lens for some of the most iconic movies of all time from E.T. to Jaws to The Color Purple and Schindler’s List. Many of his movies are classics and flops are not in his vocabulary. He is well ahead of his peers when it comes to box office grosses and with a whopping 32 movies, he has directed he will keep adding to that list in the future.