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Warner Brothers Creates Hotline for Coronavirus Safety Violations

An anonymous hotline for film production staff working under the Warner Brothers banner has been created. Its purpose is to ensure that COVID-19 Safety Violations aren’t broken and that when production leaders are found not abiding protocols, fines are implemented. Warner Brother prompted this hotline as two of their films are slated to resume filming over the next few weeks, with those including “The Batman” and “Fantastic Beasts Three”. Warner Brothers are concerned that with significant sets there’ll be outbreaks if protocols aren’t maintained. Personnel making reports won’t be revealed or at-risk of losing their job.

COVID-19 Guidelines are being implemented by all production houses in Hollywood, with their respective films returning to shooting by August 1st. Most nations worldwide have reopened their economies to production crews, with their temporary economic involvement garnering substantial tax revenues for international governments. It’s known that Jurassic World: Dominion from Universal Pictures restarted earlier this month, with set photos showcasing a largescale action scene.

Sony Pictures “Uncharted” with Tom Holland began filming on July 18th, which has been praised by fans of this franchise. The Uncharted movie has struggled over five years to enter production status, often losing directors or actors because of creative differences. Those employed with the Uncharted production will receive two COVID-19 tests per week, with a coronavirus security officer providing governance over this set. It’s notably different than what’s been seen with Warner Brothers, who remarked that their workforce would portray a “Strict Police Force” that directors & producers haven’t seen before. Sony is taking a different approach to ensure that their primary creators don’t feel targeted & leave the Uncharted production, forcing another delay.

The Hotline

Warner Brothers Executive Vice President of Physical Production, Kevin Tre, provided clarification over their anonymous hotline. Kevin emphasized that anonymous reports won’t be revealed after the coronavirus pandemic and that Warner Brother Executives were prompted into this decision after attending an industry-wide panel. This digital panel showed Warner Brothers that individual studios would approach COVID-19 enforcement at the minimum level, with their production sets not wanting to follow suit. Subsequently, Warner Brothers are abiding by suggestions make through the United Kingdom National Health Service.

Guidelines Revealed for Disneyland Reopening

Theme Parks in North America are desperate to restart operations with the summer season looming. It’s prompted the Disney Corporation to unveil a series of guidelines that would enable their respective locations to reopen in the United States, China, and France. These guidelines regard the coronavirus pandemic and would require government approval. Disney hasn’t seemingly cared around the loss of life in comparison to their depleting funds. Billions are being lost in the entertainment and travel industries, which Disney are most prevalent worldwide.

Global civilians worldwide were forced to rethink their lifestyle and how they engage with conventional society after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic in March. Shortly after multiple sporting associations, entertainment venues, tourist destinations, and national parks were shut down. Worldwide leaders have slowly begun considering lifting their respective restrictions, hoping that a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus won’t become a reality.

The Walk Disney Company didn’t anticipate the financial shock from the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced them to place non-essential employees onto furlough status, meaning their respective employment won’t be reinstated until the epidemic has concluded. Most aren’t away that since their initial closures in China and North America, individual theme parks under the Disney label have reopened. Multiple measures were implemented for the safety of visitors and employees, with one requirement being mandatory facemasks for everyone on-site. Temperature screenings were also held for those entering & leaving the facility. It’s now expected that similar measures will be implemented with Disney’s locations in the United States of America.

The Safety Protocols

PR Representatives with the Walt Disney Company provided updated into their initial groundwork for reopening their parks. The public was guaranteed that Disney’s working on ensuring the health & safety of on-site personnel, with these protection efforts extending towards guests. It was noted that multiple Amenities, Services, Attractions, and Disney Experiences would be altered to account for COVId-19.

PR Reps also clarified that park shutdowns could be implemented at any time, with refunds not guaranteed on park admission. Details on which attractions at Disneyland Anaheim or Walt Disney World Orlando will be closed weren’t revealed. Reps also noted that social distancing would be implemented, with ride queues showing six-feet taped marking. This means that available rides that aren’t closed will have limited accessibility.

Hollywood with Vegas

Long before the United States legislation changed in May last year, Las Vegas has been the gambling hotspot, presented as the place where life is happening on a different level. The glamour and the glory of making it big at one of the countless casinos. The site to flee to when your romance discovered its wild side. Las Vegas is the place that kept many dreams alive and served as the inspiration for many great storylines on the big screen. Here are some of the best delivered by Hollywood and inspired by Las Vegas.

Elvis, fast cars and a hot girl makes for the perfect Las Vegas hit movie. This time Elvis is a racing car driver adamant about winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and then his ways cross with that of a beautiful young lady, and the man turns to music and starts to sing. This is not only a Las Vegas classic but also an Elvis classic and a much-watched movie.

The Things to Do

  • Honeymoon in Vegas – Nicholas Cage is bringing a new meaning to the concept of high stakes when he sits at a poker table and wagers his future bride. One of those movies which bring up the question of whether you would sleep with a stranger for a million bucks.
  • Leaving Las Vegas – Once again Nicholas Cage finds himself in a Vegas predicament when he has entered the underbelly of this glitzy world. His addiction to alcohol is quickly causing his demise. One drunken spree to the next is only taking him deeper and deeper down the pit of despair where the bright and sparkling lights of Las Vegas no longer shine.
  • Very Bad Things – Many flee to the city of dreams, and others choose it as a last pre-wedded destination. What can go wrong with a bachelor party in Las Vegas? For a wild night out you can pass this on as a hint to your best man, but surely nothing to see here for your bride to be and always remember the golden rule, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
  • Ocean’s Eleven – Hollywood hunks, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are already a great reason to watch, but then they steal from the rich in a tricky and daring way as the Bellagio falls victim to a heroic crime. This one only created a hunger for more from the fans, needless to say, a couple more of Ocean’s brilliant crimes kept us gripped to the screen since then.
  • Showgirls – The one unfortunate characteristic of Las Vegas movies is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be kind to be watched. Many fall for the allure which they know Las Vegas brings and add some beautiful showgirls in the storyline and you’ll get away with little clothing and even less of a story. Nothing can be said in favour of this movie, yet being about mostly nude Las Vegas showgirls, it became a hit.

The Casino’s Patience Run Out and Johnson is Banned from Playing – PART THREE

It is the third week, and by now the film takes quite a different turn as the casinos are fed-up, partly with the winning and luck of Don Johnson. Most certainly they realise what a mistake they made in agreeing to the terms when they wanted to convince him to play.

It is only understandable that no casino or sportsbetting company can continue to suffer such losses. The only way to stop such winnings is by taking care of it; the only way out for the casinos was to ban this high roller. The first to lose its patience was the Caesars Casino and, in this case, it can be seen as an honour as he did nothing wrong; he was just too lucky. But if it was an honour, he never received it from the Borgata Casino or the Tropicana Casino; they refused to let him play under the conditions they agreed to at the start.

Taj Mahal Casino of Trump Bans Don Johnson

Don Johnson was next banned by the Taj Mahal Casino that belonged to Donald Trump after he won $220,000. Now one of the movie highlights would be to see Johnson arrive at the casino, he is now 53 and accompanied by two gorgeous women and two younger guys.

Every one of those with him has been given some cash, and they play smaller bets to destruct the unwanted attention from the high roller. Their work shift if you want to call it that, lasts less than three hours as Johnson is happy with his winnings of $1.5 million. The other reason the workday ends early is that by now the casino managers are well aware of the high roller and ready to stop him from playing.

Time to Teach the Caesars Casino A Lesson

So instead he invites his crew to enjoy lunch at the Morton’s Steakhouse and apart from the Chateau Margaux the dinner had to be something well worth remembering, the bill came to $4,000. After a well-deserved break, Johnson decides it is time to finish off the Caesars Casino, and he furthers his winning by $4.23 million.

At this stage, the manager calls the boss as Johnson planned this visit while the boss was away. The telephone call to the boss was may unclear as he thought Johnson won $400,000 although it was over $4 million.

Winning Millions That’s A Don Johnson Thing

When you look back at the real-life tale of Don Johnson, he first got the casinos to agree to terms he knew would suit him best. He invested a lot of time to create a reputation as the rich high roller. He did what you’d expect from the rich folk and partied at the big clubs, his spending sprees were wild, and he arrived in a limousine.

He made friends with celebrities, and he became successful. He had a well-played plan and only enjoyed the rarest champagne while pretending to be the ideal casino patron. It worked, and at the end the casino mistook him, this became one of the costliest mistakes in the history of casinos. Maybe the movie should end with a scene based on his real live joy, one in which is order a bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne for his guests including Pamela Anderson and Bon Jovi.

Don Johnson The Moment of Glory!- PART TWO

It was in the midst of the financial crises, but what the Atlantic City Casinos agreed upon to at the time, was maybe not in their best interest. We continue with our story as it is the stuff any great movie needs in keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. What we need is hours of filming, it is the only way to tell the story of Don Johnson; what we film this week is his moment of glory!

The Casino Arrangement with Don Johnson & His Success Run

In part one, we learned all about the arrangement that was the only way to lure such a high roller as Don Johnson to the casinos. So this week if we were to film the rest of his real-life story, we would have to set up a film set at the casino that you could call the victim.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Tropicana Casino $12 Million

The casino that fell victim to Don Johnson’s high roller skills was the Tropicana Casino. The setting a blackjack marathon. The time it lasted 12 hours and the amount Johnson could win $12 million. The $12 million, Johnson could win included the $800,000 he already won with a bet worth $100,000. What he did with the two eights he received was to split it, and then he received another two eights. Surprising no matter how you look at it, even when you are a professional player.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Borgato Casino $6 Million

Although in life, it is not the card you dealt that makes the difference, it is how you use them. If you are Don Johnson, you split again, and you increase your wager to $400,000. The now the next cards he received was a 3, then a 2, still a 3 and then another two, he doubled down, and his bet soon equalled $800,000. What happened next is that the dealer busted and Johnson won $800,00. End of the film? No way it is the beginning of what will keep you hooked for another few hours. What the Tropicana Casino did not know at the time is that it was about to lose $6 million. But, Johnson did not stop at that he went on an epic adventure.

Don Johnson Winnings at Caesars Casino $4 Million

With $6 million in winnings, he decided it was time to visit the Borgata Casino, which had to payout winning worth $5 million to the high roller. Was he satisfied? Not yet, he then attended the Caesars Casino and earned $4 million. Add up the losses of the casinos, and you know what Johnson had in his pocket, he knew he could afford to keep placing bets worth six figures and his profit was now at around $15 million.

The Casino’s Patience Run Out, and Johnson is Banned from Playing

It sounds a bit harsh as they were the ones to beg him to play, but what else could the casinos do, but ban this high roller from playing, especially under the agreed terms.

The Best Educational Gambling Videos to Watch – P1

Hollywood has included many scenes about gambling, and it almost always shows the success of a gambler. It is not far-fetched at all since in real life there are plenty of highly successful punter tales worth showing.

But should you wish to make a film about the real-life story of some of the most remarkable players, you need a whole series to tell their tales. There is one tale in particular that deserves hours of story-telling, it’s the tale of Don Johnson, not the successful actor but the man who made millions in 2011.

Don Johnson A Real-Life Legend

If you wanted to make a film about Don Johnson the real-life legend, you’d have to start it probably with his victory in 2011. Not much interesting is available to tell before this year, which is when he won $15 million. Still, today it is one of the biggest gambling wins, but what is different to his tale when measured against that of other big winners. He never made his millions from other gamblers. He did not face opponents virtually or by playing live casino at home.

Don Johnson, Where it All Started.

Don Johnson played blackjack at the Atlantic City casinos, and he won. Not many real casino winning stories have such an ending, which makes it perfect as a Hollywood film. But, back to the story for now and a bit more about the man himself. Johnson grew up with horse racing and at one stage was trained to become a jockey. It prepared him for his occupation at the Philadelphia Park racetrack, where he was hired at age 30 in 1992. In his career, he also managed several other, and this opened a new career path as he became involved as a state regulator in other states.

Being involved with betting and sports betting for years in various jobs, one must develop some ideas regarding wagering. For Johnson, it was all about horse races, and in 2000, he also meets someone that could be a great partner. The Heritage Development is a company that is more focused on software and forecasting the results in horse racing. Johnson was not new to betting as he made quite a bit of cash on some lucrative deals by playing blackjack, and over time he became quite what you would call a high roller.

Atlantic City Casino Deal Was it In Their Best Interest?

What followed is worth discussing in a whole new article as it includes how far the casino went in their aim to get Johnson to play. What they agreed upon sounded fair at the time, but was it in their best interest? See, it is the stuff a great movie needs to keep people watching although you need hours of filming to tell the story of Don Johnson and we continue in our next article to tell you more about his moment of glory!

Golden Rules of Online Gambling and Celebrity Endorsement

Service and product marketing have long been dependent on celebrity endorsement. The presence of significant film-superstars such as James Woods, Ben Affleck and Sharon Osbourne is what attracts the attention of many customers. This is also the case with casino games such as poker and bingo.

Commercial gambling only recently started to get celebrity endorsement in the form of gambling advertising, which previously was more restricted. Some of the golden rules that casinos need to keep in minds include whether they wish for a long-term endorsement or a once off advertisement.

Familiarity and Intrinsic Association Remains Most Important

It is essential for the operators to take into consideration that the endorsement of a celebrity also taps into the psychology of an individual’s intrinsic association. It is a degree to which gambling is represented and associated positively and showed as an exciting pastime. It is also the familiarity that is used to appeal to players by software developers in creating slots that are based theme-wise on films, favourite board games, celebrities or even video slots.

The casino brand that decides to utilize celebrity endorsement takes quite a significant risk, as celebrities don’t come cheap and at the moment it is still a niche market. It is vital to target as many players as possible via the correct product, while the reputation, shape and image of the celebrity are also outstanding.

Billy Connolly Not Perfect for Lotto

Every celebrity does not increase sales; a great example is that when Billy Connolly was asked to endorse the lottery, the sales decreased. During a survey, it was found that most found the Scottish comedian to be irritating.

Branded Video Slots Inspired by Films

Major software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have enjoyed significant success with the creating of video slots. Developing brand related niches requires an agreement with the brand owner and therefore it is also called licensed slots. Some of the significant success include games such as Jurassic Park, Batman, Guns N’ Roses, Gladiator, Titanic and The Three Stooges.

Titanic Slot Allows Your Heart to Go On

Most players enjoy the Titanic slot due to its massive range of bonus rounds, while it is also seen as a majestic tribute to the film, based on the events taking place in 1912. The long list of theme-related features includes the safety feature; jack rose double wilds, Jack’s drawing mystery feature and the heart of the ocean free games.

The game is packed with wilds and wild features, these include the mystery double wilds feature, mystery wild reels feature. There is also the wheel feature, and with massive rewards, it is quite easy to see why players want their winnings to go!

The symbols used include images of Kate Winslet as Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack, enabling players to feel part of the romantic adventure. Spending time with Jack and Rose is not only a great pastime, but the slot also offers significant rewards worth up to 100,000 the activating bet.

Let The Corpses Tan Review

If it is a violent as hell, lightning quick ride that gets your adrenaline going and heart pumping then Let The Corpses Tan. Even with the work that Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino have done to blend their sensibilities with a more traditional way of storytelling, pulp cinema is still not for everyone.
Let The Corpses Tan

Living a life of leisure, art and nude sunbathing, is that of Luce, Max and Rhino, as that is how it is done in this remote hideaway on the exotic coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an idyllic portrait about to disrupted by a gang of criminals that stolen gold bars and now in return, hiding from the cops. Max’s wife is complicating things with her surprise rendezvous and unexpectedly the day turns into a blood-soaked, bullet-laden fight for survival.

Viewers get introduced first to the brutish Rhino and artistic Luce making art from handguns and paint, by now you should know that Let The Corpses Tan are the type of film that Rodriguez and Tarantino make. Soaked in colour and covered in hard dialogue regarding criminality and society, it’s the sort of film that punches you hard and the reason, “just because it can”. The Psychedelic visuals are tough on all the characters and its recycled music from the Ennio Morricone glory days that plays as just the right volumes of nudity and blood is added to give it the proper edge.

Visually Arresting and Tense Storytelling at its Best

Let The Corpses Tan is just over ninety minutes long and therefore tell the story in speedboat style as it stripping all its narratives down to the bone, much needed to keep things afloat. Visually arresting and tense storytelling makes up for what it might lack in cohesive narratives. Director/writer Bruno Forsani and Helene Cattet’s adaption of the French classic pulp novel is something you must see as they dedicate all their talents to make this film feel like you back in the European vault of several decades ago, it’s a film vault waiting to jump out onto an unexpected society. Keeping the characters straight do get a bit confusing as there is a lot of jumping back and forth, that might take some getting used to, so it doesn’t require long before you’d decide you’re in for this extraordinary ride or eager to run out and pass.