Comic book enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming Batman film from Matt Reeves. Rumours circulated for months regarding what this film will offer and how it’ll differ from previous incarnations of the Dark Knight. Information regarding the film has begun being released, with it confirmed that Batman would battle against three rogue gallery characters. This includes Catwoman, the Penguin and the Riddler. Last week it was revealed that Zoe Kravitz is playing the role of Catwoman. However, the actress couldn’t be found for comments or statements regarding her position with this film. That silence has finally been broken, with Zoe Kravitz speaking with Ellen DeGeneres on her role. She first noted that the training has been challenging, with injuries being regular.

This hasn’t stopped the formidable actress from proving herself to Matt Reeves. When speaking with Ellen, Zoe Kravitz noted that she’s fully committed and prepared towards developing her athletic capabilities for the Batman movie. Considering that production on this film has already begun, it’s surprising that this actress is still training. It shows a level of dedication that the actors and director have towards this dark knight reboot. Zoe confirmed that she would be flying to London for filming by January 15th.

Ellen Creates Minor Backlash

Ellen DeGeneres asked Zoe Kravitz if she’d begun preparing her lines for the upcoming scenes. Surprisingly, this actress reported that Reeves told her not to start memorizing lines until on-set. This makes the challenge of playing Selina Kyle dangerous for Miss Kravitz, with film critics bashing Reeves for this uncalled approach. This actress could be performing a life-threatening stunt and mistake herself while trying to remember a line. Incidents have happened in the past with Matt Reeves and his actor’s safety.

The Demanding Workout

The demanding nature for this small woman to perform such an extensive physical routine is unheard of in Hollywood. Actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen haven’t had to work out to this degree. However, it should be noted that Matt Reeves wants to make the most realistic and gruesome Batman film in existence. This will require an incredible level of stamina, dedication and love from his actors. Robert Pattison is fully onboard with this concept, with it appearing that Zoe Kravitz is as well. Those wanting to see Robert Pattison dawn on the dark knight’s cape will have to wait until Summer 2021. We will keep our readers informed of any new details regarding this DC Comics film.