The reboot for Charlie’s Angeles is an official box office failure, grossing on its opening weekend only $8.6 Million. This comes after multiple commercial disappointments like Doctor Sleep and Terminator: Dark Fate. Since the summer season, Joker has been the only successful film. It hasn’t surprised anyone that Charlie’s Angeles failed at the box office, with no significant buzz centred around the film. The film features Kristen Stewart and is directed by Elizabeth Banks, two women who are infamous for being disliked in Hollywood. Though the film was received well by critics, most believe it was this partnership and lack of originality that forced this film to low profits.

In the films debut weekend, it didn’t even place first as the box office. The film fell below expectations, with Ford Vs Ferrari taking the 1st spot for the November 15th weekend. The Christian Bale and Matt Damon dramatic film earned $31 Million for its opening weekend, with Midway dropping to second place and earning $8.8 Million. Midway has been in theatres for three weeks, which made most believe that Charlies Angels would drop the war films spot in the box office.

The Elizabeth Banks directed Charlie’s Angels was budgeted at $55 Million, which is more than $42 Million than what the film earned on its opening box office weekend. Critics analyzed the buzz and pre-emptive ticket sales, anticipating that the film would generate $13.5 Million for its first weekend. Charlie’s Angels would succeed much past this profit with the introduction of Frozen II and Knives Out to theatres on the November 22nd weekend. Even though all titles speak to different demographics, the popularity of Ford Vs Ferrari and Frozen II will force this film to low budget earnings of $500,000.00 or less. It’s expected that Columbia Pictures will lose more than $40 Million from the Charlie’s Angels Reboot.

Kristen and Elizabeth

Both women have immediately begun defending their film in the worst way possible. Elizabeth Banks mentioned that audiences aren’t ready for three powerful females to take on the silver screen, which caused her significant backlash. Numerous films like Salt and Lucy has earned hundreds of millions at the box office, which both films had powerful female leads. Kristen Stewart went on the defence claiming that her reputation as an actress shouldn’t reflect this film, with most average audience members disliking her performance in the Twilight Saga. Subsequently, it seems that both women can’t handle the fact that this franchise has been rebooted three times and that audiences are tired of re-watching the same story.