The Walt Disney World in Florida shocked guests with a surprise announcement. It was revealed that the Cinderella Castle would be receiving a fully-fledged makeover in the coming months. This marks the 1st instance that the castle is undergoing a physical change in design since 1971, which is when it was first developed.

It’s been known to millions worldwide that the Cinderella Castle is a centrepiece for the Disney logo. It’s one of the most recognizable symbols globally, with the Mickey Mouse ears being minimally more popular. Those that have attended the Walt Disney World Resort know that the castle stands 183ft tall, with it appearing in multiple films throughout the Disney Studios cinematic history.

Shockingly, Cinderella has remained an iconic character for Walt Disney Studios, with other character creations becoming more popular since the film 1st aired. Film analysts anticipate that some of their more original characters will centre around the newly announced castle, with colour schemes falling similar to Iron Man and the Marvel Universe. Considering that Disney’s most popular properties include Star Wars and the MCU, it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a change to Cinderella’s Castle. It’d surely destroy the dreams of countless little girls across North America and the world.

Walt Disney World in Florida expressed that their aware of Cinderella’s importance to fans and that she’d never stop engaging with guests. However, following their 70th anniversary as a theme park, changes are needed to keep this building relevant. Executives and investors are behind this design alteration, demanding that space be used properly or be torn down for new attractions. Marketing executives knew this wasn’t possible, prompting them to alternate from the Cinderella design scheme. The blueprints for this castle aren’t being changed, allowing for the overall shape to remain identical.

The Ridiculous Left of America

Those wanting to witness the changes coming to Cinderella’s Castle have to wait until the 3rd quarter in 2020. It’ll support a top-level with light shades of pink, royal blue and gold trim. There’s a secondary colour scheme being implemented on the bottom level though, which will see a darker grey and the gold trim blended. Some believe Disney World is trying to make this castle gender-neutral, avoiding any potential backlash before it can occur. Left-Wing Fanatics would’ve demanded that the castle be torn down to honour the LBGTQ Community, which Walt Disney World wouldn’t allow in any context. That’s why they solved the problem before it ever started.