Films that perform horrendously at the box office will occasionally become cult classics, prompting studios to develop sequels for that respective property. History is repeating itself for another franchise, with Peter Stormare (Lucifer in Constantine) confirming that a sequel is being set. Peter Stormare didn’t provide details regarding the second coming of Lucifer & Constantine. However, it’s known that Keanu Reeves is returning to his iconic role.

DC Comics & Warner Brothers reconsidered Constantine in 2016, believing that the remittance of Keanu Reeves career could prompt a sequel to garner incredible popularity. Both Reeves & Peter Stormare have become iconic actors since Constantine One released in 2005. Stormare has appeared in iconic properties for both film & games. The likelihood that Constantine Two will garner considerable profits at the international box office is enormous. It means that Warner Brothers & DC Comics have greenlit the sequel.

There were chances that the Keanu Reeves iteration of Constantine wouldn’t return. J.J Abrams became the Director & Producer for a rebooted version of this film at Warner Brothers. However, approaches in the storyline from Abrams went against the core premise of Constantine & prompted creative difference between himself and Warner Brothers. It’s allowed for the Keanu Reeves iteration of Constantine to return. Fans have praised this announcement for not changing the formula. The same actors are reprising their roles & the same Director is helming this film.

It’s expected that Warner Brothers & DC Comics will create a visually stunning film with Constantine Two. The first film was praised by critics for its advanced CGI, looking five years beyond its time in 2005. That was one of few praises given by critics. Subsequently, Constantine never performed admirably at the Box Office. It meant that for fifteen years, Warner Brothers & DC Comics had shelved this film. Consideration for a sequel wouldn’t begin until the Constantine TV Show became a cult classic. Warner Brothers understand there’s a unique market of comic fans that adore this franchise & are clamouring for more. It’s expected that Constantine Two will release in Summer 2023.