The 1st week of June marked the date when J.K. Rowling would express her Anti-Trans opinions, which prompted an outcry of backlash towards the infamous writer of Harry Potter. The statements mentioned by Rowling noted that men turning into a woman cannot reproduce, menstruate, experience menopause, or harvest breast milk. She remarked that these transgender civilians offend their mothers & all other women who had to experience those hardships.

Numerous individuals in Hollywood were quick to remark their disapproval, craving to a small majority of naysayers over the overwhelming majority of Rowling supporters. One such individual was Happy Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. He apologized on behalf of J.K. Rowling & the overall franchise for her transphobic comments. It prompted for both Rupert Grint and Emma Watson to both empathize with this community as well. However, it should be mentioned that all three actors are avoiding potential backlash towards their respective careers by apologizing for Rowling.

Unintelligent Potter

The sentiments released by Daniel Radcliffe indicated his apologies to anybody offended, to those that’ve felt their experiences with the Harry Potter franchise was tarnished. He mentioned his woes for those that were caused pain by Rowling’s sentiments. Reviewing this post saw naysayers remaking that an older woman that has birthed three children, obtaining more money than the queen, and donated to countless charities are permitted to her respective opinions. Millennials & GenX’s are overwhelming sensitive, happy to destroy anyone’s career for merely upsetting their thought process. It’s this “Hate Culture” that’s creating systemic issues throughout North America and the European Union.

Statements from Daniel Radcliffe finished by the Harry Potter actor saying & believing that all transgender woman are genuine females, that by not recognizing their different bodies, it sets back the overall female movement. Subsequently, it appears that Daniel Radcliffe didn’t obtain a significant level of intelligence while learning his educational course on the HP Set. Radcliffe didn’t learn the differences between male & female anatomy, how they are two entirely different things that manufacture various products for the human species. Science cannot be changed by mentality.