Warner Brother Pictures determined last week that the best strategic option for 2021s fiscal year is releasing all movies simultaneously with streaming services & cinemas. This has prompted industry outrage, having dozens of actors and directors emphasising that Warner Brother Pictures is initiating an unreversible change. Viewers are unlikely to attend cinemas & spend upwards of $50.00 if films are available on streaming platforms at home.

Warner Brother Pictures made confirmations that additional costs wouldn’t be sustained for consumers on HBO Max, the streaming platform selected for upcoming releases. This decision benefits customers wanting to entertainment, as dozens of films have been postponed following Covid-19 restrictions. It doesn’t help directors, producers, actors, and crewmembers. Compensation with streaming-related projects is typically lower than standard productions & directors have begun learning that salaries for their skillsets are being decreased.

This happened for James Gunn, Director of DCs Suicide Squad Two. It’s disturbing for Director Gunn after learning that actresses like Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) are receiving $10 million for WB selecting to move releases over to streaming platforms. Director Gunn didn’t receive any compensation, showing evident favouritism that’ll likely create industry-wide criticism. Some analysts predict that actors, directors, crewmembers, and producers could strike if other studios make similar announcements. These individuals won’t lose their livelihood because of executive greed.

Christopher Nolan, the Director behind prominent films like “The Dark Knight” announced that he doesn’t support WBs decision to release movies on streaming services. Nolan is considering if directing another project for Warner Brother Pictures shouldn’t be ascertained. Christopher expects WB to reverse their decision or experience industry-wide fallouts. This decision could ultimately inflict monetary damages to Warner Brother Pictures on the long-term scale, with prominent personnel likely unwilling to work with this studio again.

James Gunn is Disturbed with Warner Brothers Decision

Lacklustre compensation was provided to Director James Gunn, which has sparked outrage behind the prominent creator. Gunn confirmed that he hadn’t been informed of Warner Brother Pictures decision and had been blindsided. Solutions offered by WB were minimal for Director James Gunn, with dissatisfaction growing after learning Gal Gadot was paid $10 million. Gunn noted he’d never work for the studio again.