It was in the midst of the financial crises, but what the Atlantic City Casinos agreed upon to at the time, was maybe not in their best interest. We continue with our story as it is the stuff any great movie needs in keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. What we need is hours of filming, it is the only way to tell the story of Don Johnson; what we film this week is his moment of glory!

The Casino Arrangement with Don Johnson & His Success Run

In part one, we learned all about the arrangement that was the only way to lure such a high roller as Don Johnson to the casinos. So this week if we were to film the rest of his real-life story, we would have to set up a film set at the casino that you could call the victim.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Tropicana Casino $12 Million

The casino that fell victim to Don Johnson’s high roller skills was the Tropicana Casino. The setting a blackjack marathon. The time it lasted 12 hours and the amount Johnson could win $12 million. The $12 million, Johnson could win included the $800,000 he already won with a bet worth $100,000. What he did with the two eights he received was to split it, and then he received another two eights. Surprising no matter how you look at it, even when you are a professional player.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Borgato Casino $6 Million

Although in life, it is not the card you dealt that makes the difference, it is how you use them. If you are Don Johnson, you split again, and you increase your wager to $400,000. The now the next cards he received was a 3, then a 2, still a 3 and then another two, he doubled down, and his bet soon equalled $800,000. What happened next is that the dealer busted and Johnson won $800,00. End of the film? No way it is the beginning of what will keep you hooked for another few hours. What the Tropicana Casino did not know at the time is that it was about to lose $6 million. But, Johnson did not stop at that he went on an epic adventure.

Don Johnson Winnings at Caesars Casino $4 Million

With $6 million in winnings, he decided it was time to visit the Borgata Casino, which had to payout winning worth $5 million to the high roller. Was he satisfied? Not yet, he then attended the Caesars Casino and earned $4 million. Add up the losses of the casinos, and you know what Johnson had in his pocket, he knew he could afford to keep placing bets worth six figures and his profit was now at around $15 million.

The Casino’s Patience Run Out, and Johnson is Banned from Playing

It sounds a bit harsh as they were the ones to beg him to play, but what else could the casinos do, but ban this high roller from playing, especially under the agreed terms.