The release schedule for upcoming films with a notable production house has been altered. Announcements were made by DreamWorks Animation that “The Boss Baby: Family Business” and “The Bad Guys” have been postponed. Pandemic limitations for moviegoers is being cited for DreamWorks decision to prolong the release of both films. It’s an announcement that film analysts weren’t anticipating, with speculation indicating Universal Studios & DreamWorks Animation could sustain similar streaming contracts to Warner Brothers.

Announcements issued in early December notified millions in North America that upcoming films for 2022 will launch on HBO Max. Corporations operating cinemas in the United States & Canada rallied against Warner Brother’s decision, emphasising that WB is strategically trying to eliminate movie theatres in the United States. Production houses like Universal Studios & DreamWorks Animation have taken different positions, confirming they’ll continue to support cinemas worldwide by postponing upcoming releases.

The Boss Baby: Family Business from DreamWorks was slated to release on March 26th of next year. That date has been altered to September 17th, 2021. Postponing the international launch by several months provides ample time for moviegoers to become vaccinated & sustain average lifestyles. Details regarding the official date for “The Bad Guys by DreamWorks” wasn’t provided, with DWA Spokesperson’s identifying a timeframe for Summer 2022.

The Second Boss Baby

DreamWorks Animation’s Boss Baby franchise is popular amongst children aged five to twelve. It’s not exclusively because of the first film, which released three years prior in 2017. Partnership agreements sustained between Netflix & DreamWorks allowed for a streaming services themed around Boss Baby to comprise several seasons. Audiences behind this franchise continue to grow, with its popularity rising notably as millions of children in North America remained indoors during pandemic lockdowns.

It’s estimated that when this second installment released on September 17th of next year, profit margins will reach $1 Billion. That’d be double the margins earned from the first film. Depending on how Boss Baby: Family Business performs in the box office, DreamWorks Animation will greenlight a third installment.