The Fast & Furious saga will have comprised of eleven films after it’s finale. Universal Pictures announced that Fast & Furious is concluding with a two-part finale. Both films will be directed by Justin Lin, the individual that brought this franchise back to life with Fast Five. Regular instalments in Fast & Furious have seen larger profits at the international box office until Paul Walker (Connor O’ Brian) died tragically. Though his character remains part of the franchise, losing Paul Walker meant its same actor wouldn’t reprise an iconic role.

Profits have dwindled for Fast & Furious since Paul Walker died, prompting Universal Pictures to announce that they’re concluding the franchise with Fast Eleven. It should be noted that the Fast & Furious universe isn’t ending with the 11th instalment. Universal Pictures has greenlit a second and third instalment of Hobbs & Shaw, the spinoff film that was released in 2019.

The ninth instalment into the Fast & Furious franchise was expected to release in 2020. However, an international pandemic forced Universal Pictures to delay Fast Nine by twelve months. Vin Diesel & his family of loyal friends won’t return to cinemas until Summer 2021. Their return will be welcomed with new storylines that are meant to conclude the franchise over three films. It’s known that John Cena is playing Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) brother in the upcoming instalment. Han will also be making his return from death in Fast Nine. How these two storylines coincide isn’t known but shows the series end is coming.

Release Dates Not Known

It’s unknown when the 10th and 11th instalment in Fast & Furious will arrive. Universal Pictures have responded to COVID-19 by delaying multiple films, which all need their respective release date. This means supports of the Fast & Furious franchise might not see the conclusion until 2024-25. It’d likely coincide with the third instalment of Hobbs & Shaw, having Universal Pictures two franchises in the Fast universe competing for international box office glory. It should be noted that for months it’s been speculated that Fast & Furious would conclude with a two-part film, with Vin Diesel suggesting as much last year.