Thee additional films have been postponed following the increasing spread of the coronavirus, which comes after multiple studios argued that their respective movies wouldn’t be cancelled. The 1st cancellation applies to Fast & Furious Nine, with it being moved back by an additional twelve months until Spring 2021. Everyone is having to react and respond differently to this global pandemic, with the entertainment industry having to take the necessary precautions to ensure public safety.

Multiple venues throughout the entertainment industry have been terminated. Those include CinemaCon, ACE Comic-Con, SXSW and the E3 Expo. Numerous countries across the globe have enforced legislation which ends mass gatherings, which has prompted these immediate venue cancellations globally. It should be noted that additional films like “A Quiet Place Part II” and “No Time to Die” have been postponed by multiple months for public safety. This is the 1st time in Hollywood’s history that an influx of films has had to be terminated following the virus, with the Chinese Government being considered the primary culprits behind COVID-19. The world is currently working towards limiting the exposure, with enforcement actions against China coming later.

Mulan’s Cancellation

The Disney Corporation, unfortunately, had to announce that Mulan, the Live-Action Remake, has been postponed following the continued coronavirus pandemic. It’s growing to be such a substantial concern that the world’s most prominent companies are willing to lose millions in quarterly earnings for the protection of public safety. It should be mentioned that multiple sets have been disbanded, ensuring that the actors and set-staff are protected from a potential outbreak. All variations of mass gatherings must be terminated going forward.

The New Mutants

Another film was delayed with the onslaught of the coronavirus, with this movie experiencing its fourth postponement in recent years. The New Mutants has been delayed three times previously because of production issues and actors’ respective schedules. Disney operated the Fox brand, with this slated to be their 1st film under their newest acquisition. Terminating the New Mutants and Mulan indicates that the Disney Corporation is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the limitations of coronavirus outbreaks. We’ll keep our readers informed of any additional cancellations following the coronavirus pandemic and the entertainment industry.