Marvel Studios confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 wouldn’t begin filming until 2021. This is because James Gunn, the director of this new film, is currently working on a sequel for the Suicide Squad. This information didn’t surprise fanatics of the Marvel Universe, who had fully anticipated that this film wouldn’t be released for years to come. Regardless, this will make the finale to the trilogy more exciting than expected.

The starting production for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 won’t begin production for another fifteen months, which was revealed by James Gunn and confirmed by Marvel. Gunn noted this information when he had an extensive Q&A Session through Twitter, where a significant amount of questions revolved around the upcoming Suicide Squad. This didn’t stop dedicated Marvel fans from questioning Gunn on the future of Gamora, Draxx, Groot, Starlord and Rocket Racoon. Production takes upwards of two years with a Marvel Film, meaning fans can most likely anticipate this film to be released for the 2023 Summer.

It won’t take long for James Gunn to begin creating a starter draft for the final iteration in the Guardians Franchise. He has entered the post-production phase for the Suicide Squad, with principal photography completed and editing begins. However, it’s anticipated there will be re-shoots and an extended promotional tour. This will factor into the time for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3’s pre-production.

The Dramatic History

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 would’ve been released considerably earlier if it weren’t for the decisions of the Disney Corporation. The pre-production was delayed extensively when James Gunn was terminated for making tweets regarding his past girlfriend eight years ago. When Marvel fanatics, actors of the film, and industry insiders began to weigh in on this decision, most concluded that this termination was biased and unfounded. Sets were already being built when this decision was made, resulting in numerous individuals being terminated without any notice.

The Disney Corporation was forced to change their minds when millions of individuals began to come to the defence of James Gunn. There’s a considerable difference between sexual harassment and tweets made in anger after a breakup. Every individual has had thoughts of anger or intense emotion regarding their ex-relationships. When the entire cast of the film threatened to leave, which was noted to the Disney Corporation in a letter, the decision to reinstate James Gunn became official.