Theme Parks in North America are desperate to restart operations with the summer season looming. It’s prompted the Disney Corporation to unveil a series of guidelines that would enable their respective locations to reopen in the United States, China, and France. These guidelines regard the coronavirus pandemic and would require government approval. Disney hasn’t seemingly cared around the loss of life in comparison to their depleting funds. Billions are being lost in the entertainment and travel industries, which Disney are most prevalent worldwide.

Global civilians worldwide were forced to rethink their lifestyle and how they engage with conventional society after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic in March. Shortly after multiple sporting associations, entertainment venues, tourist destinations, and national parks were shut down. Worldwide leaders have slowly begun considering lifting their respective restrictions, hoping that a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus won’t become a reality.

The Walk Disney Company didn’t anticipate the financial shock from the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced them to place non-essential employees onto furlough status, meaning their respective employment won’t be reinstated until the epidemic has concluded. Most aren’t away that since their initial closures in China and North America, individual theme parks under the Disney label have reopened. Multiple measures were implemented for the safety of visitors and employees, with one requirement being mandatory facemasks for everyone on-site. Temperature screenings were also held for those entering & leaving the facility. It’s now expected that similar measures will be implemented with Disney’s locations in the United States of America.

The Safety Protocols

PR Representatives with the Walt Disney Company provided updated into their initial groundwork for reopening their parks. The public was guaranteed that Disney’s working on ensuring the health & safety of on-site personnel, with these protection efforts extending towards guests. It was noted that multiple Amenities, Services, Attractions, and Disney Experiences would be altered to account for COVId-19.

PR Reps also clarified that park shutdowns could be implemented at any time, with refunds not guaranteed on park admission. Details on which attractions at Disneyland Anaheim or Walt Disney World Orlando will be closed weren’t revealed. Reps also noted that social distancing would be implemented, with ride queues showing six-feet taped marking. This means that available rides that aren’t closed will have limited accessibility.