Long before the United States legislation changed in May last year, Las Vegas has been the gambling hotspot, presented as the place where life is happening on a different level. The glamour and the glory of making it big at one of the countless casinos. The site to flee to when your romance discovered its wild side. Las Vegas is the place that kept many dreams alive and served as the inspiration for many great storylines on the big screen. Here are some of the best delivered by Hollywood and inspired by Las Vegas.

Elvis, fast cars and a hot girl makes for the perfect Las Vegas hit movie. This time Elvis is a racing car driver adamant about winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and then his ways cross with that of a beautiful young lady, and the man turns to music and starts to sing. This is not only a Las Vegas classic but also an Elvis classic and a much-watched movie.

The Things to Do

  • Honeymoon in Vegas – Nicholas Cage is bringing a new meaning to the concept of high stakes when he sits at a poker table and wagers his future bride. One of those movies which bring up the question of whether you would sleep with a stranger for a million bucks.
  • Leaving Las Vegas – Once again Nicholas Cage finds himself in a Vegas predicament when he has entered the underbelly of this glitzy world. His addiction to alcohol is quickly causing his demise. One drunken spree to the next is only taking him deeper and deeper down the pit of despair where the bright and sparkling lights of Las Vegas no longer shine.
  • Very Bad Things – Many flee to the city of dreams, and others choose it as a last pre-wedded destination. What can go wrong with a bachelor party in Las Vegas? For a wild night out you can pass this on as a hint to your best man, but surely nothing to see here for your bride to be and always remember the golden rule, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
  • Ocean’s Eleven – Hollywood hunks, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are already a great reason to watch, but then they steal from the rich in a tricky and daring way as the Bellagio falls victim to a heroic crime. This one only created a hunger for more from the fans, needless to say, a couple more of Ocean’s brilliant crimes kept us gripped to the screen since then.
  • Showgirls – The one unfortunate characteristic of Las Vegas movies is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be kind to be watched. Many fall for the allure which they know Las Vegas brings and add some beautiful showgirls in the storyline and you’ll get away with little clothing and even less of a story. Nothing can be said in favour of this movie, yet being about mostly nude Las Vegas showgirls, it became a hit.