Adam Sandler & Netflix have sustained a prolonged partnership that’s seen the release of six films throughout several years. Those include notable favourites like Murder Mystery, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, and Uncut Gems. Netflix has ironically kept details regarding new projects with Adam Sandler under wraps, making an official announcement days before the trailer drop. Netflix has followed the same strategy with the recently announced “Hubie Halloween”, which is being released in early October.

An official trailer for Hubie Halloween hasn’t been released to YouTube. Netflix confirmed their comedy-horror film with Adam Sandler via set photos. An official release date for this movie was given with Netflix’s Twitter confirmation. Hubie Halloween is coming out globally on October 7th.

Storyline & Film Details

Minor details on Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween were provided through the set photos. It shows Maya Rudolph dressed in a “Bride of Frankenstein” costume, who discusses some matter with Adam Sandler. There’s also a headless Tim Meadows that engages with Sandler, who’s horrendously dressed like a 1940’s ghost. Additional set photos showed that Kevin James is playing the standard comedic cop, who’s more focused on delicious treats than helping Sandler & Rudolph in their Halloween debacles. Overall, Hubie Halloween seems to follow the standard format associated with Adam Sandler. The backdrop is merely October 31st & this isn’t remotely a bad thing for Netflix subscribers.

Adam Sandler is playing Hubie Dubois, a dedicated law-abiding citizen to the witch-town of Salem. Hubie’s concern with the legends of witches in Salem prompts protective behaviour over residents & children. This makes Hubie Dubois a mockery to the people of Salam, and often make him an outcast during the “Salem Halloween Celebration” in Massachusetts. In Hubie Halloween, Sandler’s character has his concern vindicated & an unexpected adventure unfolds where Mr. Dubois must save the day.

The Director

Adam Sandler has employed the skillsets of Steve Brill, a long-time collaborator on multiple written by this comedic legend. Steve Brill has directed numerous films where Sandler was the Lead Actor. This includes Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, Sandy Wexler, 100% Fresh, and The Do-Over. Considering these are some of Adam Sandler’s best films to date, it’s not surprising that they’ve collaborated for the 6th time.