The Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe began with the recent introduction of Vin Diesel’s “Bloodshot”. It appears that the VCU will move forward with John Cena taking the helm. Reports indicate that he’ll take on the role of XO Manowar, which will be produced and filmed through Sony Production Studios. Sony hopes that the Valiant Universe will one day compete against the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The start hasn’t been positive with Sony having to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic, which prompted low sales for Bloodshot.

The VCU Struggles

Another problem that’s challenged Sony was losing “Harbinger” to Paramount, one of the most notable properties associated with Valiant Comics. That means the chances for an interconnected film series for the VCU is minimal. Vin Diesel approved Bloodshot with the concept that a Valiant Cinematic Universe would be produced, with Diesel acting as the Robert Downey Junior. He hinted multiple times throughout social media that this would become possible over a prolonged period.

Remarks regarding the VCU became non-existent from Diesel after the confirmation that Paramount Studios acquired. It should be noted that Sony Films has worked with the MCU multiple times to bring Spider-Man into their interconnected universe. Similar measures would be implemented with Paramount to ensure connections between Bloodshot, Harbinger and XO Manowar.

XO Manowar

There haven’t been confirmations made regarding who’s been cast for the Valiant Cinematic Universe. John Cena hasn’t been cast officially, instead suggesting he’d make the perfect actor for this role via Twitter and Instagram. Those unaware of the XO Manowar character shouldn’t be surprised. Valiant Comics aren’t accessible in comparison to DC or Marvel. XO Manowar stands as their 4th most famous character, with him originally being born in the 5th Century throughout Europe.

He became abducted by the Vine Alien Race, where XO Manowar was thrown deep into space. He’d become trained by the people of Vine and provided the Manowar Armor, enabling XO to save an alien race from planetary destruction. John Cena playing that role would mean the wrestler is integrating with the DC Comics Universe and Valiant Comics Universe. Cena is slated to perform as “Peacemaker” in Suicide Squad Two from James Gunn.