Lionsgate confirmed the 5th instalment into the John Wick franchise over the past weekend. It’s shooting timeframe with coincide with the 4th instalment into John Wick, both films being shot back-to-back. Unsurprisingly, Lionsgate desires to capitalize on this franchise, with John Wick being the most popular action film series in decades.

The John Wick Saga prompted a renaissance for Keanu Reeves career, with sequences in the film displaying shocking & exciting action that obtained widespread praise from critics. It’s financially one of the greatest success stories for Lionsgate as well, with Reeves requiring a minimum of $20 Million to create the first instalment. John Wick One would receive $86 Million in the worldwide box office, with each follow-up earning higher profits than its predecessor. Lionsgate hopes to repeat this process with a 2nd Saga in the John Wick franchise, indicating that there’ll also by a 6th film. However, a sixth instalment hasn’t been announced.

The 4th instalment of John Wick was slated to arrive in the summer of 2021, with the COVID-19 Pandemic forcing Lionsgate to postpone releasing the film until 2022. There are concerns that an additional postponement could follow for the 4th instalment, with Keanu Reeves having not finishing filming “The Matrix 4”. The creative team behind John Wick aren’t disappointed with the initial postponement, or possible second. That’s because it’s provided them ample time to refine their story & make it considerably better than initially anticipated by the creative team.

Matrix 4 is Failing

Lionsgate has reviewed the excitement for Matrix 4, which has proven unfavourable. That’s because this iconic franchise is being reverted into a story for transgender youth, with Keanu Reeves unsure of his thoughts behind the script. That will benefit Lionsgate with the development of the 4th & 5th instalment into the John Wick Franchises, which are iconic for focusing on action-oriented storylines without any additional nuisances. The Matrix Saga performed admirably throughout the 90s & early 2000s for its innovative action sequences, not its political nuisances. Film analysts anticipate that moviegoers will be more inclined to witness the John Wick sequels over the Matrix 4.