What initially started as a Japanese manga turned out to be so popular that it received a prequel, a live-action adaptation as well as an anime adaptation. The second season of the anime adaptation started in January this year. Here are a few things unbeknown to many regarding this top-rated series. Even though manga can cover a broad spectrum of topics, in Kakegurui, the focus is on high stake gambling. Yet, the manga isn’t the sole topic of the series enjoyed by many.

As with many series that focus on the youth, Kakegurui is also set within a school set-up. The school, Hyakkaou Private Academy, is the territory of the children to the wealthy and powerful elite in Japan. The one thing which is inevitable in this environment is that the children going here is set to follow in their parents’ footsteps as the next generation of the wealthy and powerful elite.

Whenever a group of people is together, there is bound to form a specific hierarchy, and the case is so much more evident when this particular group is a bunch of youngsters driven by power, riches and fame. This school has a stringent social hierarchy, and the position in which you are ranked is based on your contribution to the school’s student council.

A Gambling System

The core of the series is the intertwined gambling system prevalent within the school’s structure. The students are often involved in wagering significant amounts of money against each other, and this forms a significant contributing factor in their level of involvement in the school’s council and thus then also their position within the social hierarchy.

Even though the topic of debt slavery is often not mentioned, it does make a prominent appearance within the series. Whenever someone becomes another’s debt slave, they are referred to as house pets, which translates to being within the control of the person you owe money to due to outstanding gambling debt. The element of debt slavery doesn’t stay however within the borders of Hyakkaou Private Academy but indeed does go far beyond. When students graduate from the school with outstanding debt, they are still obliged to settle this, and until such time occurs, they are bound within the Life Schedule. This determines their profession in life after school as well as who they would be allowed to marry.

The protagonist in the series is known as Yumeko Jabami. Many of the students are involved in gambling to gain more status, wealth or power, but this isn’t the case with Jabami. She is gambling merely for the thrill and excitement which she learns from it. Thus making her not only dangerous, but she can also be classified as a compulsive gambler.