Disney Studios has accomplished a formidable & challenging task with “Shang-Chi & the Legend of Ten Rings”. Disney announced that Shang-Chi had concluded filming without a single case of the coronavirus. It’s a notable accomplishment that shows producing & directing a film is possible during the COVID-19 Era. Movie analysts predicted that Disney’s Marvel Studios would be forced to terminate production a 2nd time on Shang-Chi, under the presumption that an outbreak of coronavirus would be sustained. Those predictions were inaccurate following this announcement.

Storyline Details

Shang-Chi & the Legend of Ten Rings is slated to release in Summer 2021. It’ll showcase the storyline of Simu Liu, the first Asian comic-book hero being released under Marvel’s branding. His storyline begins when being orphaned as a young child. Simu Liu would become adopted by “The Mandarin” from the Iron-Man movies. Liu, alongside multiple other competitors to train in the Ten Rings Tournament.

Each ring sustains an elemental power, with Simu Liu expected to support one ring from “The Mandarin” before joining the tournament. Storyline details also conclude that Simu Liu escapes capture of the Mandarin after the events of Iron-Man 3, with his adoptive-father locating Liu weeks before the Ten Rings Tournament is set to begin. The Mandarin is slated to offer Simu freedom of capture & freedom to keep whichever Ring is acquired during the competition. Simu Lui agrees, dawning on the name Shang-Chi.

Numerous large-scale heroes from the Marvel Comic-Book Universe appear in the Ten Rings Tournament. It’s rumoured that unknown characters will get introduced, with speculation suggesting that two mutants could make an appearance in Shang-Chi & Doctor Strange Two. However, those storyline details aren’t confirmed.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Shang-Chi & The Legend of Ten Rings was slated to arrive in February 2020. However, Disney’s Marvel Studios was forced to postpone the film alongside multiple others following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Production was also cancelled for Shang-Chi, sustaining one month without any continued shooting. Filming resumed in the summer with various protocols implemented. These protocols permitted no spreading of the coronavirus, with 40+ thousand PCR Tests conducted during the final month of filming. Disney & Marvel would evoke their proud sentiments towards the crew for sustaining protocols.