The Batman revival film from DC Comics is receiving a prequel series produced by Terence Winter. Rumours & speculation didn’t surround this upcoming show, which is rare inside the genre of superheroes. The announcement was made by Director Matt Reeves, who hasn’t been able to continue production on “The Batman” following the COVID-19 global pandemic. That doesn’t mean Matt Reeves isn’t focusing on expanding this new iteration of Batman, which will be darker & more realistic to current life events than ever before. Similar themes will be implored with this prequel series, which will be named “Gotham” and stream through HBO Max.

Acquiring the directing & producing capabilities will upscale the quality of this show. Terence Winters is known for creating shows like Boardwalk Empire & The Sopranos. Both shows were critically acclaimed for their era-specific realism. Considering that Gotham is slated to focus on the criminal underground & brutality of law enforcement, it’s rumoured that this era of Batman will take place throughout the 70s.

Matt Reeves revealed through public statements that Terence Winter’s iteration of Gotham will take place years before the arrival of Batman, who’ll be played by Robert Pattinson. Reeves also guaranteed that there wouldn’t be the same undertones & themes seen throughout the recently cancelled version of “Gotham from Fox Broadcasting Company”. The cancellation was forced onto Gotham after Disney purchased Fox’s film & television properties, with the exclusion of DC Comics.

Comments from Matt Reeves

The primary concept will be corruption within the police force & how it builds the villainous characters known throughout “Batman’s Rogue of Villains”. Matt Reeves also mentioned that Terence Winters would create an iconic drama on an entirely different level than previously seen in this franchise.

Sentiments from “The Batman” director concluded with Reeves noting how Terence Winters shares the same vision for depth & detail in this franchise that working with his colleague has been an insightful experience not to seen be forgotten. The Batman will arrive in cinemas worldwide by October 1st, 2021. Details on the release for this prequel series wasn’t identified with Matt Reeves announcement.