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IMDB: 3.9
87 min
Francis, a forty year old engineer, after a mysterious disgrace he retired to live in a village on Lake Iseo. With still little daughter occupies the former family villa, a magnificent Art Nouveau building on the lake shore. In the big house there is, however, another mysterious person, of which only perceives the echo of the respirator that keeps her alive. But other presences no less disturbing, and certainly more dangerous, they move around the villa. What happened to the man and his family? What secrets hide? Marta will know, childhood friend always in love with him, awaken Francis from the torpor in which he has fallen, and free him from the pain? And most importantly, how many succeed they gravitate around the house to escape the danger that threatens their lives? Breaths tells how the pain can profoundly transform a man crushed by memories, guilt, fears. He also wants to show the extent to which an individual is able to accept the existence paths without being a victim.
Duration: 87 min
Country: N/A
Production: N/A

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