The novel coronavirus has infected numerous industries worldwide, forcing an influx of cancellations for the entertainment industry. Most thought that the influx period had dissipated until the Centre for Disease Control announced the expansion of social distancing. It prompted Warner Brothers Studios to announce that SCOOB, the latest entry in the Scooby-Doo franchise, will be released straight to VOD. Multiple studios have implemented similar measures with their respective films, ensuring that moviegoers and industry-wide staff are protected.

Film studios have understood the conditional factors with coronavirus and how they can take lives. This doesn’t mean that Warner Brother Studios has cancelled all their upcoming films, with titles slated for 2020 being pushed back by two or three months. This extends towards Wonder Woman 1984, which was postponed from June 2020 until August. Productions for films under Warner Brothers have also been cancelled, with The Batman from Matt Reeves being delayed from 2021 until Summer 2022. These cancellations and postponements are forcing millions of dollars in lost revenue onto these studios. It’s expected that lower positioned studios like MGM could find themselves going bankrupt.

Additional Cancelled Films

Warner Brothers extended their cancelled films on March 1st, indicating that movies like “Malignant” from James Wan would be postponed by twelve months. This extends to their first musical is nearly ten years, which is called “In the Heights”. No additional confirmations had been made until April 22nd, where RP Representatives confirmed that SCOOB would be postponed until August 2020. That postponement period can be extended by Warner Brothers depending on the conditions of COVID-19 in North America by Summer 2020. Supporters behind Warner Brothers were already disappointed when Formula Nine and Jungle Cruise were postponed by twelve months. It’ll be interesting to see the reactions of parents with children if they’ll thank Warner Brothers from releasing SCOOB on VOD.

Warner Brothers released an official statement. It read that executives are excited to release films to theatres eventually, but until then were locating new strategies that can see our fanbase get new entertainment while in self-isolation.