The Disney Corporation has provided detailed insight regarding their next Star Wars Trilogy. This comes weeks after they finished their theatrical release of “The Rise of Skywalker”, which concluded Disney’s failed first attempt into the franchise. After considerable backlash from the three last firms, LucasFilm and Walt Disney Studios are entering into a new time period for the 1st time in this franchise’s history. Star Wars fans will be taken back thousands of years to the High Republic, with this upcoming trilogy slated to coincide with multiple television series on Disney+.

This upcoming trilogy could be a failure similar to the most recent. It was initially confirmed that David Benioff & D.B. Weiss would direct the forthcoming trilogy in the High Republic. However, after these two men had creative differences with Walt Disney Studios, they left the project. It’s now prompted Disney executives to re-hire Rian Johnson for the newest trilogy, with his last Star Wars film being considered the worst ever made.

These executives have received considerable backlash for this decision, with film analysts stating that Disney will continue to ruin Star Wars by refusing to enter any dark subject matters. It should be noted that Kevin Feige, the infamous creator behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is helping produce the upcoming trilogy. He could be their saving grace.

Release Dates

The Disney Corporation has provided the bare minimum details regarding this upcoming trilogy. It’s known that they’ll be released on a two-year time frame starting December 2022. That means the two sequels will follow in 2024 and 2026, with zero details regarding the plot having been provided. This illustrates the secretive nature behind the High Republic Trilogy, with film analysts believing that Rian Johnson will manufacture a childish Star Wars Experience. If Disney cannot perform with their upcoming trilogy, it’ll be the end of this infamous brands cinematic run. The viewer would become bored with Star Wars and being let down.

Star Wars Enthusiasts can anticipate this film to begin production in January 2021, with set development and costume creation already underway. It’s expected that two renditions of the script have already been revised as well. We will keep our readers updated with any additional information regarding the High Republic Trilogy, which won’t be for a minimum of eight months from now.