Film adaptations for video games have become prominent in Hollywood. Decades passed where these movies struggled to garner fanfare, with an exclusive franchise dominating this film landscape. Resident Evil intrigued audiences by incorporating storylines involving the undead & our modern landscape. Financial revenue for VG film adaptations was minimal for decades, prompting studios to avoid greenlighting projects surrounding video game properties.

Sony Pictures anticipated that moviegoers are prepared for film adaptations surrounding video game franchises. Its prompted Sony Pictures to greenlight multiple films, including Uncharted & The Last of Us. Confirming these two movies prompted multiple studios to announce adaptations of video game franchises. SEGA released “Sonic the Hedgehog” in early 2020, which proved popular amongst moviegoers.

Columbia Pictures is the latest production house to announce a VG film adaptation. It was confirmed that “Metal Gear Solid” from Konami is being adapted for the silver screen. The announcement coincided with the revelation that Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) will play the role of Solid Snake. Announcement details also revealed that Jordan Vogt-Roberts is directing Metal Gear Solid, with the Head Writer being Derek Connolly.

Interested moviegoers shouldn’t anticipate filming & production on Metal Gear Solid to begin immediately. Oscar Isaac has multiple films requiring his attention, including “Marvel’s Moon Knight”. Columbia Pictures avoided details regarding when production will begin. The narrative & set for Metal Gear Solid wasn’t revealed either. However, this film will likely centre around the storyline from Konami’s first or second MGS.

A Long Wait

Supporters that’ve played several titles in the Metal Gear Solid franchise have praised the announcement. Director Vogt-Roberts has regularly expressed his fandom with this video game franchise and would become a prominently known supporter. It led towards Kojima (Creator of Metal Gear Solid) to provide Vogt-Roberts with his blessing to direct. This movie has sustained years of limbo because Kojima demanded a director suitable for his vision & not the studios. Under the timeline of films slated for production with Columbia Pictures, Metal Gear Solid will likely start production by January 2022. Release dates won’t likely arrive until Summer 2024.