The Godfathers of Sports Betting – Part I

We need to go back to August 2015, as on Sunday the 11th just after midnight on the FBI stepped in and raided 43 locations. It was Super Bowl Sunday and the 43 places based across 16 states. The FBI attempted to take down the computer group often referred to as one of the most successful gambling syndicate ever. Follow-up indictments that were based on off-kilter assumptions were enough for the bane of sportsbook to close up shop.

In-Side Information

If you had money tied up or know of someone who did in the fantasy sports industry, well especially those implicated in the scandal you’ll know the events that followed. Employees of DraftKings won thousand, well actually hundreds of thousands of dollars, by using inside, proprietary information.

It might still be ok to play the system but getting away with it is another. As the story unfolds, it became quite evident that the DFS industry, unregulated and worth multibillion dollars were headed for a reckoning. According to reports the employees of the two major sites including FanDuel and DraftKings used inside information to their advantage, giving them a chance to line their pockets. The result was an increase in federal and state scrutiny of the unregulated status of the industry as well as the self-interpretation of DFS’ game of skill instead of gambling as per the Act of Internet Gambling Enforcement.

All Things Good/Bad Comes to an End.

The statement all good or bad things do come to an end is probably one most understood by the mastermind behind the computer group. Michael Kent, before stepping into the shoes of the sports gambling’s secret king was in Pittsburgh for most of the 70s. As a Pentagon contractor, he was working on the building of an improved nuclear submarine. At the same time, he was the centre field for the softball team of the company and used all resources to his avail to carefully analyse the statistics of the teams.

Kent was not satisfied as the data he compiled was merely not comprehensive enough to achieve the results he desired. His only solution was to start digging even deeper into the statistics of college football on point spreads and football statistics instead. Kent developed by 1979 a predictive program by using seven years of data. He also left Westinghouse and made Las Vegas his new home. He is focusing on this offer from Kent, the opportunity to test his program against America’s sharpest bookmakers.

But did these bookmakers ever stand a chance when it came to Kent’s program? Modern and successful sports gambling rely on data-first, so the question is: Were they ever prepared for a strategy such as that of Kent? Find out more in Part II of the Godfathers of Sports Betting.

Upcoming Movies in 2019

This year there are a ton of films to watch and one of the most awaited films of the year is Teammate: My Live in Baseball. The film features the memoir of David Ross the retired Chicago Cubs catcher. It is Radar Pictures that acquired the rights to remake the memoirs of Ross into a movie in which he will recall all the most critical moments of his 15-year career. In his book the content centres around his final game and how he became the oldest to homer in a game. This helped the Cubs overtake the Cleveland Indians and winning their championship, which was the first since 1908.

Films Getting Reboots in 2019

Films Getting Reboots this year includes Major League starring Charlie Sheen in a comedy related to baseball, as well as Young Guns, Friday Night Lights and Ace Ventura.

Sports-Themed Films Released in 2019

Run The Race is a 94-minute drama that plays off in a high-school environment. The school’s track and the football field is where two brothers face escalating problems in the small Southern town. Both with different world views the film offers a view of the bonds of brotherhood ultimately strengthened via their love for sports.


Already released on the 15th of February, Donnybrook is a drama. This 101-minute film allows players to view the preparations of two men, each eager to compete for the $100,000 prize offered to only one, the winner of the legendary bare-knuckle fight.

High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird is the perfect film for sports enthusiasts. The movie starts in the middle of a pro basketball lockout, Andre Holland plays agent Ray Burke who finds himself completely caught up in the face-off between the players and the league. With this his career is on the line, Ray remains someone playing for the higher stakes. The only solution is to pull off the most daring of plans, but he has only 72 hours to do so.

Burke outmanoeuvres all of the power-players and uncovers the one loophole that can change this game forever. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the Award-Winning director of Traffic, the film offers exceptional entertainment. The outcome of watching this film raises questions regarding who owns the game as well as who ought to, it might be just the film for any sports or baseball fan.

Fighting with My Family

Starring Lena Headway, Dwayne Johnson and Florence Pugh, Fighting with My Family is a 108-minute film. Based on the biography of a former wrestler, his family that makes a living form his performances at small venues and how his kids dream of him joining the World Wrestling World of entertainment.

Top Film Releases in 2019

Stephen King fans have much to look forward to as his thrillers will once again prove that the big screen is perfect for the ghostly atmosphere in Pet Sematary. Based on the novel with the same title, it is the cat killed by a truck buried in the nearby that turns out to show just how much is wrong with the whole place.

Sports Betting Films Impact on Society

Sports legends make as big a statement as any celebrity, if not bigger when it comes to stars such as John McEnroe, David Beckham or Kevin Durant. It could be the reason why sportsmen and women are often invited to play either minor or major parts in films. This is even when they lack in acting skills their names do attract huge crowds. It is just one of the connections between sports and the film industry. The next is the huge list of box office hits inspired by either sports or sports legends. The third the success of films based on sports betting.

Does Legalized Gambling Have Any Influence on Society

The youth is growing up in a gambling legalised culture in which sports betting and many other forms of gambling are widely accessible. Wagering on your favourite sports star, event or team is often a way to participate. More accurately, it is a way of feeling part of the action, while it is also a way of earning great cash returns.

While most views legalised gambling as a threat, several university studies are actually predicting the opposite. With the youth being more familiar with gambling it could have the opposite effect.

Bookies – Film About Young Students Being Successful at Sportsbetting

Bookies are one of the super popular films regarding sports betting, the film introduces the audience to young students who are very successful at sports betting. The students use a sneaky plan to help them profit from sports betting. Gangsters discover their success once they start living the dream and demand a share. Bookies is a comedy that offers many amusing scenes once the curious gamblers get to do with organised crime.

Bookies both Interesting and Witty

Bookies is a easy to watch a film that is basically inspired by every teenager’s dream. Whether you’ve seen it yourself, or just heard its storyline as others talk about it, the film sounds pretty amazing. The blockbuster film intrigued the audience, and anyone who is a sports betting devotee thought it was a very smart way of addressing the subject. The actor that truly shines in Bookies is Johnny Galecki, and even when you’ve seen him in other films, this performance is nothing short of stellar.

What Critics Had to Say About Bookies

The film Bookies offers a glimpse into gambling, an insight into the psychology of gambling and fundamentals of sports, was the main comments from critics. Hollywood Reporters described the film as one of the mons undemanding entertainment pieces that creep up and force viewers to enjoy it. The film was also recommended for anyone familiar with the sorrows and joys affiliated with sports betting. Even though Bookies was released in 2003, if you haven’t seen it, you should. It includes top actors such as David Proval, Nick Stahl, Lukas Haas, Racheal Leigh Cook and Johnny Galecki.


The filmography is by far the most enjoyed artform especially when it comes to box-office hits such as The Departed, Mean Streets and Good Fellows. One thing Martin Scorsese is not guilty of is shying away from is profoundly delving into the dubious fringe of the society of America.

A true story inspires the film titled Casino. Robert De Niro can is seen in the leading role in this film based on the life of Frank Ace Rothstein. It is an epic exploration and investigation into the world of organised crime and the involvement thereof in 1970 in some of the major casino in Las Vegas.


Ace started his career as the sharpest oddsmaker, and this detailed-orientated and ethical man became the best-known in the betting world in his era. His organisational skills and expertise as an oddsmaker led to organised crime in Chicago and he was put in charge of some of the largest casinos in Vegas. He had a talent for creating profit, his ability to manage and organise gambling operations unparalleled and his talent did not go unrecognised. In Real-life the one thing Ace Rothstein was utterly fascinated by was sports betting, and he was the first to establish a legitimate sportsbook in America based inside a casino in 1976.

Scorsese’s Casino

Scorsese fans all agree it is quite a light film measured to the usual films by Scorsese. In Casino, he portrays all he could find on the real history of Ace Rothstein as well as the history of sportsbooks betting. The past is essential as today sports betting is featuring everywhere on ESPN and CNN. The film tells it all, and without even giving you a hint of how it ends, towards the end, big corporations take control.

What Critics Had to Say About Casino

Audience reviews all agree that the acting was brilliant, while Casino told the story based on real events superbly. Even despite several violent scenes and the tragedy part of the film, Casino is described as often exuberant yet beautiful. Its soundtrack features both classic, and jazz rock and the audience get to enjoy many moments of goodwill and humour. Strong language is used, and the audience also meets a few hustlers. While alcohol and drug problems are part of the film and corruption are part of Ace’s lifestyle.

Other main characters in Casino is Ace’s wife Ginger played by Sharon Stone, and Joe Peshi plays the role of Nicky, his psychopathic friend. Sam Rothstein called Ace loves following rules, believes in loyalty and works hard while Nicky uses strong-arm tactics to get his hands-on riches. Ginger complicates both men’s lives, and when she agrees to marry Ace, she has to trade her sanity, freedom and happiness for security. Casino was released by Universal Pictures and is available on streaming or DVD; its run time is 179 minutes.

Bookie Favourite Rami Malek Wins Golden Globe

Since the Oscar nominations were announced for 2019, Rami Malek was a favourite with the bookies to win Best Actor. The odds of Malek winning his very first Oscar was 5/6, while the odds of Christian Bale winning were 7/4.

Rami Malek’s role in Bohemian Rhapsody as Freddie Mercury got him the nomination for the Golden Globe’s Best Performance award. He competed with A Star is Born actor Bradley Cooper as well as Willem Dafoe in the Film At Eternity’s Gate. Malek’s toughest competition for the award was Bradley Cooper, although he was the favourite at the bookies from the start.

Bohemian Rhapsody nominated as film of the year

Bohemian Rhapsody was also nominated as the film of the year and was Malek’s biggest role ever. This was true even though Malek has already won an Emmy for Best Drama actor for the role he played in Mr Robot.

Rami Malek scooped the BAFTA awards statue and won Best Actor enjoyed the victory he won a Screen Actors Guild for his Outstanding Performance as a Male Actor. He also won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama.

It was nothing short from being the most challenging role ever, and actor Rami Malek not only had to mentally prepare for portraying Freddie Mercury but also needed some physical adjustments to transform into the legendary Freddy Mercury successfully. Apart from prosthetic teeth to transform his look, he intensely studied Freddie Mercury, spent time with Queen to nail both the Mercury look and several of his stage habits.

Rami Malek’s speech started off by thanking Queen for all their assistance, and he personally thanked Roger Taylor and Brian May for welcoming him into the Queen family. He paid special tribute to Freddie Mercury, as without him, Malek would not have enjoyed the most extraordinary moment of his life, winning Best Actor. The film that won the Outstanding British Film was The Favourite and not Bohemian Rhapsody, although it did win the Best Sound award.

Malek Nominated for 43 Awards

In total Rami Malek has been nominated for 43 awards and has won 12. He already won the Best Actor award at the British Academy of Film and Television Art Awards, Best Actor for Bohemian Rhapsody at the Golden Globe Awards and at the Screen Actors Guild Awards he won the award for Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role. At the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards he won Best International Lead Actor for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Malek won the Breakthrough Performance Award by the Palm Springs International Film Festival as well as Best Actor awarded by the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society. At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Malek won the Outstanding Performance of the Year Award.

For those who love Queen, the film is a must-see since no one leaves the theatre without a spring in their step, critics describe the film as exhilarating and highly entertaining. The music by Queen is the core of the film, while a truly fine actor pays tribute to a musical legend.


America’s John Cena – Professional Wrestler & Movie Star

Some believe that wrestling requires a combination of strength, fitness and a lot of acting. This could be the reason why a few have also starred in films, yet none of the others made it as big in Hollywood as John Cena. His huge success as a film super-star landed him acting roles in films such as Trainwreck, The Marine, Blockers, Bumblebee, Daddy’s Home I & II, The Wall, 12 Rounds, Legendary, The Reunion, The wall and Taboo.

Cena Tells All About His Film Career in Rolling Stone Interview

When interviewed by the Rolling Stone, Cena revealed his love for his new job as a movie star; however, he made it quite clear that he is not quitting from wrestling yet. He just enjoys films and accepted the first acting role as it seems a cool thing to do at the time.

John Cena – US Record-Setting Champion

Maybe if Cena wins a few Oscars, he would feel different, but for now, he remains one of the most successful professional wrestlers. John Cena is a sixteen-time World Champion, one of the most loved record-setting Make-A-Wish granters and also a five-time US Champion. Cena is one of those extremely talented people and have released an album as well as starred in some of the most successful blockbuster films, and in the middle of the WrestleMania season he also proposed to Nikki Bella, but that is all history and part of the past decade, yet Cena has no plan to slow down or step down yet.

John Cena WWE Superstar

John Cena does well in everything he tackles and is mostly known as a true superstar in WWE, while he is respected by millions for never cutting corners to reach success. When asked if he sees himself in the same light as Triple Age, The Rock, or Batista his answer is no since he sees himself as a ball cap wearing brawler who likes to talk with his fists. He is respected as one of the most generous sports heroes in the world and have granted over 500 requests made via the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which is more than any other athlete in the history of the charity foundation. The rapper, famous actor and professional wrestler have one message for all and that is to never give up.

John Cena was born in 1977 on the 23rd of April and is famed for appearing in both the SmackDown and Raw brands, before also becoming one of Hollywood’s most adored actors since his appearance in action thriller like 12 rounds and The Marine, while he gets to show off his funny side in comic films alongside Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in films such as Daddy’s Home. Cena loves being busy and welcomes the opportunity to do some knuckle-shuffling and star in films at the same time, while he is not at all planning to give up wrestling at all and is currently working on a new film titled The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. 

Walker Texas Ranger – Martial Arts Master

Full-fledged action movie star Chuck Norris is a martial arts master, film producer, screenwriter and actor. Most recognised as the Texas Walker Ranger, Carlos Ray Norris is also the author of several books with varying subjects that range from philosophy to exercise, martial arts to politics as well as religion and Western novels.

Carlos Ray Norris The Author

Chuck Norris was twice named as the best-selling author by the New York Times, the first book that qualified was The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story published in 1988. The book is a personal philosophy of Norris and is based on personal believes regarding self-improvement and the philosophy of positive force. The second book achieving best-seller status was titled, Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America, published in 2008 based on current USA issues.

Chuck Norris Comical Facts

Chuck Norris became a famous internet star in 2005 due to a long list of comical facts, these Chuck Norris facts are often absurd, mostly fictional, although it provided the star massive popularity and ensured his many endorsements. The star was also hired by many companies wishing to incorporate some the comical fact in commercials. The Chuck Norris facts also spawned no less than six books of which two books became New York Best Sellers and two video games was created.

Chuck Norris Movies

The first film Chuck Norris starred in was The Wrecking Crew in 1968, in 1972 he was Colt in Way of the Dragons, then a karate advisor in The Student Teachers in 1973 and in Yellow Faced Tiger released in 1974 he was Chuck Slaughter. In the 1977 film called Breaker! Breaker! Norris was John David Dawes, and then he became Maj. John T Booker in 1978 in Good Guys Wear Black. In A Force of One in 1979, he played Matt Logan, while he was Scott James in the Octagon in 1980. Fans saw Norris as Sean Kane in An Eye for an Eye in 1981, Sheriff Daniel Stevens in Silent Rage in 1982, Josh Randall in Forced Vengeance in 1982 and JJ McQuade in Lone Wolf McQuade. One of his roles he is most famed for is Maj. Scott McCoy in The Delta Force and Delta Force II: The Colombian Connection.

Chuck Norris Roles in TV Series

From 1993 up to 2001, Norris was the Ranger Cordell Walker in Walker, Texas Ranger, while he also starred in Sons of Thunder, Yes Dear and The Goldbergs.

Chuck Norris Facts Used in Commercials

Century Martial Art Supply Inc uses Chuck Norris in several adds including Action Jeans with the fact “Won’t bind your legs” as well as Bullet Boots and Gloves with the fact “If you take winning seriously arm yourself with Century Bullets”. Other commercials also include Mountain Dew, Toyota Tacoma Commercial in 2018 and one of the most loved by the public is the Volvo Truck commercial in which Norris imitated the split of Jean Claude Van Damme, which is now called the epic split. 

Fitness, Films & Politics

One of the most versatile sports heroes of our time is Arnold Schwarzenegger who became one of the biggest sports icons in bodybuilding, then astounded fans as a Hollywood star and then he became the Governor of California!

Schwarzenegger believes strength never comes from winning, but that it is developed by your struggles. The sports/film star also strongly feel that it is the hardships you go through and the decision not to surrender that makes you a star. He believes the worst thing anyone can be is to be like everyone else.

Powerlifter, Professional Bodybuilder, Hollywood Film Star, Filmmaker, Investor Businessman, Investor, Politician, Philanthropist, Activist and Author Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger has served two terms as the Governor of California, while he entered Hollywood in 1970 as Hercules, although his big breakthrough came when he accepted the role as Conan the Barbarian in 1982, although he is most known by movie fans as the Terminator and his words, I’ll be back is still quoted by everyone. After his duties were fulfilled as Governor, he immediately started with the filming of the Expendables 2.

How did Arnold Become the Health & Sports Legend?

The most suited for the 30th Anniversary cover of Men’s Health was Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is unlike any sports icon and even though he has many fans due to his 21-inch biceps he also became the highest paid actor after filming Conan the Barbarian.  It was simply not enough for the actor who became a legend in Hollywood to be The Terminator and he also became California’s Governor.

His greatest talent is probably how he juggles his interests, Schwarzenegger won the title as Mr Olympia seven times, the Arnold Sports Festival attracts over 18,000 athletes yearly and according to the sports star, it all started with his father making him do push-ups before he was to have any breakfast.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Awards

The list of rewards for films Schwarzenegger received includes the 1992 MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 2014 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary, 1977 Golden Globe for The Best New Star of the Year and the Empire Special Honorary Award in 2014. Amongst many other rewards he also received the Life Career Award in 1992 and the Laureus World Sports Award in 2003 for his tremendous contribution to society via sports.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Films

Schwarzenegger is perfect no matter the role he played and while fans love him as Terminator, he is also brilliant in films such as Kindergarten Cop. some of the top films include the 1984 box office hit The Terminator, 1987 Predator, 1990 Total Recall, 1991 Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 1985 Commando, 1993 Last Action Hero, 1994 True Lies, 1987 The Running Man, 1996 T2 3-D: Battle Across Time, 1988 Red Heat, 1986 Raw Deal, 2013 Escape Plan, 1988 Twins, 2000 the 6th Day, 1996 Eraser, 1996 Jingle All The Way, 1970 The Villian and 1993 Dave to only list a few of the over 40 movies starring Schwarzenegger.  

Who will win best picture at the Oscars 2019

The lead up to the 2019 Oscars is in full swing with it expected to be a ferocious battle over who will win the 2019 Oscar for Best Picture. As expected, several front runners are generating buzz. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced 347 films qualify to be nominated. However, only ten films will be nominated, and that is what makes it such an important part of the Oscars.

The 91st Oscars, the Oscar parties, the Red Carpet and awards ceremony will take place on the 24th of February. For movie buffs, it is the perfect time to tap into your knowledge of 2018’s best movies and which will get an Oscar nod as well as win the golden statue. The Oscars are one of the biggest events in the year for Oscar betting, and predictions on who will win and where best to place bets on the Oscars and this year’s nominees is a hotly contested subject 

While there are many top contenders for the Best Picture nomination, we look at the top four and what makes them worthy of the prestigious Best Picture award. Read on and discover what makes each a top contender.

A Star is Born

A Star is Born is one of the hot favorites at the 2019 Oscar to win Best Picture, and as the current front-runner, it does deserve all the attention it receives. The film offers everything a moviegoer wants including superb acting, and there is plenty more part of this film to make the audience go Gaga. It remains the film to beat at the box office as well as at the bookies, and I’m willing to predict that it is likely to take quite a few golden Oscar statues, which includes Bradley Cooper as Best Director and Lady Gaga for Best Actress odds. In addition to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliot has strong odds of winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Black Panther

The Black Panther is expected to get the second highest number of nominations including Best Picture. It is also anticipated to get Oscar nods for Best Song, Best Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Costume Design. It follows closely behind “A Star is Born”, but whether it stands favourably with voters is anyone’s guess. In the past, movies that predominantly feature black actors, have seen a certain degree of bias. However, it is expected to see a nod for Best Picture, a feat that many other movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe failed to achieve.

Bohemian Rhapsody

When it comes to Oscar betting, the contenders for best picture is always particularly interesting, and Bohemian Rhapsody is bound to be another strong competitor at the bookies. Based on the legendary rock band Queen and directed by Bryan Singer, it focuses especially on the life of Freddie Mercury, Rami Malek could very possibly win Best Actor. Bohemian Rhapsody is also a safe bet when it comes to betting on it to win Best Picture with odds showing it a serious contender.  Rami Malek is also showing favourable odds for Best Actor.

Green Book

Green Brook, directed by directed by Peter Farrelly, is based around an African American pianist as he travels around the American south with his Italian American driver/bodyguard. Having already won an award at the Toronto Film Festival, it was though that its opportunity of being nominated for the Best Picture category at the Oscars was limited due to its accuracy and representation of racism and the use of the “N” word within the film. Despite this, the movie proves that films of this nature can be produced and received by audiences who respect its relevance in history.

There is little doubt that each of those mentioned above are worthy of winning the Best Picture at this year’s Award show, but as with all award shows, only one will win which is what drives prediction analysts setting odds based on its overall popularity, ticket sales, value as a film and the quality of directing and acting.

Late January 2019 Film Releases

As everyone returns home and it’s time to get into the hectic schedules part of every year, several exciting films ensure hours of relaxation during the weekend. The film released during the second half of January again caters for all film devotees of all ages.

The Kid Who Would Be King – 25th of January 2019

Kings are noble and brave and have no fear as they have tons of battles to fight. In, The Kid Who Would Be King film there is a world of demons to battle, saving the world is part of your task and you need to fight an evil army. Released by Fox the fantasy adventure film offers adds a hint of comedy the kid growing up to be a king and it is Joe Cornish’ latest release, known for the film, Attack the Block.

The film tells the tale of bullied kids in a learning process of how to defend themselves and stand up for what they believe in. Alex part of the group believes he is a nobody, but that is until he stumbles upon the sword in the stone called Excalibur. His task is to unite his enemies and friends into knights and to meet and join Merlin, their goal is to beat Morgana. The cast includes Patrick Stewart, Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Taylor, Dean Chaumoo and Rhianna Dorris.

The Wild Pear Tree – 30th of January 2019

An official trailer was recently released by the Cinema Guild & Film Forum of this impressive masterpiece created by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, the Turkish filmmaker. Titled in Turkish – Ahlat Agaci or The Wild Pear Tree starts showing at the end of January in New York City, the Cannes Film Festival is where it premiered, then it moved to the New York and Toronto Film

Festivals and it is one of the big favourites of 2019.

The story picks up where Sinan a young writer returns to his hometown, he has to deal with his father and his family, while he struggles to believe that the writer’s dream could be possible. Dogu Demirkol in the lead plays Sinan, passionate about writing and literature and have always dreamt of becoming a successful writer.

Once he gets to return to the village that is his birthplace, he finally gets the chance to pour out his soul and heart into gathering the cash he needs to publish his work. The debts of his father catch up with him, and as with all films by Nuri Bilge, The Wild Pear Tree is a masterpiece.

Some of the other films by the Turkish filmmaker includes Climates, Winter Sleep, Three Monkeys, Distant, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Clouds of May and Small Town. The cast includes Doug Demirkol, Murat Cemcir, Serkan Keskin, Bennu Yildirimlar, and Hazar Ergüçlü. Screenplay writers include Ebru Ceylan, Akin Aksu, and Nuri Bilge Ceylan. The Wild Pear Tree is released in several theatres in the United States on the 30th of January 2019.