Fast & Furious Finale Culminating in Two Parts

The Fast & Furious saga will have comprised of eleven films after it’s finale. Universal Pictures announced that Fast & Furious is concluding with a two-part finale. Both films will be directed by Justin Lin, the individual that brought this franchise back to life with Fast Five. Regular instalments in Fast & Furious have seen larger profits at the international box office until Paul Walker (Connor O’ Brian) died tragically. Though his character remains part of the franchise, losing Paul Walker meant its same actor wouldn’t reprise an iconic role.

Profits have dwindled for Fast & Furious since Paul Walker died, prompting Universal Pictures to announce that they’re concluding the franchise with Fast Eleven. It should be noted that the Fast & Furious universe isn’t ending with the 11th instalment. Universal Pictures has greenlit a second and third instalment of Hobbs & Shaw, the spinoff film that was released in 2019.

The ninth instalment into the Fast & Furious franchise was expected to release in 2020. However, an international pandemic forced Universal Pictures to delay Fast Nine by twelve months. Vin Diesel & his family of loyal friends won’t return to cinemas until Summer 2021. Their return will be welcomed with new storylines that are meant to conclude the franchise over three films. It’s known that John Cena is playing Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) brother in the upcoming instalment. Han will also be making his return from death in Fast Nine. How these two storylines coincide isn’t known but shows the series end is coming.

Release Dates Not Known

It’s unknown when the 10th and 11th instalment in Fast & Furious will arrive. Universal Pictures have responded to COVID-19 by delaying multiple films, which all need their respective release date. This means supports of the Fast & Furious franchise might not see the conclusion until 2024-25. It’d likely coincide with the third instalment of Hobbs & Shaw, having Universal Pictures two franchises in the Fast universe competing for international box office glory. It should be noted that for months it’s been speculated that Fast & Furious would conclude with a two-part film, with Vin Diesel suggesting as much last year.

Financial Failures are Imposing Bankruptcy for AMC Theatres

Monetary implications associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced numerous corporations into bankruptcy, with most largescale brands having defended their market position with reserve funds or government aid. That hasn’t been the case for AMC Theatres, the largest operator of cinemas worldwide. Forced closure of their entertainment venues for several months has prompted financial fallout that AMC Theatres cannot sustain.

That fallout grew when reopening hundreds of locations worldwide for Fox’s final film, the New Mutants & Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Internationally speaking, China was the singular market that sustained large profits for both films. The domestic box office saw minimal attendance from moviegoers, with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet total earning is $45.1 Million in North America. Profits sustained $307 Million worldwide.

Moviegoers Aren’t Attending Cinemas.

Fox’s final film after decades of operation was “The New Mutants”, which was meant to revitalize the X-Men Universe. That was until Disney purchased Fox for $71.3 Billion in 2019. Profits from the first film under Disney’s ownership was dismal & upsetting for Ex-Executives at Fox that put their faith into the New Mutants. It’d garner $19.9 Million at the domestic box office, and $39.2 Million at the international box office.

Production houses in Hollywood noticed the minimal fanfare & attendance for both films, prompting another round of delays for numerous films. James Bond’s No Time to Die won’t release until April 2021 & Fast Nine isn’t arriving until May 2021. Another movie from Warner Brothers was cancelled last week, announcing that Dune from Denis Villeneuve won’t arrive until October 2021. These extensive delays have prompted concern from AMC Theatres & their subsidiary brand, Regal Cinemas. A warning has been issued by both brands, which evoke their sustainability won’t be manageable for another twelve months on limited reserve funds.

6.9% Drop in AMC Stock

AMC Theatres has reported that they’re rapidly losing their remaining assets, which comes after reopening 494 cinemas in the United States of America. Those locations have seen an attendance decline of 85% since their official relaunch. This has prompted a 6.9% drop in AMC Theatres stock, with their warnings expected to increase that percentage. Unless Hollywood production studios begin supporting AMC Theatres & other brands, most cinemas won’t return to operation after the Covid-19 Pandemic has concluded.

Doctor Strange Appearing in Marvels Spider-Man 3

Fans of Spider-Man experienced multiple announcements during the last week, prompting excitement amongst dedicated supporters. It was revealed that Jamie Foxx’s Electro would reprise his role in “Marvel’s Spider-Man Three”. Foxx last appeared in the Andrew Garfield-iteration of Spidey, which hasn’t received the same critical acclaim as Marvel’s version. Jamie Foxx’s Electro was one of the few aspects of “The Amazing Spider-Man Series” that received praise from critics, prompting Marvel to recast Foxx as Electro.

Knowing that one of Spider-Man’s most determined villains is returning, fans began wondering how Marvel will bring Jamie Foxx’s Electro from another film series to their own. That information has been revealed, with Marvel announcing that Doctor Strange will make a prolonged appearance in Spider-Man Three. This revelation has prompted for excitement for supporters, with the arrival of Doctor Strange guarantying a long-time rumour of the Spider-Verse appearing in live-action cinema.

Marvel’s is using Spider-Man Three to setup multiple iterations of the multiverse, including the Spider-Verse. It’s known that the sequel to Doctor Strange is named “Multiverse of Madness”. Having him appear in the 3rd Spider-Man before his sequel will set up the events of MoM. That film is slated to arrive three months after Spider-Mans final marvel film.

It should be noted that Sony Pictures owns the character rights for Spider-Man & will end their partnership with Marvel after three movies. This means that Doctor Strange setting up the Spider-Verse would permit Sony to move Tom Holland over to their exclusive multiverse, while also enable older versions of Spider-Man to return. ‘

The Return of Toby Maguire

Marvel Predictors suggest that Spider-Man Three will enable Toby Maguire & Andrew Garfield to return as the iconic superhero. Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man will likely return in “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness”, as the Director of this film is Sam Raimi. Director Sam Raimi helmed all three original live-action Spider-Man films & has maintained a friendship with Toby Maguire. Furthermore, Maguire has stated he’d exclusively return to the role if Sam Raimi were at the helm. His opportunity will arrive likely in March 2022. All Marvel films have been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fast Nine Postponed till May 2021

May 2021 now marks the date when Universal Pictures will release Fast Nine. This marks the 2nd delay since the COVID-19 pandemic became an international concern. Universal Pictures relies heavily on profits earned through the Fast franchise, with eleven years of history throughout the blockbuster. This franchise has grown to extend beyond expectations, with spinoffs like “Hobbs & Shaw” or “Fast & Furious: Spy Racers”.

The main series has always stood most popular, with the storyline surrounding Dom Toretto concluding after the 11th film. This 9th instalment is slated to introduce John Cena as the secret brother of Dom Toretto, the man that’s secretly deployed force after force against his brother to stop his band of misfits. It’s not known where the series will go after the introduction of John Cena. However, long-time supporters of this franchise anticipate that Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) will die in a horrific battle against his brother, or unknown father.

The interest behind the 9th instalment has grown since the COVID-19 pandemic. Financially speaking, the fallout of this virus has been detrimental for Universal Pictures. However, the financial gain awarded through the continued interest behind Fast Nine going benefit Universal Pictures. There’s an opportunity for F9 to obtain more profits at the national & international box offices than ever before. It’d cement Fast & Furious as one of the most prominent franchises in film history, next to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

New Release Date

It was initially anticipated that F9 would release for April 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic halting Universal Pictures from distributing this film. Universal Pictures rescheduled Fast Nine for April 2021, a full twelve months after the movies initial release date. Now Universal Pictures has announced that the 9th instalment in this franchise won’t release until May 2021, an additional month over its initial postponement.

Universal Pictures implemented another postponement onto Fast Nine after it was announced that MGM, EON Films, and Universal pictures would delay the upcoming James Bond film. “No Time to Die” will now release on April 2nd, 2021. There have been few films to prompt postponement of a Fast & Furious movie. Financial costs associated with “No Time to Die” was the core reason for its postponement, with the James Bond film seeing long delays.

Tom Hanks Reveals Father’s Personal Details

The Father of America, Tom Hanks, has revealed personal details regarding his dad & grandfather. Fans of notable actors commonly forget that these individuals live personal lives and outweigh those circumstances by the Hollywood Elites professional performance. That was similar for Tom Hanks until 2020, which saw his personal life reach international headlines. Tom Hanks contracted COVID-19 earlier this year but luckily recovered & will continue to thrive in cinema.

Tom Hanks told an incredible story regarding Amos Hanks & how he witnessed Ernest Buell Hanks get murdered. Amos Hanks was roughly Eight to Ten years of age when the event occurred, with a hired assassin killing his father (Tom Hanks Grandfather) in a barn. The murder happened in the state of California, within a small town named Willows. Amos Hanks wouldn’t tell his son, Tom Hanks, of the event until he was nearly thirty. Tom’s father revealed that he testified three times in front of his dads’ killer and that it hadn’t mattered because the killer was acquitted of all charges.

After telling the story of Amos Hank watching his father, and Tom’s granddad, getting murdered before his own eyes, the Hollywood elite reflected on the situation. Tom Hanks noted that witnessing this horrific event forever changed how his father saw the world and that he was a young child at the time. Tom Hanks said hos Amos Hanks never maintained a carefree lifestyle, didn’t know any sense of justice and saw the world as unfair. Tom Hanks would mention how it changed how Amos Hanks engaged with everyone from there on in.

The Best Movies from Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks often has thanked his father for being a drastic comedic & acting influence. Amos Hanks created an incredible lifestyle for his children, often teaching them valuable lessons from witnessing a great deal. Amos Hanks experienced everything from his father getting murders, to spending time in jail and fighting in the war. Tom Hanks noted that Amos had played a notable influence on which roles he selects. Below are parts that Tom Hanks selected in honour of his father.

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Sully
  • Cast Away
  • Forest Gump

Box Office Revenue Drops for Tenet

Financial & Business analysts both warned Christopher Nolan that launching Tenet during COVID-19 would inflict low revenue at the domestic office. Both Warner Brother & Christopher Nolan disagreed with these warnings and released the film on September 4th. Their initially weekend saw $20 Million acquired between the 4th to 7th, with that figure dropping to $6.7 Million during September 11th to 13th. These valuations are considerably lower than what’s conventionally earned by influential films. Before COVID-19 became an international pandemic, Tenet was expected to gross $100 Million or more during its opening weekend.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was the 1st film released after multiple Hollywood Studios postponed their movies. Warner Brothers used Tenet to test the movie landscape, with initial results providing unfavourable. This marks the lowest profits that Christopher Nolan during his career, which reached a notable high after “Batman Begins”. It should be mentioned that though domestic valuations have proved unsatisfactory, international profits have been higher than anticipated.

Unsurprisingly, profits for Tenet at the domestic box office are low. Audiences in the United States, Canada, and Mexico remain concerns that viewing films in public spaces could prompt increased infections. Cinemas haven’t reopened to their full scale either, with few willing to resume operations for Tenet, citing financial distress. It meant that moviegoers that masked-up to witness the Christopher Nolan thriller, were limited in available cinemas. All movie theatres that’ve opened are requiring visitors to wear face coverings, or immediately be removed from the facility.

Tenet had competition at the international box office. The New Mutants was released on August 28th, with Unhinged resuming its availability after initially releasing on July 17th. The New Mutants from Fox earned $2.05 Million between September 11th to 13th, with Unhinged receiving $1.5 Million during the same timeframe.

The Fallout

Reports worldwide indicate that the release of these three films, and particularly the launch of Tenet, has prompted financial distress for cinemas. Large percentages of moviegoers refused to watch this Tenet at reopened theatres, which saw cinemas earn low profits. More funds were spent operating the cinema in-hopes of acquiring customers. It’s prompted multiple theatres to announce their foreclosure & bankruptcy, showing that Warner Brothers has hurt the overall industry by releasing Tenet.

Hubie Halloween Revealed by Netflix

Adam Sandler & Netflix have sustained a prolonged partnership that’s seen the release of six films throughout several years. Those include notable favourites like Murder Mystery, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, and Uncut Gems. Netflix has ironically kept details regarding new projects with Adam Sandler under wraps, making an official announcement days before the trailer drop. Netflix has followed the same strategy with the recently announced “Hubie Halloween”, which is being released in early October.

An official trailer for Hubie Halloween hasn’t been released to YouTube. Netflix confirmed their comedy-horror film with Adam Sandler via set photos. An official release date for this movie was given with Netflix’s Twitter confirmation. Hubie Halloween is coming out globally on October 7th.

Storyline & Film Details

Minor details on Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween were provided through the set photos. It shows Maya Rudolph dressed in a “Bride of Frankenstein” costume, who discusses some matter with Adam Sandler. There’s also a headless Tim Meadows that engages with Sandler, who’s horrendously dressed like a 1940’s ghost. Additional set photos showed that Kevin James is playing the standard comedic cop, who’s more focused on delicious treats than helping Sandler & Rudolph in their Halloween debacles. Overall, Hubie Halloween seems to follow the standard format associated with Adam Sandler. The backdrop is merely October 31st & this isn’t remotely a bad thing for Netflix subscribers.

Adam Sandler is playing Hubie Dubois, a dedicated law-abiding citizen to the witch-town of Salem. Hubie’s concern with the legends of witches in Salem prompts protective behaviour over residents & children. This makes Hubie Dubois a mockery to the people of Salam, and often make him an outcast during the “Salem Halloween Celebration” in Massachusetts. In Hubie Halloween, Sandler’s character has his concern vindicated & an unexpected adventure unfolds where Mr. Dubois must save the day.

The Director

Adam Sandler has employed the skillsets of Steve Brill, a long-time collaborator on multiple written by this comedic legend. Steve Brill has directed numerous films where Sandler was the Lead Actor. This includes Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, Sandy Wexler, 100% Fresh, and The Do-Over. Considering these are some of Adam Sandler’s best films to date, it’s not surprising that they’ve collaborated for the 6th time.

Fantastic Beasts Three Resuming Production in October

October 2020 marks the month when Fantastic Beasts Three will resuming filming in the United Kingdom. This announcement came from Director David Yates, who cited delayed schedules in filming to the COVID-19 Pandemic. New postponements are potential with the continued lawsuit of Johnny Depp & Amber Herd, with Warner Brothers working towards avoiding another scheduling error by assisting Johnny Depp in lengthening his case with Ex-Wife Herd.

Warner Brothers greenlit Fantastic Beasts to resume filming in June 2020 at undesignated Brazilian locations & the United Kingdom. However, the production house willingly implemented a secondary postponement. Concerns for the safety of cast & crew were prominent amongst Warner Brother executives, waiting until October 2020 to evaluate the global Pandemic.

Completed scenes from Director David Yates will be sent to post-production afterwards. Yates will oversee the computer-generated graphics, sound layovers, and countless other attributes associated with post-production. Fantastic Beasts Three will have a November 2021 release date under this heightened schedule.

Storyline Questions Answered

Fantastic Beasts Three will answer pivotal questions regarding Grindelwald & his army, which will inevitably be stopped before the 5th film. Grindelwald was the precursor to Lord Voldemort in the Wizarding World, taking place throughout the 1920s. His actions are remembered throughout the Harry Potter Saga, with Lord Voldemort demanding that an elderly Grindelwald provide him with the location of the “Elder Wand”. This means that whenever a Young Albus Dumbledore & Newt Scamander defeat Grindelwald by the 5th film, the dark wizard will be sent to a new prison worse than Azkaban.

It’s anticipated that Director David Yates will reveal more information on a notable cliff-hanger from “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald”. The ending of this franchises 2nd entry saw Credence Barebone reveal his true identity, Aurelius Dumbledore. He’s the long-lost older brother of Albus Dumbledore & considered the strongest wizard that lived before his younger brother became the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Speculation suggestions that Aurelius & Albus Dumbledore will be forced to fight against each other under the manipulation of Grindelwald. Considering that Aurelius isn’t mentioned in the Harry Potter Saga, some film analysts speculate that Albus kills his older brother to stop Grindelwald from winning the war against the wizarding & mogul worlds.

Shazam and Aquaman Sequel Details Revealed

The DC FanDome Event took over the internet, with numerous announcements driving newfound popularity behind characters like Batman & the Black Adam. Details were provided on all upcoming movies under the DC Extended Universe, including the sequel to Shazam. A panel featuring all the iconic character from the original was held at DC FanDome, where Zachary Levi revealed the name of Shazam’s sequel. It’ll be called “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”.

Other details weren’t provided, with the actors admitting that the sequel’s plot is a concept & cannot be explained at this point. Compared to the other panels held at DC FanDome, the Shazam sequel was shorter & focused on actors taking questions from online fans. Answered were given by Zachary Levi, Jack Dylan Glazer, Asher Angel, Meagan Good, Adam Brody, and Faithe Herman. These are all the original actors from Shazam One. Director David Sandberg was also present and revealed the release date for “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”. Viewers can watch the sequel on November 4th, 2022.

Aquaman Sequel

Shazam wasn’t the exclusive sequel highlighted at DC FanDome, with Wonder Woman 1984 & Aquaman Two taking considerable interest from the fans. Details regarding the sequel to James Wan’s Aquaman were less than Shazam, with the former Fast & Furious Director revealing the overall tonnage of this film but going no further. James Wan evoked that the sequel to Aquaman hones in on heavy elements of our current world, which influences our Trident-bearing hero to approach his next enemy in the same mentality. James Wan didn’t hand over details outside of the tonnage for Aquaman Two.

The Aquaman Panel was lesser than Shazam’s as well, with most actors from the original not appearing for legality purposes or former obligations. Amber Herd could arise from an onslaught of legal accusations & Jason Momoa wasn’t available, with the Aquaman-actor filming for another movie elsewhere. James Wan & Patrick Wilson were the two exclusive individuals from the first film that appeared at this panel, where they did their best to evoke confidence behind their sequel.

The Exorcist is Being Rebooted

One of the most famous horror franchises is making it’s returning to cinemas in 2021, which comes after a prolonged delay of fifteen years. This franchise is “The Exorcist” & is considered the most iconic horror film worldwide, next to Psycho. Audiences worldwide first saw the world of Exorcism’s in 1973 & were drawn into its horrific scenes regarding the devil. Ten Academy Awards were gifted to this film for its revolutionary storytelling, including Best Picture of 1973.

Multiple sequels followed after the first Exorcism became a rounding success. This included Exorcist II: The Heretic om 1977, The Exorcist III in 1990, Exorcist: The Beginning in 2004, and Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist in 2005. Dominion proved the most unique of these four sequels, acting as an alternative timeline prequel to the original Exorcist. Dominion looked to overtake the former prequel in this franchise, Exorcist: The Beginning. Having both films released year-after-year showed that Morgan Creek Entertainment wanted to rewrite their mistakes from 2004.

Failed Sequels & Reboots

The success behind these sequels was minimal, with the Exorcist II: Heretic being $30 Million. That’s considerably less than what the original film made, which was $441 Million. This prompted the 3rd movie in the Exorcist franchise to be delayed by oddly, thirteen years. When the Exorcist III was released in 1990, box office revenue would max-out at $39 Million. It wouldn’t be until “Exorcist: The Beginning” that profits began returning to this franchise, with $76.8 Million earned worldwide. Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, saw the worst profits in franchise history, maxing out at $241,495.00 USD.

Morgan Creek Entertainment hasn’t revisited this series since 2005, marking a fifteen-year delay since fans of this franchise have had a new entry. Deadline reports that Exorcist will be a reboot, not continuing from the previous sequels. Morgan Creek made this decision after their recent reboot, “The Exorcist: TV Show”. It’s prompt two seasons before cancellation & has minimal viewership on Netflix. Details regarding the storyline & if Exorcist 2021 will be a direct remake of 1973s original, haven’t been revealed to the press. More information is expected in Spring 2021.