Greyhound Release Upsets Tom Hanks

COVID-19 has forced multiple changes onto the life of Tom Hanks, a notable A-List Actor that contracted the virus. Now the coronavirus is taking another minor toll onto the actors’ emotions, with his most recent film not being released to cinemas worldwide. Greyhound instead is releasing onto Apple TV+ after the production house determined financial burdens with postponing this movie would be extensive.

Most of Hollywood has determined that Video-on-Demand or Direct-to-Streaming platforms are best suited for the COVID-19 pandemic. Their assumptions are correct but disassociate audiences from experiences that come with film. Viewers are watching on smaller screens in lite environments, where often multiple people are around. This creates numerous distractions that often cause storylines to fade away into the background.

Tom Hanks worries that similar results will follow after releasing Greyhound to Apple TV+. Subscribers for Apple’s streaming service should be excited behind the concept of Greyhound. It’s a World War Two film centring around Commander Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks). This mean leads a convoy of Navy vessels through the Atlantic Ocean before being attacked by multiple U-Boats.

Sony produced this film with Tom Hanks, who wrote the script & assisted in directing the film. Greyhound was initially slated to release for March 2019 but was rescheduled for May 2020, with Sony hoping to avoid losing profits against other films like Captain Marvel & Disney’s Dumbo. Their decision would prove more costly than postponing until May 2020. Details on how much Apple TV+ paid to acquire this film isn’t known, but it would’ve been considerably less than the finances garnered from cinemagoers.

The Thoughts of Hanks

Tom Hanks provided insight into his thoughts behind the release of Greyhound. He indicated that Sony Pictures broke his art by refusing to postpone until cinemas reopened. Not caring about the concept of angering Tim Cook & other Apple Executives, Tom Hanks remarked that the quality in “Sound & Picture” are drastically worse with Apple TV+. His sentiments aren’t incorrect. The Apple Company would have their consumers believe that the quality of their services outweigh cinemas, which most have fallen for, even with it not being a reality. Tom Hanks is justified in his annoyance to Sony with Greyhound.

The Tax Collector with Shia LaBeouf

Another franchise from David Ayer could be arriving, with Shia LaBeouf leading the way. It’d mark the 1st time that Shia LaBeouf has acted in a franchise-role since Transformers Three. David Ayer is infamous for directing films that become Hollywood franchises. Notable films from his directing history include Training Day, Suicide Squad, and Bright. Ayer hasn’t notably returned for sequels to infamous films he’s directed. It’s often led towards the destruction of that brand, with film analysts anticipating that David’s latest film will fall under a similar territory.

David Ayer’s latest film is named “The Tax Collector” and shares significant similarities to other films made by the director. It shares identical markings that’ll inevitably lead towards multiple sequels. Focusing on storylines surrounding criminal underworlds on both sides, Blue Collar and White Collar. Shia LeBeouf stars alongside Bobby Soto, the Tax Collectors themselves. Their daily activities include collecting the drug debts from gangs across Los Angeles County, with their boss being George Lopez’s “Wizard”, the largest drug lord in LA.

Reviewing the trailer indicates that David Ayer is reinstalling classic premises seen throughout prior films under his repertoire. This includes End of Watch, Training Day, and Bright. It appears the Suicide Squad Director is taking another step forward with violence in his latest entry, which will be hard to overcome when comparing to the Jake Gyllenhaal Starred-End of Watch.

Should I Watch?

Those on the fence about watching this film shouldn’t divert themselves from an excellent cinema experience. David Ayer is infamous for creating a violent & realistic impersonation of gritty lifestyles amongst criminal underworlds. Shia LaBeouf has thrown his full talents into this role, becoming unrecognizable in five minutes. It shows that LaBeouf has grown tenfold with his craft & will surely become a more desirable dramatic actor after “The Tax Collector”. This will be the 1st film that Shia LaBeouf headlines since Transformer Three.

Cinemagoers that want to watch “The Tax Collect” can expect this film to release on August 7th with international theatres & Video-On-Demand Services. George Lopez, Shia LeBeouf, Lana Parilla, and Cinthya Carmona star in this upcoming film.

Disney Releases Details on Star Wars: The High Republic

The reprisal of Star Wars from the Disney Corporation met failure on multiple occasions. Kathleen Kennedy helmed all operations regarding the Star Wars Franchise, with this woman believing the Science Fiction Series was a proper outlet for politician opinions. She’d learn that politics isn’t meant for every film, with Kathleen Kennedy potentially losing her job as LucasFilm President to Jon Favreau. Fans that heard this information praise the concept of Marvels Creator taking over LucasFilm.

Failure is seen throughout “The Force Awakens”, “The Last Jedi”, and “The Rise of Skywalker” has prompted LucasFilm to move from previous eras seen in the Star Wars Universe. Their next film series centres 200 Years before Anakin Skywalker is born. Named “Star Wars: The High Republic”, this period of history for the Jedi is peaceful. This is because the Galaxy isn’t plagued by Sith Lords & Criminal Underworlds that Jedi Knights are obliged to stop. The most damaging aspects to life in the High Republic are sicknesses & hyperspace accidents.

The Storyline Details

Things change for the High Republic Chancellor, Lina Soh, who requests the aid of Jedi Masters. The Chancellor suggests creating posts in the Outer Rim Territories, which hadn’t been explored 200 years before the Skywalker Family being born into the force. This information became available to Star Wars fans after Disney released “Light of the Jedi”, a new comic-book novel setting up the events for the High Republic.

It’s mentioned that Outer Rim World have opportunistic moments for civilian’s brave enough to travel these unmarked planets. The High Republic Chancellor refuses to send Military Forces meant to protect Coruscant, meaning the Jedi are tasked to locate new worlds for natural resources that could benefit civilian life back home. What happens next isn’t being revealed, with it being speculated that Jedi will unknowingly embark to the Sith homeworld. Star Wars fanatics familiar with this era know that Darth Revan is resting on Korban during the High Republic. Darth Revan is noted as the deadliest & darkest Sith Lord from lore, which follows after this corrupt Force-user was previously one of the Jedis greatest warriors.

Billions Lost Worldwide for Cinemas

Cinemas worldwide have begun announcing their operation losses for 2020, with collective estimates ranging between $20 – $31 Billion. This follows after the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen an economic downturn for most nations worldwide. Millions of companies have shut their doors amid the Stay-At-Home Orders, with closures extending to theatres like AMC and SilverCity.

Nobody anticipated that the film industry would be destroyed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, Hollywood Studios were forced to delay multiple films as Governments demanded that entertainment venues shutdown for social distancing. Entertainment & Sporting Venues are still closed today in North America, European Union, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Some nations are allowing for cinemas to reopen, but reports suggest that civilians aren’t risking their safety in enclosed space.

Altering the mindset of moviegoers could become challenging for multiple brands. It’ll prove move challenging for AMC Theatres, who owns thousands of locations worldwide. Their considered the most significant property holder of cinemas & confirmed weeks ago that declined sales are forcing them into one of two options. The 1st option would see AMC Theatres enter bankruptcy, hoping that government aid would be provided over a prolonged period. The 2nd option would see this largescale brand sold to an unknown entity. Details of which option the AMC Board of Directors will initiate hasn’t been confirmed.

AMC Theatres isn’t the exclusive brand that’s been financially destroyed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Omdia Cinemas announced that their operating profits have depleted by 70% in 2020, with those revenues being compared with the 2019 fiscal year. The CEO of Omdia Cinemas anticipated that industry losses could sustain anywhere from $20 – $31 Billion, with the lower valuation possible if governments begin reopening their cinemas. Challenges would still await Omdia Cinemas & AMC Theatres, with Hollywood Studios currently refusing to release their films if these entertainment venues open. It’s Hollywood’s way of assisting with stopping the COVID-19 Spread.

Films that are anticipated to return when cinemas are opened include Wonder Woman 1984, Black Window, and No Time to Die. The number of upcoming films would’ve been more significant if studios like Paramount didn’t release their movies for Video-On-Demand Services.

Daniel Radcliffe Apologizes for Rowling’s Remarks

The 1st week of June marked the date when J.K. Rowling would express her Anti-Trans opinions, which prompted an outcry of backlash towards the infamous writer of Harry Potter. The statements mentioned by Rowling noted that men turning into a woman cannot reproduce, menstruate, experience menopause, or harvest breast milk. She remarked that these transgender civilians offend their mothers & all other women who had to experience those hardships.

Numerous individuals in Hollywood were quick to remark their disapproval, craving to a small majority of naysayers over the overwhelming majority of Rowling supporters. One such individual was Happy Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. He apologized on behalf of J.K. Rowling & the overall franchise for her transphobic comments. It prompted for both Rupert Grint and Emma Watson to both empathize with this community as well. However, it should be mentioned that all three actors are avoiding potential backlash towards their respective careers by apologizing for Rowling.

Unintelligent Potter

The sentiments released by Daniel Radcliffe indicated his apologies to anybody offended, to those that’ve felt their experiences with the Harry Potter franchise was tarnished. He mentioned his woes for those that were caused pain by Rowling’s sentiments. Reviewing this post saw naysayers remaking that an older woman that has birthed three children, obtaining more money than the queen, and donated to countless charities are permitted to her respective opinions. Millennials & GenX’s are overwhelming sensitive, happy to destroy anyone’s career for merely upsetting their thought process. It’s this “Hate Culture” that’s creating systemic issues throughout North America and the European Union.

Statements from Daniel Radcliffe finished by the Harry Potter actor saying & believing that all transgender woman are genuine females, that by not recognizing their different bodies, it sets back the overall female movement. Subsequently, it appears that Daniel Radcliffe didn’t obtain a significant level of intelligence while learning his educational course on the HP Set. Radcliffe didn’t learn the differences between male & female anatomy, how they are two entirely different things that manufacture various products for the human species. Science cannot be changed by mentality.

MI7 Resuming Production in September 2020

After a notable postponement period, the 7th instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise is resuming filming by September 2020. February marked the date where Tom Cruise & the entire staff were forced to leave their filming location of Italy, with the COVID-19 pandemic drastically implicating this nation. Some questioned that a new location would be scouted, avoiding another closure if a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus infects Italy. It’s been confirmed that no alterations in their filming locations have been implemented.

Multiple productions in Hollywood were terminated following the coronavirus pandemic. Upcoming films like Avatar Two was forced into a hiatus, with this extending towards movies that were slated to release weeks before the epidemic broke out. Fast Nine’s release was postponed by twelve months, with other films like James Bond “No Time to Die” not hitting cinemas until November 2020.

Mission Impossible Seven would’ve been released by July 2021, with Paramount Pictures forced to delay its cinematic launch until November 2021. This prompted the 8th instalment of Mission Impossible to enter a postponement period. Most aren’t aware, but both upcoming chapters are interconnected films that’ll tell the prolonged end of Ethan Hunt’s career. Before these cinematic instalments can be released, the Mission Impossible Crew but receive clearance from local authorities to resume production. This will be a challenging task to accomplish within the United Kingdom. Christopher McQuarrie, the Director of MI7, will provide an official confirmation when production is resumed in the United Kingdom. For now, they’ve been provided clearance to resume in Italy.

Confirmed Locations

The First Assistant Director of Mission Impossible Seven was questioned on the resuming of production. He noted that they’d begin shooting by September 2020 in Venice, Italy. Tommy Gormley mentioned that when Italy became infected with the novel coronavirus, they were filming in what’s now known as their epicentre location. Filming had to end several days before production in Italy was slated to end. Tommy also confirmed that the full filming location schedule is still being enacted, with their setting required for Ethan Hunt’s final adventure.

Obtaining access to filming in the United Kingdom will impose significant hurdles. New guidelines have been implemented by Boris Johnson, affecting multiple films from possibly returning to the country for years to come.

Netflix Purchases Los Angeles Egyptian Theatre

Netflix has purchased one of the most historic locations for American cinema. Considered a Los Angeles Historic Treasure, it was announced that the American Cinematique Organization sold the Egyptian Theatre to the Netflix Company. This prompted an immediate response from directors in the industry, informing the ACO to sell under the condition that Netflix doesn’t alter the historical programming commonly shown at the Egyptian Theatre. It was 1st revealed that negotiations had begun in 2018, with the involvement of directors postponing the agreement until 2020. This led analysts to speculate that Netflix struggled at the concept of purchasing the Egyptian, while also maintaining original programming.

The History

The Los Angeles Film Industry is culturally remembered at the Egyptian Theatre. It’s closed once in its lifetime, which began in December 1922. The prowess of this cinema enabled it to remain open during World War II and Vietnam, with its closing only once in 1992. Their doors wouldn’t reopen to the public until 1996, which is when the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency took over ownership. It cost them $1.00 to obtain property, with the Egyptian Theatre being awarded to the LACRA by Rick Nicita. Those permitted to attend this cinema can sit down in one of 616 auditorium seats. There’s also an additional screening room for exclusive members, with it being named the Spielberg Screening Room. It can seat seventy-eight cinematics.

Sid Grauman designed the Egyptian Theatre, with this architect being considered one of the most influential in the 1920s. He’s credited with developing some of the first cinemas in the United States, with his designs being reflected for decades after his death. His unique designs allowed for the first premiere at the Egyptian to be “The Ten Commandments” from Cecil B. DeMille in 1923. That film has been reshown every year since the Egyptian Theatre began a designated historical location.

The Cost

The deal is suspected of having cost Netflix $20 Million or more to obtain ownership of the Egyptian Theatre. PR Representatives with the streaming service guaranteed that the preservation of classic cinema will continue being maintained under their ownership. It should be noted that this acquisition enables Netflix to hold a piece of cinema history, where their critically acclaimed films can be inducted into the Egyptian’s preservation. Productions with remarkable stories, directing styles, and visuals will most likely be showcased 1st at the Egyptian moving forward.

Guidelines Revealed for Disneyland Reopening

Theme Parks in North America are desperate to restart operations with the summer season looming. It’s prompted the Disney Corporation to unveil a series of guidelines that would enable their respective locations to reopen in the United States, China, and France. These guidelines regard the coronavirus pandemic and would require government approval. Disney hasn’t seemingly cared around the loss of life in comparison to their depleting funds. Billions are being lost in the entertainment and travel industries, which Disney are most prevalent worldwide.

Global civilians worldwide were forced to rethink their lifestyle and how they engage with conventional society after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic in March. Shortly after multiple sporting associations, entertainment venues, tourist destinations, and national parks were shut down. Worldwide leaders have slowly begun considering lifting their respective restrictions, hoping that a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus won’t become a reality.

The Walk Disney Company didn’t anticipate the financial shock from the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced them to place non-essential employees onto furlough status, meaning their respective employment won’t be reinstated until the epidemic has concluded. Most aren’t away that since their initial closures in China and North America, individual theme parks under the Disney label have reopened. Multiple measures were implemented for the safety of visitors and employees, with one requirement being mandatory facemasks for everyone on-site. Temperature screenings were also held for those entering & leaving the facility. It’s now expected that similar measures will be implemented with Disney’s locations in the United States of America.

The Safety Protocols

PR Representatives with the Walt Disney Company provided updated into their initial groundwork for reopening their parks. The public was guaranteed that Disney’s working on ensuring the health & safety of on-site personnel, with these protection efforts extending towards guests. It was noted that multiple Amenities, Services, Attractions, and Disney Experiences would be altered to account for COVId-19.

PR Reps also clarified that park shutdowns could be implemented at any time, with refunds not guaranteed on park admission. Details on which attractions at Disneyland Anaheim or Walt Disney World Orlando will be closed weren’t revealed. Reps also noted that social distancing would be implemented, with ride queues showing six-feet taped marking. This means that available rides that aren’t closed will have limited accessibility.

Amazon Potentially Purchasing AMC Theatres

Movie theatres worldwide are entering financial peril amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Their operations have shut down for the foreseeable future, prompting some of the most notable brands in this marketspace to locate new investors. This extends towards AMC Theatres, with it now being reported that the Amazon Company is considering the full acquisition of this movie theatre chain. It’s also reported that Showcase Cinemas and Regal Cinemas also contacted Amazon for financial freedom. However, Amazon selected against those two respective brands and are moving forward with AMC Theatres.

Most of these movie theatres had hoped they’d reopen their doors weeks after the initial lockdown began. However, that was sixty days ago. It appears that an additional thirty to sixty days of lockdown measures will be imposed on Western Nations. That will force double the lost revenue on these companies, with Summer coming as their most financially profitable quarter. Obtaining an acquisition through Amazon would enable AMC Theatres to remain an active property for the foreseeable future, especially when considering that Jeff Bezos holds $145 Billion in financial wealth. He could afford to purchase all movie theatres worldwide and have barely inflicted his fortune.

It should be mentioned that AMC Theatres is struggling more than their competition. This company stands as the most prominent operator of movie theatres worldwide, supporting 11+ thousand screens globally. All these respective screens are shut down right now, with hundreds of millions being lost weekly to this company. Financial experts were predicting that AMC Theatres would file for bankruptcy during the pandemic. However, obtaining financial freedom with Amazon would revert all chances of AMC Theatres entering bankruptcy.

Amazon’s Benefit

Jeff Bezos isn’t considering purchasing AMC Theatres from the kindness of his heart. It’s a business investment that would drastically improve the growth of Amazon Studios, which currently develops films and television series for Amazon Prime Video. Instead of these respective properties being released to their streaming service, they’d launch onto the big screen internationally. Amazon would throw hundreds of millions into acquiring new features through notable novels, directors, or writers. The investment would take a prolonged period to see returns but would eventually make Amazon Studios a powerhouse similar to Disney.

Tom Cruise Filming Movie in Space

The International Space Station has been confirmed as an upcoming movie set, with this information being released directly from NASA. Their public announcement noted that Tom Cruise would use his formidable talents to assist with the 1st movie filmed in space. It’s not surprising that Tom Cruise was selected, with the Mission Impossible actor known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with film. Previous heights met by Cruise included attaching himself onto the side of an Airbus, then taking off from the ground. It follows suit that his next adventure would be filming in space.

Rumours surrounding the production of a space film starring Tom Cruise had been circulating entertainment outlets. Nobody anticipated that it’d be shot in the exact location, with Tom Cruise also partnering with SpaceX to accomplish this task. The majority of details regarding this film haven’t been revealed, with the plotline even unknown to the public. The concept that Tom Cruise will film a movie in space seems absurd, especially when considering the numerous problems that can occur onset.

NASA, SpaceX & Tom Cruise are approaching this scenario at the worst time possible. Elon Musk’s foolish behaviour over May 1st to 7th caused an immediate decline in SpaceX’s valuation, meaning the assisted funds for this film could be terminated. That’d immediately stop Tom Cruise in his revolutionary path. There’s also the novel coronavirus, which won’t be solved for a prolonged period. Placing multiple individuals that’ve engaged with public social distancing into the International Space Station could cause colossal damages. COVID-19 breaking out in the ISS would effectively put the station out of order until a vaccine was created.

NASA Administrator to Hopeful

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s Head of Administrations, confirmed this project via Twitter. His excitement towards the upcoming project was unavoidable. Those against this concept expressed that this wouldn’t have been possible under anyone else’s leadership, with this being a direct shot towards Donald Trump. Using an international facility in space that costs $150 Billion for a filming location is ridiculous. The fact that Tom Cruise believes that a scientific facility where breakthrough research has been accomplished is similar to a movie set shows his egotistical attitude, which is often reported.