The Casino’s Patience Run Out and Johnson is Banned from Playing – PART THREE

It is the third week, and by now the film takes quite a different turn as the casinos are fed-up, partly with the winning and luck of Don Johnson. Most certainly they realise what a mistake they made in agreeing to the terms when they wanted to convince him to play.

It is only understandable that no casino or sportsbetting company can continue to suffer such losses. The only way to stop such winnings is by taking care of it; the only way out for the casinos was to ban this high roller. The first to lose its patience was the Caesars Casino and, in this case, it can be seen as an honour as he did nothing wrong; he was just too lucky. But if it was an honour, he never received it from the Borgata Casino or the Tropicana Casino; they refused to let him play under the conditions they agreed to at the start.

Taj Mahal Casino of Trump Bans Don Johnson

Don Johnson was next banned by the Taj Mahal Casino that belonged to Donald Trump after he won $220,000. Now one of the movie highlights would be to see Johnson arrive at the casino, he is now 53 and accompanied by two gorgeous women and two younger guys.

Every one of those with him has been given some cash, and they play smaller bets to destruct the unwanted attention from the high roller. Their work shift if you want to call it that, lasts less than three hours as Johnson is happy with his winnings of $1.5 million. The other reason the workday ends early is that by now the casino managers are well aware of the high roller and ready to stop him from playing.

Time to Teach the Caesars Casino A Lesson

So instead he invites his crew to enjoy lunch at the Morton’s Steakhouse and apart from the Chateau Margaux the dinner had to be something well worth remembering, the bill came to $4,000. After a well-deserved break, Johnson decides it is time to finish off the Caesars Casino, and he furthers his winning by $4.23 million.

At this stage, the manager calls the boss as Johnson planned this visit while the boss was away. The telephone call to the boss was may unclear as he thought Johnson won $400,000 although it was over $4 million.

Winning Millions That’s A Don Johnson Thing

When you look back at the real-life tale of Don Johnson, he first got the casinos to agree to terms he knew would suit him best. He invested a lot of time to create a reputation as the rich high roller. He did what you’d expect from the rich folk and partied at the big clubs, his spending sprees were wild, and he arrived in a limousine.

He made friends with celebrities, and he became successful. He had a well-played plan and only enjoyed the rarest champagne while pretending to be the ideal casino patron. It worked, and at the end the casino mistook him, this became one of the costliest mistakes in the history of casinos. Maybe the movie should end with a scene based on his real live joy, one in which is order a bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne for his guests including Pamela Anderson and Bon Jovi.

Don Johnson The Moment of Glory!- PART TWO

It was in the midst of the financial crises, but what the Atlantic City Casinos agreed upon to at the time, was maybe not in their best interest. We continue with our story as it is the stuff any great movie needs in keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. What we need is hours of filming, it is the only way to tell the story of Don Johnson; what we film this week is his moment of glory!

The Casino Arrangement with Don Johnson & His Success Run

In part one, we learned all about the arrangement that was the only way to lure such a high roller as Don Johnson to the casinos. So this week if we were to film the rest of his real-life story, we would have to set up a film set at the casino that you could call the victim.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Tropicana Casino $12 Million

The casino that fell victim to Don Johnson’s high roller skills was the Tropicana Casino. The setting a blackjack marathon. The time it lasted 12 hours and the amount Johnson could win $12 million. The $12 million, Johnson could win included the $800,000 he already won with a bet worth $100,000. What he did with the two eights he received was to split it, and then he received another two eights. Surprising no matter how you look at it, even when you are a professional player.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Borgato Casino $6 Million

Although in life, it is not the card you dealt that makes the difference, it is how you use them. If you are Don Johnson, you split again, and you increase your wager to $400,000. The now the next cards he received was a 3, then a 2, still a 3 and then another two, he doubled down, and his bet soon equalled $800,000. What happened next is that the dealer busted and Johnson won $800,00. End of the film? No way it is the beginning of what will keep you hooked for another few hours. What the Tropicana Casino did not know at the time is that it was about to lose $6 million. But, Johnson did not stop at that he went on an epic adventure.

Don Johnson Winnings at Caesars Casino $4 Million

With $6 million in winnings, he decided it was time to visit the Borgata Casino, which had to payout winning worth $5 million to the high roller. Was he satisfied? Not yet, he then attended the Caesars Casino and earned $4 million. Add up the losses of the casinos, and you know what Johnson had in his pocket, he knew he could afford to keep placing bets worth six figures and his profit was now at around $15 million.

The Casino’s Patience Run Out, and Johnson is Banned from Playing

It sounds a bit harsh as they were the ones to beg him to play, but what else could the casinos do, but ban this high roller from playing, especially under the agreed terms.

The Best Educational Gambling Videos to Watch – P1

Hollywood has included many scenes about gambling, and it almost always shows the success of a gambler. It is not far-fetched at all since in real life there are plenty of highly successful punter tales worth showing.

But should you wish to make a film about the real-life story of some of the most remarkable players, you need a whole series to tell their tales. There is one tale in particular that deserves hours of story-telling, it’s the tale of Don Johnson, not the successful actor but the man who made millions in 2011.

Don Johnson A Real-Life Legend

If you wanted to make a film about Don Johnson the real-life legend, you’d have to start it probably with his victory in 2011. Not much interesting is available to tell before this year, which is when he won $15 million. Still, today it is one of the biggest gambling wins, but what is different to his tale when measured against that of other big winners. He never made his millions from other gamblers. He did not face opponents virtually or by playing live casino at home.

Don Johnson, Where it All Started.

Don Johnson played blackjack at the Atlantic City casinos, and he won. Not many real casino winning stories have such an ending, which makes it perfect as a Hollywood film. But, back to the story for now and a bit more about the man himself. Johnson grew up with horse racing and at one stage was trained to become a jockey. It prepared him for his occupation at the Philadelphia Park racetrack, where he was hired at age 30 in 1992. In his career, he also managed several other, and this opened a new career path as he became involved as a state regulator in other states.

Being involved with betting and sports betting for years in various jobs, one must develop some ideas regarding wagering. For Johnson, it was all about horse races, and in 2000, he also meets someone that could be a great partner. The Heritage Development is a company that is more focused on software and forecasting the results in horse racing. Johnson was not new to betting as he made quite a bit of cash on some lucrative deals by playing blackjack, and over time he became quite what you would call a high roller.

Atlantic City Casino Deal Was it In Their Best Interest?

What followed is worth discussing in a whole new article as it includes how far the casino went in their aim to get Johnson to play. What they agreed upon sounded fair at the time, but was it in their best interest? See, it is the stuff a great movie needs to keep people watching although you need hours of filming to tell the story of Don Johnson and we continue in our next article to tell you more about his moment of glory!

The Luna Cinema at Ascot Racecourse

At night the most prestigious racecourse in England becomes the perfect setting for the most unique cinema experience in the world. It all started in 1711 and was founded by Queen Anne since then Ascot is the most iconic racecourse worldwide. It is where the Royal Ascot takes place, which is also the most famous of all horse racing events in the world. It is always attended by the royal family and everyone else that have tons of cash to spend on fashion. It is probably also the event where the most money is spent on horse betting.

Evening Transformation of the Ascot Racecourse

A giant cinema screen is positioned on the racecourse lawns when the sun goes down and the designer hats will only block the view of others. The fashion statements are less flamboyant. The films showing at the Ascot Racecourse are announced well in advance so that everyone has the change to pen it down in their social diary. If you want to keep up the social aspect of the evening events you can arrive at 7:45 pm, it gives you quite a bit of time to catch up with other socialites, the film starts at 9:15 pm.

Watch These While You Enjoy Your Prosecco or Estrella Beer

If you’re planning your first night out at the Luna Cinema, packing a picnic is so yesteryear, so never make yourself guilty of such an act. Food and drink are available onsite, and the Luna Bar serves a full selection of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. But then you probably know that the atmosphere at Ascot is always vibrant and no trip to this racecourse is ever without indulging in the most gastronomic delights.

You can enjoy hot drinks, soft drinks or any drink your heart desires at the Luna Bar. The menu includes some of the best wines, spirits and an endless list of beers. When you get hungry you have an endless choice of gourmet foods perfect for a night of cinema enjoyment.

What Shows at the Ascot Racecourse?

Before we even get to what film you can view at the Ascot Racecourse, let us just tell you how it is done in style. You select the film and then get yourself a premium ticket. This places you in the director’s chair, why should you settle for anything else but the prime position, right in front of the screen. Oh! You also enjoy other treats such as a complimentary drink from Luna Bar.

What is most important is that anyone of your stature should never stand in a queue, with a premium ticket you have priority access to the bar. Ok, so what is showing in July is Bohemian Rhapsody on the 18th of July 2019. You can also book now for the 19th when Mary Poppins Returns is aired, or even the 20th to see Mama Mia! Here We Go Again.

Films About Winning

Hollywood is known for its remarkable ability to convey all types of emotions, including realizing the dreams of the viewer. Whether you dream of winning a progressive jackpot, big on sports betting or the lottery, there are quite a few films based on the lucky ones.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the cleverest the film is excellent for children viewing as it tells the tale of a lucky boy. Parents watch such movies with their children and the golden ticket inspire dreams of winning cash.

Winning means placing a few sports bets to support your team, registering and playing at an online casino or purchasing a lottery ticket. The whole concept is that everyone has a golden chance to win.

At the same time the film shows how someone who can hardly afford anything gets the ticket, it opens up an opportunity, and it is a dream come true. For Warner Brothers, the film is the golden ticket as it collected over $475 million from movie fans around the globe.

Live is Sweeter Than Ever Before

What can be better than enjoying a film starring Johnny Depp in the leading role, he is brilliant and always make the character feel real. Apart from superstar Depp other actors include David Kelly, James Fox, Noah Taylor, Freddie Highmore and Helena Bonham.

The tale is about little Charlie; his dream is to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, something entirely out of rich due to his poor parents. His dreams come true when he finds a golden ticket. The ticket gives him a tour of a lifetime inside the chocolate factory of none other than Willy Wonka.

Winnings Awarded by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Johnny Depp wins massive amounts of cash every time he agrees to take the lead role. In 2017 his spending’s per month came to $2 million of which $30,000 was spend on wine. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle, and he paid just over $75 million for 14 houses on islands in the Bahamas. When Hunter Thompson died, he paid $3 million for the cannon to blast the ashes into the air.

When you take all the spending into account, you have to also look at how many times Johnny Depp did win the jackpot. In 1987 to 1990 he won big when he landed a part in 21 Jump Street, he became a teen idol, and it was the start of great riches.

Edward Scissorhands places Depp in a modern-day fantasy and at the same time turns his life into a fairytale. 1984 he wins another jackpot with A Nightmare on Elm Street, in 1986 with Platoon, 1990 it is Cry-Baby and in 1993, What is Eating Gilbert Grape.

In 1997 he starred in Donnie Brasco, from 2003 up to 2011 it is Pirates of the Caribbean that keeps him going. In 2007 he earned an Oscar for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Massive Influence of 007 Films in Gambling Arena

If you enjoy a great film, you’ve seen one or more James Bond films, and most of them feature great casino moments. Casino Royale was one of the best film’s releases in 2006 and the game played by Daniel Craig is Texas Hold’Em. The super spy brings style to the Bond franchise and impresses with fewer insane stunts and fewer gadgets.

Sean Connery as James Bond

Dr No released in 1962 and featured Sean Connery as 007, and it made the top five best films of all times. The gambling scene in this great classic takes place in Le Cercle Casino in London, and it includes men glamorously dressed in full tuxedos as it should be in classic gambling style.

Pierce Brosnan as 007

Connery is also the hero, in the film, Diamonds are Forever, and the casino scene in this film takes place in Las Vegas. Bond plays craps and hew winning equals $65,000. In Goldeneye it is Pierce Brosnan in the lead role, and he visits the Casino de Monte-Carlo, needless to say, it doesn’t get more sophisticated than that.

Cocktail Blends Inspired by 007

All the casino games portrayed in the James Bond films enjoy a massive increase in popularity as everyone that enjoyed the movie also tried their hand at the table games. It is not only casinos that benefited from the casino scenes in the 007 films but also the sports bars and other pubs. The savvy hero inspires several great blends and the first one that comes to mind is the Live and Let Die cocktail.

Live and Let Die Cocktail

If you ever spent some time in San Francisco, you should visit the Bergerac and ask Russell Davis for a Live and Let Die Cocktail. The cocktail features an unusual blend of ingredients that meant to deceit your senses. The Froot Loop scented foam takes you way back to your childhood years, the coconut oil-washed Pisco keeps you there for a bit, and just the aroma of the Campari brings you straight back. It is not only a great drink but also fun, and it tastes fantastic.

Diamonds Are Forever

If you want a sip or two of the most expensive cocktails, you’ll need to visit Dubai, book a room in the Burj Al Arab Hotel and make sure to visit the Skyview Bar. The Diamonds are Forever cocktail is best describes as a flight of fantasy reserved for the wealthiest. It contains only the extraordinarily expensive alcohol such as Cognac called L’Heraud Grand Champagne, bitters and 24k Gold Flake Luxor Champagne served in nothing but the most stylish Swarovski crystal glass with its stem filled with diamonds. You can take the glass home as a reminder of the best drink and the price for this cocktail is $1,347.

Vesper Martini

It the drink of choice in Casino Royale and the title is inspired by the lovely Vesper. It is refreshing and contains one part vodka, three part’s Gordon’s Gin and about half a measure of Lillet. The mixture is added to a cocktail glass and then garnished with long thinly cut pieces of lemon peel.

Greatest Year of All in Hollywood

It could take quite a bit of thinking, listing films released in different years and a lot of arguing even with friends, when you want to work out which was the most significant year ever in Hollywood. What also massively influences the outcome is the film genre you like and enjoy watching. Some will vote comic as the greatest, other romance, high action, racing, sci-fi, there are more films than you can imagine.

1979 A Year of Big Hits

One year that did have a lot of votes counting for it is 1979, which is the year when The In-Laws, The Jerk, Mad Max, All That Jazz, Apocalypse Now and Real Life was big hits.

1939 Films Remember for Greatness

If you love older films, you’ll instantly understand why so many argued that 1939 is by far the best and purist, Hollywood ever produced. When it comes to the best year ever in films, the contenders of then include The Women as well as Gone with the Wind another great of all times, that is unbeatable is The Wizard of Oz.

How Can it Not Be 1968?

If you feel that the best films ever were shown in 1968, you are surrounded by many who agrees. This is the year when massive movies shocked the nation. It is films that force the viewer to remember them. The films include Night of the Living Dead, Yellow Submarine, The Producers and The Lion in Winter. The one that everyone remembers is Rosemary’s Baby.

1999 Entertainment Excellence

But when you spend hours and days thinking about the best year in films or the years in which you raced the most often to the cinema to enjoy great movies. One-year stand s out, and that is 1999.

Still not convinced, Fight Club, Brad Pitt, now we have your attention. It was the best film of the year and one of the best films ever.

The Matrix

It is also the year of The Blair Witch Project directed by Eduardo Sanchez in which Heather Donahue plays a leading role. This is the year in which films had the most significant impact. Most introduced the audience to unique themes such as The Matrix. It is a film in which the choice between the red and blue pill sticks in viewers minds. Keanu Reeves becomes Neo in a movie that has many hidden alternative realities, and it is one none will ever forget.

Three Kings

Other in 1999 include Three Kings with Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney, Being John Malkovich, The Best Man and also The Insider. When it comes to the sweetest and the cheekiest, it also includes Magnolia and Elections, and maybe you remember The Virgin Suicides.

The Sixth Sense

This is also the year when you could be nothing but impressed by The Sixth Sense and Boys Don’t Cry. Other greats in this year include Notting Hill, Eyes Wide Shut, The Talented Mr Ripley and Dogma.

Best Racing Films

Betting on Formula 1 racing is still in many ways considered a niche market. Although there is a lot of F1 statistical analysis available to help racing fans in maximising their profits. Racing enthusiasts enjoy both the Saturday qualifying races as well as the races itself. Racing takes place once a year and the racing calendar features typically 21 different races. The racing season generally starts in Melbourne and then moves to favourite world tracks such as Silverstone, Budapest, Spa and Monza.

F1 Betting

Racing fans can bet on which driver they predict would win the championship, which is determined by the number of points the drivers accumulates. You can also place bets on the ’constructor’s championship or race winners. Other betting options apart from race winners include the driver in pole position, podium placing and the fastest lap of the race.

Racing Films to Watch During Formula One off Season

There is an excellent selection of racing films you can watch during Formula One’s, and one of the best is Hunt vs Lauda. The great movie offers exclusive interviews with racing fans who were there. It also features unseen footage of the race that changed Formula 1 forever.

Drive to Survive

Drive to Survive is a new Formula 1 documentary based on the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. It shows that Formula 1 is the highest single-seat racing, while it offers some of the stuff not shown in the sports headlines. It provides racing fans with a great behind the scenes look and it also focusses on some of the less popular drivers.

Grand Prix Driver

Grand Prix Driver goes deep inside the intensely secretive world of Formula One racing and offers most of the footage that was never allowed to be published. The most exciting part is that it gives access to the inner workings of teams such as McLaren and it is footage that was never granted access to before.

Formula One – Williams

If you are a die-hard Williams fan, you probably have already seen the biography and documentary focussed on the Williams team. It centres on the family and career of the founder of the team, Sir Frank Williams. This extraordinary British sports documentary tells the story of Formula 1, and it offers great insight into the team as it is today.


The 2017 McLaren documentary offers everything fans wants to know about the McLaren team found by the New Zealander Bruce McLaren. It shows the man that believed humble beginnings could lead to the best team in the world. The team won nine constructors championship in the past 40 years, while the founder ended up in a wheelchair after a crash. This documentary also includes interviews with stars such as Nigel Mansell, Sir Jackie Steward and Alan Jones.

None of the documentaries uses fiction to draw emotion and viewers get to learn something magical about the men who started the teams now rated as the best. Learn more about the ups and downs of each, and you might place your next bet with some inside information.

Bets Please, Will There Be a Game of Thrones Movie

There will be a Game of Thrones movie according to George RR Martin, it is on its way, which is excellent news to millions if not billions of fans. The author of the Song of Ice and Fire novel attended the afterparty of HBO after the Emmy’s and was happy when the important announcement was made. Martin announced the film but told the Daily Star that he would not be involved with the Game of Thrones film as he was with the series.

When asked why he would not partake in the film, he answered that he had just too much to take care of, this includes completing two more books, and something else for David Benioff, DB Weiss and HBO. George also said that he was a very slow writer and that he did not want to upset the fans. There is the belief that he wants to complete The Winds of Winter and that the film would be the prequel that allows some of the characters that are dead to return.

Taking A Dip Back to the Days of Ned Stark

It could be a dip back in time when the prominent characters were alive, and the film could include Ned Stark, Robb Stark and Oberyn Martell the Red. The books written by George can contain as much as 1,200 pages. One thing is for sure, and that is that the biggest ever show worldwide is not ending in 2019. There are already plans for the start of filming later this year, and while most fans are left to believe it’s the final, a big announcement may come soon.

For now, all focus is on how the current series would end, but sadly fans won’t be able to solve the riddle that easily. There is a lot of anti-heroic and rug-pulling that left Snow bleeding. It’s a rag to the throne kind of story, and there are some of the heroes that can’t die, so what are the odds. Some believe the white walkers are not dead and will return to kill off everyone. Other believe that the thrones will belong to Daenerys, although the last episode did many wonders after she killed off just about everything. Cersei is still alive, although she has less power.

Will The Nice Guy Win?

There is also Jon Snow, and he remains the favourite when it comes to entertainment betting, some wonder if he would take the throne, he is not that good as a leader. George Martin likes tales in which the good guy wins he likes the gentle gust to rule. Maybe the throne was destroyed by the one who wants to sit on it the most? But if you a keen supporter you might feel that the final episode will only wrap up some of the things, but at the same time introduce a whole bunch of new theories. This time around, Game of Thrones is all about epic battles, betrayals and there will be tears.


With 92% of filmgoers enjoying Seabiscuit the movie that takes place during the Great Depression, it is a positive indication of just how popular horse-racing remains. It is favoured as racing as well as betting sport, and the film was nominated for many Academy Awards. The film is not based on a true story but instead on the novel and inspired by how popular horse-racing became near the end of the depression in the United States.

Seabiscuit Film is as Uplifting as it is Heart-Warming

Film critics described the film as uplifting and heart-warming, while many agree that it is one of the best movies inspired by horse racing. The film is not perfect although it is entertaining and loved by sports enthusiasts; it tells the tale of an underdog that keeps going, overcome all the obstacles and finally succeed.

Yay, or Nay to Pari-Mutuel Betting

Based on the ruling against specific ways of sports betting in the USA, the current laws are taking its toll on sports enthusiasts. Pari-mutuel betting is used in New Zealand, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, Britain and Canada. Even Japan uses it for betting on horses as well as motorcycle, hydroplane and bicycle races. In New Zealand, pari-mutuel betting is used for greyhound races, although the sport is lacking in popularity due to cruelty accusations by the ASPCA and PETA.

Pari-Mutual or Fixed Odds

In fixed-odds betting, the wager traditionally stands alone, if the punter visits a bookie to bet on a horse to win, the odds and terms of the payout are fixed at that minute. It is not influenced by how many bets on the same horse as the payouts you could potentially win is fixed. You either win it or, you lose. This is what is different in part-mutual betting; the punters don’t play against the horse, it is played against fellow bettors, the bets are pooled on a horse and betting takes place until minutes before the race starts. The more money made on a particular horse via betting, the less the prize and it makes it almost impossible for anyone to collect a massive jackpot.

Not Nearly as Popular as Previously – What Could Change in Horse Betting

Horse racing is not nearly as accessible as it previously was, and rumour has it that the pari-mutuel system will be scrapped, and horse betting will be fixed odds like it is on most of the pro sports teams. The transmission from pari-mutuel to that of fixed odds on horse racing will be challenging and time-consuming. In New York, the pari-mutuel system has been in place for over 140 years, and governments enjoy the steady revenues from pari-mutuel betting systems.

Seabiscuit & Horse Racing

The only hope is that the real horse-racing betting world will also face its obstacles, finds ways around difficulties and enjoy a happy ending like the film called Seabiscuit. It sure meets a few, and there are no quick fixes in view, but with time it could be back in favour.