MI7 Resuming Production in September 2020

After a notable postponement period, the 7th instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise is resuming filming by September 2020. February marked the date where Tom Cruise & the entire staff were forced to leave their filming location of Italy, with the COVID-19 pandemic drastically implicating this nation. Some questioned that a new location would be scouted, avoiding another closure if a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus infects Italy. It’s been confirmed that no alterations in their filming locations have been implemented.

Multiple productions in Hollywood were terminated following the coronavirus pandemic. Upcoming films like Avatar Two was forced into a hiatus, with this extending towards movies that were slated to release weeks before the epidemic broke out. Fast Nine’s release was postponed by twelve months, with other films like James Bond “No Time to Die” not hitting cinemas until November 2020.

Mission Impossible Seven would’ve been released by July 2021, with Paramount Pictures forced to delay its cinematic launch until November 2021. This prompted the 8th instalment of Mission Impossible to enter a postponement period. Most aren’t aware, but both upcoming chapters are interconnected films that’ll tell the prolonged end of Ethan Hunt’s career. Before these cinematic instalments can be released, the Mission Impossible Crew but receive clearance from local authorities to resume production. This will be a challenging task to accomplish within the United Kingdom. Christopher McQuarrie, the Director of MI7, will provide an official confirmation when production is resumed in the United Kingdom. For now, they’ve been provided clearance to resume in Italy.

Confirmed Locations

The First Assistant Director of Mission Impossible Seven was questioned on the resuming of production. He noted that they’d begin shooting by September 2020 in Venice, Italy. Tommy Gormley mentioned that when Italy became infected with the novel coronavirus, they were filming in what’s now known as their epicentre location. Filming had to end several days before production in Italy was slated to end. Tommy also confirmed that the full filming location schedule is still being enacted, with their setting required for Ethan Hunt’s final adventure.

Obtaining access to filming in the United Kingdom will impose significant hurdles. New guidelines have been implemented by Boris Johnson, affecting multiple films from possibly returning to the country for years to come.

Netflix Purchases Los Angeles Egyptian Theatre

Netflix has purchased one of the most historic locations for American cinema. Considered a Los Angeles Historic Treasure, it was announced that the American Cinematique Organization sold the Egyptian Theatre to the Netflix Company. This prompted an immediate response from directors in the industry, informing the ACO to sell under the condition that Netflix doesn’t alter the historical programming commonly shown at the Egyptian Theatre. It was 1st revealed that negotiations had begun in 2018, with the involvement of directors postponing the agreement until 2020. This led analysts to speculate that Netflix struggled at the concept of purchasing the Egyptian, while also maintaining original programming.

The History

The Los Angeles Film Industry is culturally remembered at the Egyptian Theatre. It’s closed once in its lifetime, which began in December 1922. The prowess of this cinema enabled it to remain open during World War II and Vietnam, with its closing only once in 1992. Their doors wouldn’t reopen to the public until 1996, which is when the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency took over ownership. It cost them $1.00 to obtain property, with the Egyptian Theatre being awarded to the LACRA by Rick Nicita. Those permitted to attend this cinema can sit down in one of 616 auditorium seats. There’s also an additional screening room for exclusive members, with it being named the Spielberg Screening Room. It can seat seventy-eight cinematics.

Sid Grauman designed the Egyptian Theatre, with this architect being considered one of the most influential in the 1920s. He’s credited with developing some of the first cinemas in the United States, with his designs being reflected for decades after his death. His unique designs allowed for the first premiere at the Egyptian to be “The Ten Commandments” from Cecil B. DeMille in 1923. That film has been reshown every year since the Egyptian Theatre began a designated historical location.

The Cost

The deal is suspected of having cost Netflix $20 Million or more to obtain ownership of the Egyptian Theatre. PR Representatives with the streaming service guaranteed that the preservation of classic cinema will continue being maintained under their ownership. It should be noted that this acquisition enables Netflix to hold a piece of cinema history, where their critically acclaimed films can be inducted into the Egyptian’s preservation. Productions with remarkable stories, directing styles, and visuals will most likely be showcased 1st at the Egyptian moving forward.

Guidelines Revealed for Disneyland Reopening

Theme Parks in North America are desperate to restart operations with the summer season looming. It’s prompted the Disney Corporation to unveil a series of guidelines that would enable their respective locations to reopen in the United States, China, and France. These guidelines regard the coronavirus pandemic and would require government approval. Disney hasn’t seemingly cared around the loss of life in comparison to their depleting funds. Billions are being lost in the entertainment and travel industries, which Disney are most prevalent worldwide.

Global civilians worldwide were forced to rethink their lifestyle and how they engage with conventional society after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic in March. Shortly after multiple sporting associations, entertainment venues, tourist destinations, and national parks were shut down. Worldwide leaders have slowly begun considering lifting their respective restrictions, hoping that a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus won’t become a reality.

The Walk Disney Company didn’t anticipate the financial shock from the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced them to place non-essential employees onto furlough status, meaning their respective employment won’t be reinstated until the epidemic has concluded. Most aren’t away that since their initial closures in China and North America, individual theme parks under the Disney label have reopened. Multiple measures were implemented for the safety of visitors and employees, with one requirement being mandatory facemasks for everyone on-site. Temperature screenings were also held for those entering & leaving the facility. It’s now expected that similar measures will be implemented with Disney’s locations in the United States of America.

The Safety Protocols

PR Representatives with the Walt Disney Company provided updated into their initial groundwork for reopening their parks. The public was guaranteed that Disney’s working on ensuring the health & safety of on-site personnel, with these protection efforts extending towards guests. It was noted that multiple Amenities, Services, Attractions, and Disney Experiences would be altered to account for COVId-19.

PR Reps also clarified that park shutdowns could be implemented at any time, with refunds not guaranteed on park admission. Details on which attractions at Disneyland Anaheim or Walt Disney World Orlando will be closed weren’t revealed. Reps also noted that social distancing would be implemented, with ride queues showing six-feet taped marking. This means that available rides that aren’t closed will have limited accessibility.

Amazon Potentially Purchasing AMC Theatres

Movie theatres worldwide are entering financial peril amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. Their operations have shut down for the foreseeable future, prompting some of the most notable brands in this marketspace to locate new investors. This extends towards AMC Theatres, with it now being reported that the Amazon Company is considering the full acquisition of this movie theatre chain. It’s also reported that Showcase Cinemas and Regal Cinemas also contacted Amazon for financial freedom. However, Amazon selected against those two respective brands and are moving forward with AMC Theatres.

Most of these movie theatres had hoped they’d reopen their doors weeks after the initial lockdown began. However, that was sixty days ago. It appears that an additional thirty to sixty days of lockdown measures will be imposed on Western Nations. That will force double the lost revenue on these companies, with Summer coming as their most financially profitable quarter. Obtaining an acquisition through Amazon would enable AMC Theatres to remain an active property for the foreseeable future, especially when considering that Jeff Bezos holds $145 Billion in financial wealth. He could afford to purchase all movie theatres worldwide and have barely inflicted his fortune.

It should be mentioned that AMC Theatres is struggling more than their competition. This company stands as the most prominent operator of movie theatres worldwide, supporting 11+ thousand screens globally. All these respective screens are shut down right now, with hundreds of millions being lost weekly to this company. Financial experts were predicting that AMC Theatres would file for bankruptcy during the pandemic. However, obtaining financial freedom with Amazon would revert all chances of AMC Theatres entering bankruptcy.

Amazon’s Benefit

Jeff Bezos isn’t considering purchasing AMC Theatres from the kindness of his heart. It’s a business investment that would drastically improve the growth of Amazon Studios, which currently develops films and television series for Amazon Prime Video. Instead of these respective properties being released to their streaming service, they’d launch onto the big screen internationally. Amazon would throw hundreds of millions into acquiring new features through notable novels, directors, or writers. The investment would take a prolonged period to see returns but would eventually make Amazon Studios a powerhouse similar to Disney.

Tom Cruise Filming Movie in Space

The International Space Station has been confirmed as an upcoming movie set, with this information being released directly from NASA. Their public announcement noted that Tom Cruise would use his formidable talents to assist with the 1st movie filmed in space. It’s not surprising that Tom Cruise was selected, with the Mission Impossible actor known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with film. Previous heights met by Cruise included attaching himself onto the side of an Airbus, then taking off from the ground. It follows suit that his next adventure would be filming in space.

Rumours surrounding the production of a space film starring Tom Cruise had been circulating entertainment outlets. Nobody anticipated that it’d be shot in the exact location, with Tom Cruise also partnering with SpaceX to accomplish this task. The majority of details regarding this film haven’t been revealed, with the plotline even unknown to the public. The concept that Tom Cruise will film a movie in space seems absurd, especially when considering the numerous problems that can occur onset.

NASA, SpaceX & Tom Cruise are approaching this scenario at the worst time possible. Elon Musk’s foolish behaviour over May 1st to 7th caused an immediate decline in SpaceX’s valuation, meaning the assisted funds for this film could be terminated. That’d immediately stop Tom Cruise in his revolutionary path. There’s also the novel coronavirus, which won’t be solved for a prolonged period. Placing multiple individuals that’ve engaged with public social distancing into the International Space Station could cause colossal damages. COVID-19 breaking out in the ISS would effectively put the station out of order until a vaccine was created.

NASA Administrator to Hopeful

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s Head of Administrations, confirmed this project via Twitter. His excitement towards the upcoming project was unavoidable. Those against this concept expressed that this wouldn’t have been possible under anyone else’s leadership, with this being a direct shot towards Donald Trump. Using an international facility in space that costs $150 Billion for a filming location is ridiculous. The fact that Tom Cruise believes that a scientific facility where breakthrough research has been accomplished is similar to a movie set shows his egotistical attitude, which is often reported.

AMC Theaters & Regal Cinemas Fight Against Universal Studios

Universal Studios is receiving backlash from two theatre chains after announcing multiple films straight to Video-on-Demand. Those companies include Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres, which announced that they wouldn’t showcase any movies slated for a theatrical release that’d already been projected onto VOD.

March 2020 marked the date when Universal Studios decided that four films that were slated for summer release would be implemented onto VOD services like Google Play and Apple Movies. It enabled Universal to obtain fast profits during a period where all studios are losing millions per day. Studios like Disney, MGM, and Columbia Pictures have refused to implement similar strategies. They’ve instead rescheduled their releases to adhere with contractual obligations. Universal deemed these contractual obligations unnecessary and unavoidable, prompting the backlash from operators like AMC Theatres & Regal Cinemas.

Universal Studios hasn’t provided public apologies to either of these corporations, with inside sources indicating that a furious battle of lawyers and courts could ensue. Insiders revealed that executives with Universal Studios wouldn’t accept a banning of their films, prompting lawsuits that would more than likely immediately be dismissed.

Universal broke these contractual obligations initially, with executives upset that they’re being punished for their actions. It should be noted that after AMC Theatres & Regal Cinemas made this announcement, the Universal Studios CEO public remarked that this release model would be employed in the future. Instead of standing beside the film industry that’s growth Universal Studios, Jeff Shell has turned his back on this marketplace.

Regal Founder Provides Insight

The CEO & Founder of Regal Cinemas provided public insight on this matter. It was explained that Universal Studios broke multiple understanding with Regal Cinemas, choosing to inappropriately react to the coronavirus pandemic and disturb a prolonged good faith business relationship. The lack of transparency in their decision has ruined this partnership, which is why Regal Cinemas will follow AMC Theatres and not show any Universal Studios films moving forward. This is the fallout for failing to respect your industry, Jeff.

It’ll be interesting to see how Universal Studios reacts to the remarks from Regal Cinemas. Words can always be used towards benefiting Jeff Shell, A Snake in Hollywood, with his lawsuit.

New Scooby-Doo Film Cancels Theatrical Release

The novel coronavirus has infected numerous industries worldwide, forcing an influx of cancellations for the entertainment industry. Most thought that the influx period had dissipated until the Centre for Disease Control announced the expansion of social distancing. It prompted Warner Brothers Studios to announce that SCOOB, the latest entry in the Scooby-Doo franchise, will be released straight to VOD. Multiple studios have implemented similar measures with their respective films, ensuring that moviegoers and industry-wide staff are protected.

Film studios have understood the conditional factors with coronavirus and how they can take lives. This doesn’t mean that Warner Brother Studios has cancelled all their upcoming films, with titles slated for 2020 being pushed back by two or three months. This extends towards Wonder Woman 1984, which was postponed from June 2020 until August. Productions for films under Warner Brothers have also been cancelled, with The Batman from Matt Reeves being delayed from 2021 until Summer 2022. These cancellations and postponements are forcing millions of dollars in lost revenue onto these studios. It’s expected that lower positioned studios like MGM could find themselves going bankrupt.

Additional Cancelled Films

Warner Brothers extended their cancelled films on March 1st, indicating that movies like “Malignant” from James Wan would be postponed by twelve months. This extends to their first musical is nearly ten years, which is called “In the Heights”. No additional confirmations had been made until April 22nd, where RP Representatives confirmed that SCOOB would be postponed until August 2020. That postponement period can be extended by Warner Brothers depending on the conditions of COVID-19 in North America by Summer 2020. Supporters behind Warner Brothers were already disappointed when Formula Nine and Jungle Cruise were postponed by twelve months. It’ll be interesting to see the reactions of parents with children if they’ll thank Warner Brothers from releasing SCOOB on VOD.

Warner Brothers released an official statement. It read that executives are excited to release films to theatres eventually, but until then were locating new strategies that can see our fanbase get new entertainment while in self-isolation.

Netflix Dominates Over Disney

Film experts were astounded to learn that the Disney Corporation was overwhelmed by the Netflix Company on April 15th. Nobody would’ve anticipated this possible, with Disney being the most significant studio in the entertainment industry. This powerhouse company has created infamous films, which range from the Lion King to Avengers End. The fact that they’ve been overcome by a streaming service known for limited quality is shocking. Regardless, stock valuations from Wall Street contested that Netflix was higher than Disney.

Disney’s History

The Disney Corporation has modernized films multiple times since its iteration in 1923. Movies were provided to the public before, during and after the World War. Their more than a global brand but an element of culture seen globally. They’ve created numerous household characters, varying from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Tony Stark or Rey Skywalker.

Beyond the scope of their films, which now expand multiple branches of Hollywood, Disney is also known for providing theme parks worldwide. Disneyworld and Disneyland are supported worldwide, with their most notable location being in Florida. Cruise Lines are also owned and operated by Disney. Their true scope over the entertainment and tourism industry should outweigh whatever Netflix has to offer. However, the overwhelming number of global civilians remaining indoors has prompted the immediate increase of usage with Netflix. Registrations for new accounts have also drastically increased, with Disney+ not seeing those same sign-up volumes.

Netflix’s Brief & Important History

The Netflix company wouldn’t become operation until 1997, more than 55+ years after Disney had cemented their brand in America. They initially began as a rental service, competing with the likes of Blockbuster and Rogers Video. Consumers would order desired films via phone or the internet, which would then be delivered by mail. One decade later and Netflix launched its streaming services. However, the Netflix Streaming Platform wouldn’t become adopted worldwide until 2015.

Thousands of television shows and films are available through Netflix. A large percentage of their offerings are created in-house. Some of the most notable titles from the Netflix Production House include Bloodline, House of Cards, The Irishman, Dolomite is my Name, The Witcher, The Christmas Chronicles, Mowgli, The Two Popes, War Machine and The Cloverfield Paradox.

John Cena Joining VCU

The Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe began with the recent introduction of Vin Diesel’s “Bloodshot”. It appears that the VCU will move forward with John Cena taking the helm. Reports indicate that he’ll take on the role of XO Manowar, which will be produced and filmed through Sony Production Studios. Sony hopes that the Valiant Universe will one day compete against the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The start hasn’t been positive with Sony having to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic, which prompted low sales for Bloodshot.

The VCU Struggles

Another problem that’s challenged Sony was losing “Harbinger” to Paramount, one of the most notable properties associated with Valiant Comics. That means the chances for an interconnected film series for the VCU is minimal. Vin Diesel approved Bloodshot with the concept that a Valiant Cinematic Universe would be produced, with Diesel acting as the Robert Downey Junior. He hinted multiple times throughout social media that this would become possible over a prolonged period.

Remarks regarding the VCU became non-existent from Diesel after the confirmation that Paramount Studios acquired. It should be noted that Sony Films has worked with the MCU multiple times to bring Spider-Man into their interconnected universe. Similar measures would be implemented with Paramount to ensure connections between Bloodshot, Harbinger and XO Manowar.

XO Manowar

There haven’t been confirmations made regarding who’s been cast for the Valiant Cinematic Universe. John Cena hasn’t been cast officially, instead suggesting he’d make the perfect actor for this role via Twitter and Instagram. Those unaware of the XO Manowar character shouldn’t be surprised. Valiant Comics aren’t accessible in comparison to DC or Marvel. XO Manowar stands as their 4th most famous character, with him originally being born in the 5th Century throughout Europe.

He became abducted by the Vine Alien Race, where XO Manowar was thrown deep into space. He’d become trained by the people of Vine and provided the Manowar Armor, enabling XO to save an alien race from planetary destruction. John Cena playing that role would mean the wrestler is integrating with the DC Comics Universe and Valiant Comics Universe. Cena is slated to perform as “Peacemaker” in Suicide Squad Two from James Gunn.

AMC Theaters Re-Opening for June

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced multiple entertainment facilities to shut their doors for a prolonged period. This included AMC Theaters in North America, with both their American and Canadian locations having to be shut down. This decision was implemented after government orders were enforced to curve the spread of infection. Multiple other cinemas like Regal and Showcase also closed their doors. The chief executive officer with AMC Theatres believes it’ll be possible to reopen their locations by Mid-June. There isn’t any end in sight for the United States, with them now having the highest rate of infection globally. Several changes to how the entertainment industry distribute films after COVID-19s fallout.

Franchise owners behind AMC Theatres have become increasingly concerned over the prolonged closures. Profits aren’t being earned, and employees were forced into layoffs with social distancing measures implemented by the American government. This extends towards the Canadian government. Cinema fanatics haven’t been left without any new experiences, as multiple films have been released to On-Demand Services like Google Play Movies. The Invisible Man is available today for a 48-hour rental at $20.00. Fanatics will still be excited with the prospect of returning to their local cinema.

The National Association of Theater Owners expressed that locations in the United States and Canada will reopen for Mid-June. That decision is dependant on the American and Canadian government, who could enforce social distancing measures for a prolonged period. Military and Police Services have been called to ensure that enforcement is met. Medical analysts suspect that social distancing will be implemented until August in North America, which could prolong the NTOA from reopening their respective chains.