Wonder Woman 1984 Postponed

The release date for Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed following the continued coronavirus pandemic. This virus has been detrimental to the entertainment industry, with multiple films slated for theatres being released On-Demand. This extends to various productions being shut down and numerous films being postponed. Cancellations and postponements from the entertainment industry have been accomplished to limit the spread of Covid-19. It should be mentioned that multiple movie theatres and entertainment venues have been temporarily shut down as well. Those who’d be willing to risk their safety won’t have the opportunity following these closures.

Covid-19s circumstances have prompted the cancellations of Hollywood’s next two calendar months. Films expected for May and April were forced into postponement following the government conditions on Covid-19. Those conditions include a limitation on mass gatherings, with ten people allowed in the same location. Self-Isolation Measures with potential enforcement protocols have ensured that there have been minimal mass gatherings. However, some have ignored legislation and met in large quantities. This extended to Spring Break at Daytona Beach, where thousands could be seen in one area.

Box Office Records Zero Revenue

The United States Box Office Commission announced that zero revenues were recorded during the March 20th to 22nd weekend. This followed the closure of all nationals’ theatres for the public safety of citizens. It’s the 1st time in history that Hollywood has earned zero profits in one weekend, with WWI and WWII seeing cinemas remain open to curbing national depression. Considering that the Covid-19 Pandemic is slowing down shortly, there’ll be continued impacts to the entertainment industry.

The financial losses associated with Covid-19 extend beyond these large-scale corporations. Independent businesses with minimal profits will be most affected by the pandemic. It’s expected that numerous companies will shut down following Covid-19. Multinational corporations aren’t immune to the conditional effects of this virus, with the tourism industry also facing significant declines in value. The entertainment industry is right behind them, with all their products and venues being deemed “Non-Essential Services”. The minimal conjuncture of citizens in one location has forced unions to implement shut down policies. It’s suspected that all these closures are costing Hollywood $400 million daily.

Avatar Sequels Postpone Production for Coronavirus

Representatives behind the Avatar Films confirmed that production had been postponed following the coronavirus pandemic. New steps were taken following the increasing information coming daily, with James Cameron and film executives determining that this was the best decision to ensure public safety. It should be mentioned that multiple films and television series have terminated their productions for a prolonged period as well. This includes the Stanger Things Season Four, The Voice Australia, American Idol and many others.

The Coronavirus & Protective Measures

Covid-19 or the novel coronavirus became an internationally discussed topic on January 1st. This followed after a substantial outbreak of the SARS-Related virus broke out throughout Wuhan, China, on December 31st. Those infected with Covid-19 would acquire the specialized flu that would lead to symptoms of pneumonia. Individuals of older age, mothers and children are most likely to pass away from this virus. Others with sound immune systems and average ages have been healing. Thousands have died globally from this virus, with that valuation expected to increase.

One hundred nations globally have enacted various measures to ensure public protection and limit the spreading of this disease. This followed after global death tolls continued to rise, financial markets began to crash, and entertainment venues were cancelled. The world has somewhat halted during this period of universal fear, with politicians using this time to calculate the best decisions for their respective populations. It should be noted that sporting venues across the European Union, Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa have been postponed following the global coronavirus pandemic. These sporting events and entertainment venues aren’t expected to open until Summer 2020, with Covid-19 unable to live in temperatures above 27+ degrees.

Avatar Sequels Possibly Delayed

Film enthusiasts that are excited about the Avatar sequels have become concerned that opening dates will be postponed. This doesn’t come as a substantial loss, with James Cameron haven’t confirmed any dates for the three slated sequels. Details, when production will continue, weren’t provided, even with the minimal cases of Covid-19 displayed throughout New Zealand. Production houses like Universal Studios have demanded the immediate postponement of all films or television shows, giving Cameron minimal room to negotiate continued filming and editing.

Fast Nine, Mulan & New Mutants Postponed for Coronavirus

Thee additional films have been postponed following the increasing spread of the coronavirus, which comes after multiple studios argued that their respective movies wouldn’t be cancelled. The 1st cancellation applies to Fast & Furious Nine, with it being moved back by an additional twelve months until Spring 2021. Everyone is having to react and respond differently to this global pandemic, with the entertainment industry having to take the necessary precautions to ensure public safety.

Multiple venues throughout the entertainment industry have been terminated. Those include CinemaCon, ACE Comic-Con, SXSW and the E3 Expo. Numerous countries across the globe have enforced legislation which ends mass gatherings, which has prompted these immediate venue cancellations globally. It should be noted that additional films like “A Quiet Place Part II” and “No Time to Die” have been postponed by multiple months for public safety. This is the 1st time in Hollywood’s history that an influx of films has had to be terminated following the virus, with the Chinese Government being considered the primary culprits behind COVID-19. The world is currently working towards limiting the exposure, with enforcement actions against China coming later.

Mulan’s Cancellation

The Disney Corporation, unfortunately, had to announce that Mulan, the Live-Action Remake, has been postponed following the continued coronavirus pandemic. It’s growing to be such a substantial concern that the world’s most prominent companies are willing to lose millions in quarterly earnings for the protection of public safety. It should be mentioned that multiple sets have been disbanded, ensuring that the actors and set-staff are protected from a potential outbreak. All variations of mass gatherings must be terminated going forward.

The New Mutants

Another film was delayed with the onslaught of the coronavirus, with this movie experiencing its fourth postponement in recent years. The New Mutants has been delayed three times previously because of production issues and actors’ respective schedules. Disney operated the Fox brand, with this slated to be their 1st film under their newest acquisition. Terminating the New Mutants and Mulan indicates that the Disney Corporation is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the limitations of coronavirus outbreaks. We’ll keep our readers informed of any additional cancellations following the coronavirus pandemic and the entertainment industry.

Summer Movies Postponed by Coronavirus

Multiple films for the upcoming summer season have been postponed for public safety, with others unconcerned with the potential of an increased outbreak. It was confirmed that Fast Nine and Black Window would see their initial launch dates in North America. Considering that 2020 is slated to be one of the most anticipated film seasons of recent memory, it’s unsurprising that studios like Universal and Disney are refusing to limit their releases. That’s why moviegoers can still expect Mulan, A Quiet Place Plat Two and Pixar’s Onward to be released this month.

The 1st film that’s willing to postpone their release date is No Time To Die, which is slated to be the final Daniel Craig “James Bond” movie. It was initially slated to be released this year, with the updated timeframe now indicating a delayed box office opening. Directors expressed that this decision had been made following the pandemic being seen worldwide, with the press tour having already being terminated before this announcement.

Considering this was slated to be one of the most popular films for the summer season, it’s prompted speculation that multiple other studios will be forced to terminate their films initial launch date. Subsequently, we could still see films like Mulan and Fast Nine be cancelled. Both movies will be popular with Asia Moviegoers; it’d be irresponsible for these studios not to postpone the box office release.

James Bond Cancelled

When it applies to James Bond with No Time To Die, it’s received a delay of several months Prompted by the coronavirus; this film had already seen substantial impacts from the virus. Their Chinese Tour and follow-up events around the nation were terminated. Rumours suggested it’d be released for the April 2020 box office, as initially announced. However, MGM Films have pulled back from this release date.

Considering that MGM has spent millions on the marketing campaign for this film, including a one-minute Super Bowl Television Advertisement, it’s shocking that this movie was the first to announce a delay. It could be a financial loss for MGM Films. No Time To Die was slated to be the highest-earning James Bond film yet. The popularity of this film could dwindle in the next several months. It should be noted that Mission Impossible Seven have cancelled their production throughout Italy, with this extending to multiple studios cancelling their appearances at large-scale conventions across the world.

New Star Wars Film in 2022

The Disney Corporation has provided detailed insight regarding their next Star Wars Trilogy. This comes weeks after they finished their theatrical release of “The Rise of Skywalker”, which concluded Disney’s failed first attempt into the franchise. After considerable backlash from the three last firms, LucasFilm and Walt Disney Studios are entering into a new time period for the 1st time in this franchise’s history. Star Wars fans will be taken back thousands of years to the High Republic, with this upcoming trilogy slated to coincide with multiple television series on Disney+.

This upcoming trilogy could be a failure similar to the most recent. It was initially confirmed that David Benioff & D.B. Weiss would direct the forthcoming trilogy in the High Republic. However, after these two men had creative differences with Walt Disney Studios, they left the project. It’s now prompted Disney executives to re-hire Rian Johnson for the newest trilogy, with his last Star Wars film being considered the worst ever made.

These executives have received considerable backlash for this decision, with film analysts stating that Disney will continue to ruin Star Wars by refusing to enter any dark subject matters. It should be noted that Kevin Feige, the infamous creator behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is helping produce the upcoming trilogy. He could be their saving grace.

Release Dates

The Disney Corporation has provided the bare minimum details regarding this upcoming trilogy. It’s known that they’ll be released on a two-year time frame starting December 2022. That means the two sequels will follow in 2024 and 2026, with zero details regarding the plot having been provided. This illustrates the secretive nature behind the High Republic Trilogy, with film analysts believing that Rian Johnson will manufacture a childish Star Wars Experience. If Disney cannot perform with their upcoming trilogy, it’ll be the end of this infamous brands cinematic run. The viewer would become bored with Star Wars and being let down.

Star Wars Enthusiasts can anticipate this film to begin production in January 2021, with set development and costume creation already underway. It’s expected that two renditions of the script have already been revised as well. We will keep our readers updated with any additional information regarding the High Republic Trilogy, which won’t be for a minimum of eight months from now.

Cinderella Castle Receiving Walt Disney Makeover

The Walt Disney World in Florida shocked guests with a surprise announcement. It was revealed that the Cinderella Castle would be receiving a fully-fledged makeover in the coming months. This marks the 1st instance that the castle is undergoing a physical change in design since 1971, which is when it was first developed.

It’s been known to millions worldwide that the Cinderella Castle is a centrepiece for the Disney logo. It’s one of the most recognizable symbols globally, with the Mickey Mouse ears being minimally more popular. Those that have attended the Walt Disney World Resort know that the castle stands 183ft tall, with it appearing in multiple films throughout the Disney Studios cinematic history.

Shockingly, Cinderella has remained an iconic character for Walt Disney Studios, with other character creations becoming more popular since the film 1st aired. Film analysts anticipate that some of their more original characters will centre around the newly announced castle, with colour schemes falling similar to Iron Man and the Marvel Universe. Considering that Disney’s most popular properties include Star Wars and the MCU, it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a change to Cinderella’s Castle. It’d surely destroy the dreams of countless little girls across North America and the world.

Walt Disney World in Florida expressed that their aware of Cinderella’s importance to fans and that she’d never stop engaging with guests. However, following their 70th anniversary as a theme park, changes are needed to keep this building relevant. Executives and investors are behind this design alteration, demanding that space be used properly or be torn down for new attractions. Marketing executives knew this wasn’t possible, prompting them to alternate from the Cinderella design scheme. The blueprints for this castle aren’t being changed, allowing for the overall shape to remain identical.

The Ridiculous Left of America

Those wanting to witness the changes coming to Cinderella’s Castle have to wait until the 3rd quarter in 2020. It’ll support a top-level with light shades of pink, royal blue and gold trim. There’s a secondary colour scheme being implemented on the bottom level though, which will see a darker grey and the gold trim blended. Some believe Disney World is trying to make this castle gender-neutral, avoiding any potential backlash before it can occur. Left-Wing Fanatics would’ve demanded that the castle be torn down to honour the LBGTQ Community, which Walt Disney World wouldn’t allow in any context. That’s why they solved the problem before it ever started.

Shazam Two Filming This Summer

Supporters of the Shazam franchise were excited to learn that the sequel will begin filming with accordance to the upcoming Black Adam film. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both of these films are entering production in the summer. Individuals that supported the original Shazam film saw Zachary Levi take on a comedic role, with the film becoming one of DC & Warner Brothers most successful in recent memory. Critic praise was provided to this film for its capabilities to enter deeper themes while keeping self-aware humour for a family-friendly audience.

Individuals anticipated that Black Adam would appear in the 1st Shazam movie but was thoroughly shocked when Johnson didn’t appear in the film. This was because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became one of the most notable names in Hollywood, with his presence garnering billions at the box office. It prompted Warner Brothers to provide Black Adam with his respective film, taking the role of this Anti-Hero into live-action cinema for the first time. It’s expected that both characters will meet each other in either Shazam 2 or Black Adam, or both. The showdown between these individuals wouldn’t happen until Shazam Three, with their fallout displayed in the 2nd Black Adam film.

The official production cycle for both films begins in July 2020, with both films releasing three months from each other. The second Shazam film will arrive before the 1st Black Adam, with whatever transpiring events from Zachary Levi’s film entering into Dwayne Johnsons. Overlapping timelines have become the norm with comic book films, with these two characters garnering incredible popularity. This hasn’t always been the case for Warner Brothers and DC, with these companies struggling to provide a consistent universe similar to Marvels.

Potential Storyline Outcomes

It appears that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are trying to recreate the popularity behind Batman Vs Superman: Dawn for Justice. The differences will be a prolonged rivalry which could see additional characters like Wonder Woman or Superman. This could even extend upcoming Batman film from Matt Reeves with Robert Pattison starring as Bruce Wayne. It should be noted that the directors behind Shazam Two have collaborated with the production staff from Black Adam, with insiders with both units expressing that the showdown wouldn’t happen until 2025 or later. Plenty of action between these two characters will play out on cinemas worldwide, with supports hoping that Robert Pattison’s Batman will assist with the Black Adam’s defeat.

Birds of Prey – Movie Review

Anybody that watched the Superbowl or visited YouTube last week would’ve seen multiple advertisements for “Harley Quinn’s: Birds of Prey”. This film is connected with the DC Extended Universe, which has changed numerous times in the last few years. Warner Brother Studios has struggled to locate the tone of their universe, unlike Marvel. One of the highest-rated films in their universe is the Suicide Squad, which leaned towards a darkly comedic tinge. Birds of Prey marks the 1st sequel since the Suicide Squad was released four years ago.

This time around, Harley Quinn is entirely a different woman, not dating the Joker anymore and experiencing her adventure. Harley Quinn takes on multiple roles in this film, acting as the narrator and main protagonist. It should be noted that various characters are implemented in this storyline and focus on the female mindset. The DC Universe is the 1st to provide a film that centres entirely around female warriors, with that being Wonder Woman. Her sequel is slated to release late this Summer.

The Film, Tonnage & Backlash

The film starts with Harley Quinn searching for the Bettinelli Diamond, which the famed heroine looks to steal for Roman Sionis. Named by criminal organizations as Black Mask, his protection is needed to avoid any future clashes with the Joker after their breakup. These events have Harley come in contact with Renee Montoya, Black Canary and the Huntress. These four woman meetup with an infamous pickpocket, Cassandra Cain, who inevitably becomes a variation of Catwoman.

After determining that Black Mask will use the Bettinelli Diamond to murder millions, this group of heroines combat the associated gang members of Black Mask. There’s a distinct tone of liberation against dominating men, with these woman breaking loose from abusive boyfriends and psychotic employers. All of this is accomplished without the requirement of male heroes like the Batman, Flash or Superman. Female supporters of Birds of Prey have expressed that this film makes them feel supported and accepted.

The backlash has faced Birds of Prey and the DC Universe, with film analysts and male supporters saying that this franchise has abandoned their core audience. Reports from survey firms indicate that 80% of viewers supporting the superhero genre are male. Warner Brothers are limiting potential profits by a possible 80%. Subsequently, Birds of Prey amassed $53 million on their opening weekend. This is minimal in comparison to the same valuations earned by Man of Steel, which stood at $113 Million. It should be noted that Batman vs Superman earned $170 million on their box office.

An Unexpected SAW Reboot

What would you say if somebody told you that Chris Rock was rebooting the SAW franchise himself? Most haven’t heard of this upcoming film, but it’s been confirmed by Lionsgate Studios. Four months previous to January 2020, Chris Rock began final production on this secretive title. Since that date, minimal information has been released regarding the plot of this film. This hasn’t stopped loyal supporters of this franchise to begin searching for unexpected online information. These individuals compiled their data on a Sub-Reddit, which noted that the 9th instalment would be called Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Though Chris Rock is financially supporting this film, it’s still being directed and helmed by Darren Lynn Bousman.

Directing duties fall under Darren Bousman, but Chris Rock has written the storyline. Demands were met when Rock approached Darren about a 9th instalment. Those included that he’d be the leading role, with Samuel Jackson co-staring. Rock will take the role of a police detective that’s solving the murders of Jigsaw, with Samuel Jacking playing his elderly father. Additional actors starring in Spiral include Marisol Nicholas and Max Minghella. It’s anticipated that this new film will provide long-time supporters with a new level of gruesome behaviour from Jigsaw. The complicated traps centred around his games will be disturbing, with a large portion of them being inspired by the real-life McKamey Manor. Audiences are promised to have one of the most thriller-associated cinema experiences of their life. This should be expected from what’s considered to be the world’s most haunted franchise.

Previous Films

Before this announcement of the 9th instalment, the SAW Franchise had regularly been struggling to meet support demands. It’d become more about the jump scares than life-threatening situations and expansive lore. Bringing back original producers, Oren Koules and Mark Burg will benefit the Saw Franchise drastically. The three most profitable and popular Saw films were helmed by these producers and director Darren Bousman. While the film has been co-written by Chris Rock and executively produced, the original writers for Saw have returned. Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger are working with these three other men to create the best entry in this franchise since 2010.

The original release date for the 9th instalment, Spiral: From the Book of SAW, was slated to release on May 15th. It’s expected that it’ll be pushed back following the lack of announcements or trailers surrounding this film.

Mean Girls Reboot

Mean Girls, the movie, was a major success story when in 2004 it hit theatres. The result saw it generate in excess of $100 million in revenue for Lorne Michaels Production. The movie follows the life of Cady Heron, a teenage girl raised in the African savanna who has returned to America. In the movie, the teen struggled to get along with Regina George, a popular girl at the school they attend and with those that follow her, who indecently are called “The Plastics”. Many of the cast went on to gain fame as a result of the movie including stars Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams.

The movie, which was remade as a musical was written by Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live fame and is music was composed by Jeff Richmond. It hit the stages of Broadway in 2018 and while it included minor adaptions from the original story such as the inclusion of social media, it also added in a feminist and removed the dance scene to Jingle Bell Rock. However, it did include musical tracks that convey its perspective of humour, which in this case, is darkly satirical. With the success of the original film and its adoption to the theatre, Nell Benjamin, Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey are working on a script to adapt the play into a movie. It is expected that Lorne Michaels will once again produce the movie and that Paramount Pictures will distribute it.

Tina Fey, on speaking about its return to the big screen said “I’m very excited to bring Mean Girls back to the big screen,” Fey said in a statement. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how much the movie and the musical have meant to audiences. I’ve spent sixteen years with these characters now. They are my Marvel Universe and I love them dearly.”

While Mean Girls: The Musical is expected to add in new elements such as new relationships and characters. However, Tina Fey is keeping mum on the subject and not providing much information on any changes and what they might be.

Additional Music Movies set for Release in 2020

Lin Manuel Miranda’s At The Heights, a Broadway play that achieved great success, is set to hit theatres with a movie adaption of the story in June 2020. Based on tis trailers that have been viewed by audiences, the movie is getting favourable responses and considering the recent disasters of Cats, this is good news for its stars, producers and production studios.