Disney Issues Warning for the Rise of Skywalker

The Disney Corporation and the Epilepsy Foundation have collectively issued a warning regarding the Rise of Skywalker. The collective noted that they’ve been working together to provide notices to photosensitive viewers, mentioning that several scenes throughout the film have the potential to trigger seizures from a 6 – 10 level. Throughout the collective statement, the Epilepsy Foundation suggested that seizures can be avoided by attending the movie with someone who’s already seen the film. This way, that individual can inform their photosensitive friend of the upcoming scene that’s prone to seizures.

The percentage of individuals who could be exposed to a seizure through the visual patterns and flashing lights from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is roughly 3%. However, considering that this film is watched by billions worldwide, that small percentage means hundreds of thousands are at risk of a seizure. This has forced the Disney Corporation to implement protective steps for photosensitive viewers.

Those who inform their local cinema of their photosensitivity condition will be provided with the appropriate medical requirements if a seizure takes place. This will include a private space to calm the mind, which will be darker with soothing tones. The Disney Corporation is the first large scale film studio to provide this level of safety for seizure-prone viewers. This somewhat guarantees that they can participate in the final entry for the third trilogy. It should be noted that this is the first film in Disney’s Corporations line that has had seizure warnings. This decision came after photosensitive viewers of the Incredibles Two pointed out how they almost entered into a seizure. Since Star Wars isn’t animated, the appropriate actions had to be taken.

Future Warnings

The Epilepsy Foundation requested that the Disney Corporation implement a next warning across all their digital properties with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This means that all DVD’s, Blu-Rays, Streaming Variations, or Digital Products must provide a warning regarding the strobe and flash-like lights in the film. They also requested that Disney update versions of The Incredibles Two, which would include a similar notice. Surprisingly, Disney Corporation agreed to both requests.

Those who are wondering if they’re sensitive to epilepsy or photosensitivity should contact their doctor immediately. However, it should be noted that this issue is most familiar with adolescents and children. The chances of having this condition are limited due to our exposure to natural sunlight. The Epilepsy Foundation provided this added detail.

Black Widow Teaser Trailer Released

Marvel Studios have officially released the first teaser trailer for Black Widow. This prequel adventure brings the now infamously dead character back to life, after the sacrifice she made in Avengers: Endgame and allows fans to retrace the female warriors’ roots. Along the way, there will be action, romance, intrigue and a unique emphasis on family. Unlike most Marvel Cinematic Movie Trailers, which keep most of the details hidden from viewers, Black Widow opens up plenty for speculation.

The timeline for this film was more accurately revealed through this trailer. This first comes when we see General Ross return to the screen, aged around the period of the Civil War. Subsequently, Natasha Romanov could see herself being followed worldwide by American Forces for capture. Then the trailer skips to a younger version of General Ross, where he discusses her capabilities at fleeing. However, the Black Widow isn’t running away this time from the fight. It appears she makes her way to Budapest, trying to take care of some unfinished business. This could be where we see Clint Barton and Natasha Romanov fight in that infamous but unknown battle in Budapest. However, this could be falsely identified, as her family members surround Natasha in this film.

However, Marvel Cinematic Studios made sure to leave some critical plot details secret from viewers. We don’t have a full insight over the plotline, as it’s known that her family must return to where all their training first started. There are even a few small one-second clips where the Black Widow Program can be seen. What we don’t know is why is she returning to battle the organization, and why must her family be involved?

The Villain

Fans have been wanting to see the villain of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time now. Those fans got their first look at Taskmaster, who has been implemented in a perfect modernized-version of the character. Those who don’t know, Taskmaster is one of the hardest villains to overcome in Marvel Comics. He can mimic the physical motions of any opponent, which will come as a significant challenge for a master assassin like Natasha Romanov. Those wanting to see Taskmaster and the Black Widow fend off against each other can witness the film when it’s released on May 1st, 2020. There’s plenty of time to speculate until then.

Frozen 2 Makes Box Office History

Millions are spent worldwide at box offices whenever a significant film is released to the public. The most recent film to earn substantial sums of money is Frozen 2, the new animated feature from Disney Studios. During its opening weekend in the box office, the film acquired more than $358 million across 37 Nations. Those include the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Europe.

The story in the second chapter in the Frozen franchise is based around Elsa developing her powers as a princess, while Anna and her gang of misfits travel the kingdom in search for their queen. This simple premise was enough to get moviegoers out to cinemas, so much so that Toy Story 4 was dethroned as the highest-earning animated film for an opening box office weekend. TS4 earned $241 million worldwide on their opening weekend, which is $117 million less than Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 also earned more than its predecessor on its opening week. The original Frozen earned $110.6 million in 2013 on its opening week. However, the film quickly gained popularity and would go on to make $1.27 billion worldwide. It’ll be a significant accomplishment if the sequel can earn more than its predecessor after its left theatres in a month.

Film Merchandise & Details

The United States saw the most significant profits made on opening weekend, with the film earning $130 million. This defeats all previous animated films that opened in November, which includes titles like the Grinch and the Incredibles. The United Kingdom came out in folds to engage with this new film, spending £15 million, which is substantial for a country that’s infamous for not spending large sums of money on movies due to low population. Subsequently, Frozen 2 has earned the title of highest-grossing debut for Walt Disney Animation Studios. It’s unlikely that record will be defeated anytime soon.

Since the film released less than two weeks ago, toy manufacturers have actively been releasing new merchandise relating to Frozen 2. This includes everything from castle playsets, to figurines based around the characters. It’s anticipated that upwards of a billion dollars will be spent worldwide on Frozen 2 merchandise during the holiday season. It’s expected that there won’t be any shortage of product this time around, which was a significant issue with the release of the original Frozen. Walt Disney Studios has partnered with multiple manufacturers to account for the considerable demand.

Charlies Angels Flops at Box Office

The reboot for Charlie’s Angeles is an official box office failure, grossing on its opening weekend only $8.6 Million. This comes after multiple commercial disappointments like Doctor Sleep and Terminator: Dark Fate. Since the summer season, Joker has been the only successful film. It hasn’t surprised anyone that Charlie’s Angeles failed at the box office, with no significant buzz centred around the film. The film features Kristen Stewart and is directed by Elizabeth Banks, two women who are infamous for being disliked in Hollywood. Though the film was received well by critics, most believe it was this partnership and lack of originality that forced this film to low profits.

In the films debut weekend, it didn’t even place first as the box office. The film fell below expectations, with Ford Vs Ferrari taking the 1st spot for the November 15th weekend. The Christian Bale and Matt Damon dramatic film earned $31 Million for its opening weekend, with Midway dropping to second place and earning $8.8 Million. Midway has been in theatres for three weeks, which made most believe that Charlies Angels would drop the war films spot in the box office.

The Elizabeth Banks directed Charlie’s Angels was budgeted at $55 Million, which is more than $42 Million than what the film earned on its opening box office weekend. Critics analyzed the buzz and pre-emptive ticket sales, anticipating that the film would generate $13.5 Million for its first weekend. Charlie’s Angels would succeed much past this profit with the introduction of Frozen II and Knives Out to theatres on the November 22nd weekend. Even though all titles speak to different demographics, the popularity of Ford Vs Ferrari and Frozen II will force this film to low budget earnings of $500,000.00 or less. It’s expected that Columbia Pictures will lose more than $40 Million from the Charlie’s Angels Reboot.

Kristen and Elizabeth

Both women have immediately begun defending their film in the worst way possible. Elizabeth Banks mentioned that audiences aren’t ready for three powerful females to take on the silver screen, which caused her significant backlash. Numerous films like Salt and Lucy has earned hundreds of millions at the box office, which both films had powerful female leads. Kristen Stewart went on the defence claiming that her reputation as an actress shouldn’t reflect this film, with most average audience members disliking her performance in the Twilight Saga. Subsequently, it seems that both women can’t handle the fact that this franchise has been rebooted three times and that audiences are tired of re-watching the same story.

Scooby-Doo Returns to Film

One of the most beloved film franchises is returning after almost ten years. Last time we saw this franchise, it was in CGI and bombed dramatically in box officers. Can you guess? It’s Scooby-Doo. The world’s favourite detective dog is back up to his silly ways in his cinematic return. The trailer, which recently dropped, shows a younger version of Scooby and Shaggy and instead of it being live, the CGI is animated for younger audiences in a 3D Cartoon Format. Our regular group of mystery solvers have returned with Velma, Freddy, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo ready for another adventure while otable voice actors Amanda Seyfried, Zac Efron and Frank Welker have all signed on for this instalment,

The premise of this new film, which is called “Scoob!” is the story of how two lifelong friends met. The lifelong friendship of Scooby and Shaggy has been seen for decades, but this will be the first time that audiences get to see how the two met and became detectives with the gang. The film’s plot also noted that fans will see the characters as adults, after they’ve solved countless cases and when they face their biggest threat ever. Subsequently, this film looks like it will be a hit amongst children and their parents alike. It won’t be long until audiences get to see the Mystery Solving Gang face off against Ghosts once again.

Multiple other actors have signed on to play roles in this film. The characters they’re taking on are new for the series. Fans of Ken Jeong, Tracy Morgan or Mark Wahlberg can hear their voices in the upcoming animated film. The director of Scoob is Tony Cerone, who previously worked on films like Space Jam and Annie Animated. Fans can witness this film in theatres on May 15th, 2020.

The History of Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo first became a household name across American Televisions in 1969, with countless iterations of the show since. The brand’s history includes TV Movies, Direct to Video Films, Theatrical Releases, Animated Shows, Comic Books and Video Games. It’s been ranked as the fifth-greatest cartoon in history. The latest animated show to be released for the brand is “Scooby-Doo, Guess Who?”.

The popularity of this brand has become worldwide, with the show winning multiple Emmy’s and becoming a significant part of North American Pop Culture. There are hundreds of recreations for the Mystery Machine, which can often be seen at Comic-Cons or other pop culture events. Countless individuals have gotten tattoos of the characters, read their books or comics as children, played the family-friendly games or had a family pet named after one of the characters. It will be interesting to see if Scooby-Doo has the same effects on the young in its sixth decade as a brand.

Movies That Exceeded the Odds

Creating a film is a massive investment, a gamble taken on the dream that this product will exceed beyond expectations. Often then when the trailers are released, and the critics start preying on your goals, tearing it apart bit by bit, the odds against any takings for your wager gets worsened by the minute. Yet, many movies in silver screen history managed to outlive the worst predictions and exceeded beyond any expectation.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This 2003 release was the first from Disney with a PG-13 rating. This is already creating some concern for a Disney release and their much younger crowd. Initially expected to fail, Pirates managed to spawn into a successful range in its own right. Being very entertaining as the viewer is immersed in the wildlife of the beloved Jack Sparrow. Not only was the movie a significant success, but also the beginning of many more adventures for Sparrow and an Academy Awards nomination for Johnny Depp and his brilliance in portraying his role.

Mean Girls

2004 was yet another year with teen movie releases with all the same storylines. The weird girl turns into a famous prima donna, just before the hottest hunk on the sporting team madly falls in love with the newest queen in school. Judging on the poster released in advance of opening night, that was what Mean Girls appeared to deliver. Yet, the script was surprisingly witty and intelligent, and the dialogue lends itself to various famous quotes. This became a movie being watched over and over again. It was exceeding all reasonable expectations at the box office.

The Lego Movie

2014 saw what many considered to be a joke when they first heard about the movie being under construction. Initially, it seemed like Lego is trying to reach out to a bigger audience of very young children in a serious effort to expand its market share and interest in their brand. Soon it was discovered that the dialogue was not only intelligent but also very witty, that the storyline was involved with various twists and suspense and that the animation was purely brilliant. The idea of the Lego movie might have been the laughing stock to many, but upon release, it was clear that the only ones laughing at the end of the day were Lego, the name behind a movie adorned by the masses and claiming a 97% score from the die-hard critics.

Casino Royale

2006 was the date of yet another Bond movie. The cloud of disappointment embracing its predecessors didn’t leave much to hope for when another Bond movie was due to release. Critics even swooned over the fact that this time around the handsome hunk and to many the only highlight, now turned out to be a blonde. Nothing new was expected, but Daniel Craig and a series of immaculate action scenes took Bond to the next level and gained the interest of a new generation Bond fans.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

What initially started as a Japanese manga turned out to be so popular that it received a prequel, a live-action adaptation as well as an anime adaptation. The second season of the anime adaptation started in January this year. Here are a few things unbeknown to many regarding this top-rated series. Even though manga can cover a broad spectrum of topics, in Kakegurui, the focus is on high stake gambling. Yet, the manga isn’t the sole topic of the series enjoyed by many.

As with many series that focus on the youth, Kakegurui is also set within a school set-up. The school, Hyakkaou Private Academy, is the territory of the children to the wealthy and powerful elite in Japan. The one thing which is inevitable in this environment is that the children going here is set to follow in their parents’ footsteps as the next generation of the wealthy and powerful elite.

Whenever a group of people is together, there is bound to form a specific hierarchy, and the case is so much more evident when this particular group is a bunch of youngsters driven by power, riches and fame. This school has a stringent social hierarchy, and the position in which you are ranked is based on your contribution to the school’s student council.

A Gambling System

The core of the series is the intertwined gambling system prevalent within the school’s structure. The students are often involved in wagering significant amounts of money against each other, and this forms a significant contributing factor in their level of involvement in the school’s council and thus then also their position within the social hierarchy.

Even though the topic of debt slavery is often not mentioned, it does make a prominent appearance within the series. Whenever someone becomes another’s debt slave, they are referred to as house pets, which translates to being within the control of the person you owe money to due to outstanding gambling debt. The element of debt slavery doesn’t stay however within the borders of Hyakkaou Private Academy but indeed does go far beyond. When students graduate from the school with outstanding debt, they are still obliged to settle this, and until such time occurs, they are bound within the Life Schedule. This determines their profession in life after school as well as who they would be allowed to marry.

The protagonist in the series is known as Yumeko Jabami. Many of the students are involved in gambling to gain more status, wealth or power, but this isn’t the case with Jabami. She is gambling merely for the thrill and excitement which she learns from it. Thus making her not only dangerous, but she can also be classified as a compulsive gambler.

Popular Movie Genre’s

Whether you are some of the few making movies or part of the masses loving to watch them, videos play a vital role in our lives and form part of our development as people. It entertains us and even sometimes contribute in ways we don’t even recognize. The kind of movies we lean-to is a very personal choice, yet there are some similarities in these own choices when we take countries as a form of collective. Hence here are some interesting facts about what genres are preferred as the popular choice in many countries in the world.

The Brazilian market is infatuated with Hollywood action. Yet it seems that Hollywood isn’t always producing enough effect for them and they contribute significantly to their action entertainment. The title that keeps the record as the most-watched is a domestic production by Zazen Produções titled Elite Squad 2.

When moving on to Argentina, you will find a much more relaxed environment when movies are watched, and they strongly favour the comical side of life. They also lean specifically more towards family-friendly comedy and both Ice Age movies as well as the 2015 release of Minions kept them entertained for a while.

Additional Countries

Based on more than a decade’s box office statistics, these three nations favour the lighter side of life too, with comedy ranking as the highest income generator. This is, however, followed in hot pursuit with only a small lead, by adventure movies.

When the top 10 highest income generators in Japan are taken into consideration, it becomes very evident towards which genre they lean. In the top 10, you will find the 2013 release, Frozen as well as two of Harry Potter’s adventures. The remaining seven are all creations of Hayao Miyazaki. His Studio Ghibli is known for their anime fantasy movies which are by far the favourite in this eastern country.

Many titles appear at the top on the list of high grossing films. These titles include Deadpool, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warcraft, The Revenant and Captain America: Civil War. All of these lean towards either action or adventure.

The Indian movie scene is a unique market in their own right. For years Bollywood has had success in producing dramas and romance, yet they are also lately showing much higher support for comical relief.

Avatar and Titanic are still ranked as the two movies which earned themselves the place as highest-grossing films in recent years in Italy. Yet lately many more comedy films are showing an incline in interest, and it seems that the two leading movies are mere exceptions and comedy seems to be the nation’s choice. France too is more consumed by comedy than any other productions, with locally produced Camping 3 and Les Tuche 2 being at the top.

Famous Hollywood Stars Into Gambling

Movies about gambling and the scene surrounding it are often portrayed on the silver screen with much success. Yet in real life, the superstars of Hollywood, also usually like to dip their toes in the casino scene. Here are some of the names you know, who love to test the hand of Lady Luck.

Down below, we list some of the most notable Hollywood Stars that were caught having issues with gambling, often dipping into their vast sums of money to support the habit. It isn’t surprising that these famous millionaires select gambling as their form of entertainment. It comes with Glitz, Glamour, Liquor and Social Excitement. Examine those stars below:

  • Ben Affleck – Not only famous for his handsome looks but also known as a great actor, screenplay writer, movie director and producer. He also likes to spend his past-time trying his hand at poker or blackjack and even once earned the title of California State Poker Champion back in 2004.
  • Charlie Sheen – Often reflecting in his private life the same destructive habits which he portrayed in his role on Two And a Half Men. Sheen is notorious for some severe gambling and according to his ex-wife, regularly spends more than $20 000 per week on sports gambling.
  • Tobey Maguire – When Spider-man isn’t in action swinging between buildings, Maguire likes spending some time at the casinos. He is known for his love of gambling, and this was once again highlighted due to Molly’s Game by Aaron Sorkin.
  • Jennifer Tilly – Representing the ladies we have Tilly. Tilly seems to be in luck at the poker tables having won the World Series of Poker bracelet. Also, her winnings have been known to top $750 000.
  • Russel Crowe – Crowe is more than an actor or a rugby league owner. He is also involved in the gambling industry. A substantial part of his club’s income is coming from revenue generated by poker machines.
  • Ray Romano – We got to love Romano in the endearing sitcom. Everybody Loves Raymond. Hence it comes to some as a surprise that good old dependable Ray is an avid poker player. Since 2007 he has been very much devoted to poker and would never miss out on a World Series of Poker.
  • Kevin Hart – Hart is a giant in the comedy industry and is continuously keeping his fans ripped with laughter. Yet Hart is not only quite a presence to reckon with on stage in a comedy club, but also at the poker tables, his presence is bringing laughter and delight Hart is a regular player in the PokerStars Championships Bahamas.
  • Kevin Pollak – Famous for acting and comedy and his role in Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout, yet he has suffered a grandiose loss against Vanessa Selbst. Selbst walked away as the winner of $1 million and Pollak walked away defeated.
  • Pamela Anderson – Once upon a time, the babe of Baywatch has a deep-rooted love for poker. Often being seen at the poker tables and even having to live with some rumours that her marriage to Rick Salomon, the poker star was only due to her losing a bet against the poker genius.
  • Matt Damon – Damon took it upon himself to thoroughly prepare for his role in Rounders and took up playing poker. It seems that this became an interest that remained with the star.

Hollywood with Vegas

Long before the United States legislation changed in May last year, Las Vegas has been the gambling hotspot, presented as the place where life is happening on a different level. The glamour and the glory of making it big at one of the countless casinos. The site to flee to when your romance discovered its wild side. Las Vegas is the place that kept many dreams alive and served as the inspiration for many great storylines on the big screen. Here are some of the best delivered by Hollywood and inspired by Las Vegas.

Elvis, fast cars and a hot girl makes for the perfect Las Vegas hit movie. This time Elvis is a racing car driver adamant about winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and then his ways cross with that of a beautiful young lady, and the man turns to music and starts to sing. This is not only a Las Vegas classic but also an Elvis classic and a much-watched movie.

The Things to Do

  • Honeymoon in Vegas – Nicholas Cage is bringing a new meaning to the concept of high stakes when he sits at a poker table and wagers his future bride. One of those movies which bring up the question of whether you would sleep with a stranger for a million bucks.
  • Leaving Las Vegas – Once again Nicholas Cage finds himself in a Vegas predicament when he has entered the underbelly of this glitzy world. His addiction to alcohol is quickly causing his demise. One drunken spree to the next is only taking him deeper and deeper down the pit of despair where the bright and sparkling lights of Las Vegas no longer shine.
  • Very Bad Things – Many flee to the city of dreams, and others choose it as a last pre-wedded destination. What can go wrong with a bachelor party in Las Vegas? For a wild night out you can pass this on as a hint to your best man, but surely nothing to see here for your bride to be and always remember the golden rule, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
  • Ocean’s Eleven – Hollywood hunks, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are already a great reason to watch, but then they steal from the rich in a tricky and daring way as the Bellagio falls victim to a heroic crime. This one only created a hunger for more from the fans, needless to say, a couple more of Ocean’s brilliant crimes kept us gripped to the screen since then.
  • Showgirls – The one unfortunate characteristic of Las Vegas movies is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be kind to be watched. Many fall for the allure which they know Las Vegas brings and add some beautiful showgirls in the storyline and you’ll get away with little clothing and even less of a story. Nothing can be said in favour of this movie, yet being about mostly nude Las Vegas showgirls, it became a hit.