Love, Gangs, Gambling and Murder

The most popular films made by Hollywood are those based on actual life events. The list of movies that became box office blockbusters includes Escape from Alcatraz, Apocalypse Now, Midnight Express and The Pianist, to name but a few. The same is right about online video slots; the themes range from animals to shopping, monsters to classic children tales. The most popular are the ones players feel they know the characters. The slots that feature their favourite stars or items they are accustomed to.

Music, Movies, Television and Comics

Software providers know that players are more likely to play games they feel familiar with, which is one of the main reasons why branded slots are the most loved slots. These are based on films, bands, television dramas or comic characters. Some of the most popular online slots include Jurassic Park, Batman, Guns N’ Roses, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Gladiator and Kong. You will also instantly recognise games titled South Park, Scarface or Star Trek. The reason is apparent, you already know what it is about, and you can easily relate to the characters.

Online slots based on Marvel or other superheroes include Superman, Thor The Mighty Avenger, Batman, The Flash and Hellboy. The more fun comic-inspired games include Andy Capp, The Mask, Fred Flintstone Top Cat. Music inspired online slots are the ones you never mute the sound; these allow you to enjoy the music you enjoy and sing along as you spin the reels. The long list of music-themed online slots includes Rock ‘n Roller, Disco Spins, La Chatte Rouge and Karaoke Party.

Musical Themed Slots

The massive number of music-related online slots also feature several games inspired by Elvis, titles include Elvis The King Lives and Elvis Slot. Several online slots celebrate the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and the titles include Michael the King of Pop.

Hundreds of classic and video slots are based on film stars; these include James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Ozzy Osbourne. Online slots based on films include Terminator 2, Grease, Battles Star Galactica and Dracula. Others include Basic Instinct, Rocky, Bridesmaids, The Godfather and Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Online slots inspired by television series include Pawn Stars, Narcos, The Sopranos and Game of Thrones. Every single month loads of new online slots are added to keep up with the latest trends. Which means you will always have access to more exciting online entertainment.

Hollywood Celebrities Against the House – Part Two

Celebrities like stockpiling Oscars, they party, they hang out at strip joints, yes Mr Bieber we know and they Miley likes to swing on a ball. The hard-core party animals are Gary Bussey and Charlie Sheen, and there are several others. Some like loud music, others drinking and boogying and since the 1950s Las Vegas became the home away from your mansion-type of place. The casinos did not mind the crowds coming to get a glimpse of the stars, neither the large amounts thrown onto the roulette and blackjack tables. The A list of casino visitors includes big names Martin, Monroe, Styles, Sinatra, Anderson, Sheen and Affleck.

Celebrity Rat Pack of the 1950s

The name rat pack is associated with a crowd of celebrities that made Las Vegas theirs, they entertained, they performed and the relaxed in the casinos. The 1950s rat pack was made up of stars like Errol Flynn, Bacall and Bogart.

Spur-of-the-Moment Surprise Las Vegas Shows

It seems that every decade had a unique rat pack and the crew of the 1960s included icons such as Sammy Davis, Sinatra and Dean Martin. How it worked is that if one of the pack-members were performing in Las Vegas, the rest would follow, most of the time they would decide to surprise the audience with a spur-of-the-moment show. The rat pack was almost more in Vegas than at their mansions, and in 1984 Dean Martin got one of the casinos to allow the dealer to deal form her hand. The casino got into significant trouble as that is against the state law. It was only a matter to time before one of the rat pack decided to open a casino, and the brave one was Frank Sinatra. He was a considerable blackjack enthusiast and had a casino called Cal Neva based on the Lake Tahoe shores. Unfortunately, this casino closed in 2010.

Las Vegas versus Bad Boy Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen loves all-night partying, he is high blackjack roller, and he is famous for placing sports bets. Sheen is many things, but dull is not one of them, he is controversial, and maybe you could call him certifiably crazy. Most call him the bad boy of Hollywood as he uses his charms to get away with anything and everything. His real-life is similar to the role he plays in Two and a Half Men. He is rich and loves beautiful women and having a great time.

Batman Goes Poker Wild

The one that joins the bad boy genre is Ben Affleck, another regular in Las Vegas. He is Batman, and he loves playing at one Vegas casino in particular, which is the Las Vegas Palm. It is his all-night venue where he enjoys no-limit poker; some call this guy a bit of a card counter. Whether the claim is true or false, he did get into a bit of trouble over it and was banned from several casinos, who suspected card counting.

Top Movie Casinos – Part 1

Cinema scenes in which the camera zooms in on the action at the casinos include those that focus on the spinning motion of the wheel. The scenes where the camera follows the rolling movement of the dice. The sometimes-quiet scene where the camera focus on the turning of the next card.
You must know the scenes where the casino is the star and steals the show. If not, think about the movie house, when the lights dim, everyone is quiet, and you only hear the rustle of a popcorn bag. When you watch the film you try creating the same magic via DVD, VHS or Netflix, its enjoyable but not the same.

Cinema is highly entertaining, just like gambling.

Cinema is highly entertaining, just like gambling, it gives you the chance to enjoy the time you have set aside to relax. When you choose widescreen films or any other the best part is the storyline, the fantastic special effects, the gorgeous locations and the glamorous stars. The plot and the characters play a central component in the value of the entertainment form.

Devastating Losses & Life-Changing Wins

Casinos are often the script writer’s supply of exciting scenes, the most popular scenarios include devastating losses, life-changing wins, card sharks, smooth operators, beautiful women, organised crime and the favourite the glamour and glitz part of the lifestyle of the high rollers. It’s perfect to work into the twists and plotlines.

Top Films Where the Action Takes Place at the Casino

When you make a list of the movies in which the main action takes place at a casino, these are probably the top films that you’ll think of first. Croupier, Swingers, Goodfellas, The Cooler, Oceans 11, Oceans 12 and Oceans 13 as well as Leaving Las Vegas and Rounders. When it comes to the best films, Rain Man is probably at the top of everyone’s list.

Best of the Best in Casino-Films Category

When it comes to the best of the best films you can place in a casino film category, it is the movies that got tons of Academy Awards, the ones starring top actors and actresses. Directed by the experts and surely it is the films that attracted the most massive crowds.

Bookmakers Take Bets on Oscars

Awards ceremonies such as the Oscars is now one of the favourites available to place bets on at online bookmakers. Entertainment betting not only offers Oscar betting opportunities, but you can also place bets on televised competitions such as Strictly Come Dancing and The Bachelor. They also take chances on the birthdates of royal babies, their names, the next president and several other significant events. In our next article, we are going to play some cards with Rain Man and re-visit the scene of the million-dollar for one-night offered in Indecent Proposal. Plus we’ll join Lonnegan as he plays in the best poker scene ever that takes place on a train.  

The Way Back – In which Ben Affleck is an Alcoholic Basketball Coach to Show in March 2020

The Way Back is a film in which Affleck is seen in the role of a former basketball star that is widowed. The film was expected to start showing on the 18th of October. Warner Bros. has moved the release date by five months, and its new release date is the 6th of March 2020. The Way Back film’s rescheduled release date avoids the crowed schedule when films such as Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Joker, Gemini Man release. The new year of March 2020 means the movie starts on the same day as the Onward, the Disney-Pixar film.

The Way Back – Great to Promote During the NBA and NCAA Season

The main reason for the five-month delay is that if gives Warner Bros. all the time they need to promote the movie during the NBA and NCAA season. Ben Affleck plays Jack Cunningham in the film; he is a former basketball all-star and is now widowed. The movie directed by Gavin O’Connor, The Way Back follows Jack (played by Affleck) on his journey and struggles with addiction. It shows his attempts to become a coach of the basketball team that will take him back to his former high school.
It is not the first time that Ben Affleck and Gavin O’Connor works together on a film-set, O’Connor was also the director of the 2016 movie called The Accountant. He is known for film directing of Miracle a film inspired by the drama in ice hockey as well as Warrior based on MMA.

Warner Bros Has Several Drama-Films Coming Out This Fall

Warner Bros made the decision based on many reasons, including more time to promote The Way Back. At the same time, the shift in release date is also due to the release of several adult-orientated films by the studio this fall. Upcoming releases include The Good Liar, Motherless Brooklyn, The Goldfinch and Just Mercy. There is also the possibility that Richard Jewell by Clint Eastwood could be ready before the end of the year. The publicity and marketing teams of the studio will also be kept busy by the Joker film, It: Chapter Two and Doctor Sleep.

New Releases and Great Films All Ben Affleck Fans Will Enjoy

The date moved to early next year means that the film with Affleck will get all the publicity and marketing attention it needs. Ben Affleck fans can watch Justice League in the meantime by Dee Rees The Last Thing He Wanted. In October he can be seen in Jay and the Silent Rob Reboot by Kevin Smith. O’Connor is the co-writer in The Way Back and produced the film with Gordon Gray, Mark Ciardi, Jennifer Todd, Ravi Mehta and Ben Affleck. Executive producers include Jason Cloth and Aaron L Gilbert.

Worst Bookmaker in History: The Running Man

Move back to the movie action of the eighties, and you’ll discover the Running Man, he is no Robocop or Predator. It is a film you will enjoy whether you’re an active sports bettor or just someone who loves great movies. When you watch it, it is mostly the behaviour of the bookmakers that will catch your attention. It’s best to start at the beginning when you meet Ben Richards; he is a former pilot for the police. When he refuses to shoot innocent people, he is sent to a labour camp where he has to move heavy metal around every day.

Nice and Cunning Fellow

Ben Richards is a super nice guy but also cunning, so he escapes, but he is not as bright as you want him to be. He gets caught and then forced to take part in a ruthless program that is televised. The program is called The Running Man; it is hosted by Damon Killian and airs on the ICS network.

The Running Man Showtime

Just before it is showtime you realize what it is all about, the bookie appears, and he gathers a crowd as he takes out his blackboard. On the board, he is starting to offer different odds on the participants. The betting options include the final stalker, the first death and the first blood.

Weiss and Laughlin

The story now includes Edith Wiggings and Edith is the one in the audience to be called out; she has to pick the first stalker. She thinks about this decision while the bookie is using the time to talk the crowd into betting on the competitors. Edith then chooses Sub Zero the professor and when he turns up the early stages of the game include Richard being knocked out for a while. When he gets back into the game, he ends up on his knees when a piece of barbed wire strangles him.

In the audience, Leon needs to decide who goes in. Next, it’s between the chainsaw lunatic, and the LED covered opera singer. Even though you don’t see it, the bookies are now pushing up the odds on the next kill.

Bookies Need to Pay

Buzzsaw is on a bike and drags Richard around, which manages to tie himself to a pillar. It forces Buzzsaw off his motorcycle. The film flashes back to the bookmaker, and the odds-on Buzz is now 10:1 for the first death. The odds-on Dynamo is 2:1.

The one to die first is Laughlin and the bookies must payout 2:1, it is right then that you see the guys doing some pretty strange things. By now you might know that no one gets out of the show, it is an event in which all dies. No one is betting on Richard while the show goes on and Dynamo now electrocutes Weiss. He gets chased by Richard and ends up in his opera-kart. Next Laughlin dies, and the bookies again need to pay out 2:1 for first kill Dynamo and 2:1 on first blood for Buzzsaw.

The Casino’s Patience Run Out and Johnson is Banned from Playing – PART THREE

It is the third week, and by now the film takes quite a different turn as the casinos are fed-up, partly with the winning and luck of Don Johnson. Most certainly they realise what a mistake they made in agreeing to the terms when they wanted to convince him to play.

It is only understandable that no casino or sportsbetting company can continue to suffer such losses. The only way to stop such winnings is by taking care of it; the only way out for the casinos was to ban this high roller. The first to lose its patience was the Caesars Casino and, in this case, it can be seen as an honour as he did nothing wrong; he was just too lucky. But if it was an honour, he never received it from the Borgata Casino or the Tropicana Casino; they refused to let him play under the conditions they agreed to at the start.

Taj Mahal Casino of Trump Bans Don Johnson

Don Johnson was next banned by the Taj Mahal Casino that belonged to Donald Trump after he won $220,000. Now one of the movie highlights would be to see Johnson arrive at the casino, he is now 53 and accompanied by two gorgeous women and two younger guys.

Every one of those with him has been given some cash, and they play smaller bets to destruct the unwanted attention from the high roller. Their work shift if you want to call it that, lasts less than three hours as Johnson is happy with his winnings of $1.5 million. The other reason the workday ends early is that by now the casino managers are well aware of the high roller and ready to stop him from playing.

Time to Teach the Caesars Casino A Lesson

So instead he invites his crew to enjoy lunch at the Morton’s Steakhouse and apart from the Chateau Margaux the dinner had to be something well worth remembering, the bill came to $4,000. After a well-deserved break, Johnson decides it is time to finish off the Caesars Casino, and he furthers his winning by $4.23 million.

At this stage, the manager calls the boss as Johnson planned this visit while the boss was away. The telephone call to the boss was may unclear as he thought Johnson won $400,000 although it was over $4 million.

Winning Millions That’s A Don Johnson Thing

When you look back at the real-life tale of Don Johnson, he first got the casinos to agree to terms he knew would suit him best. He invested a lot of time to create a reputation as the rich high roller. He did what you’d expect from the rich folk and partied at the big clubs, his spending sprees were wild, and he arrived in a limousine.

He made friends with celebrities, and he became successful. He had a well-played plan and only enjoyed the rarest champagne while pretending to be the ideal casino patron. It worked, and at the end the casino mistook him, this became one of the costliest mistakes in the history of casinos. Maybe the movie should end with a scene based on his real live joy, one in which is order a bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne for his guests including Pamela Anderson and Bon Jovi.

Don Johnson The Moment of Glory!- PART TWO

It was in the midst of the financial crises, but what the Atlantic City Casinos agreed upon to at the time, was maybe not in their best interest. We continue with our story as it is the stuff any great movie needs in keeping the audience at the edge of their seat. What we need is hours of filming, it is the only way to tell the story of Don Johnson; what we film this week is his moment of glory!

The Casino Arrangement with Don Johnson & His Success Run

In part one, we learned all about the arrangement that was the only way to lure such a high roller as Don Johnson to the casinos. So this week if we were to film the rest of his real-life story, we would have to set up a film set at the casino that you could call the victim.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Tropicana Casino $12 Million

The casino that fell victim to Don Johnson’s high roller skills was the Tropicana Casino. The setting a blackjack marathon. The time it lasted 12 hours and the amount Johnson could win $12 million. The $12 million, Johnson could win included the $800,000 he already won with a bet worth $100,000. What he did with the two eights he received was to split it, and then he received another two eights. Surprising no matter how you look at it, even when you are a professional player.

Don Johnson Winnings at the Borgato Casino $6 Million

Although in life, it is not the card you dealt that makes the difference, it is how you use them. If you are Don Johnson, you split again, and you increase your wager to $400,000. The now the next cards he received was a 3, then a 2, still a 3 and then another two, he doubled down, and his bet soon equalled $800,000. What happened next is that the dealer busted and Johnson won $800,00. End of the film? No way it is the beginning of what will keep you hooked for another few hours. What the Tropicana Casino did not know at the time is that it was about to lose $6 million. But, Johnson did not stop at that he went on an epic adventure.

Don Johnson Winnings at Caesars Casino $4 Million

With $6 million in winnings, he decided it was time to visit the Borgata Casino, which had to payout winning worth $5 million to the high roller. Was he satisfied? Not yet, he then attended the Caesars Casino and earned $4 million. Add up the losses of the casinos, and you know what Johnson had in his pocket, he knew he could afford to keep placing bets worth six figures and his profit was now at around $15 million.

The Casino’s Patience Run Out, and Johnson is Banned from Playing

It sounds a bit harsh as they were the ones to beg him to play, but what else could the casinos do, but ban this high roller from playing, especially under the agreed terms.

The Best Educational Gambling Videos to Watch – P1

Hollywood has included many scenes about gambling, and it almost always shows the success of a gambler. It is not far-fetched at all since in real life there are plenty of highly successful punter tales worth showing.

But should you wish to make a film about the real-life story of some of the most remarkable players, you need a whole series to tell their tales. There is one tale in particular that deserves hours of story-telling, it’s the tale of Don Johnson, not the successful actor but the man who made millions in 2011.

Don Johnson A Real-Life Legend

If you wanted to make a film about Don Johnson the real-life legend, you’d have to start it probably with his victory in 2011. Not much interesting is available to tell before this year, which is when he won $15 million. Still, today it is one of the biggest gambling wins, but what is different to his tale when measured against that of other big winners. He never made his millions from other gamblers. He did not face opponents virtually or by playing live casino at home.

Don Johnson, Where it All Started.

Don Johnson played blackjack at the Atlantic City casinos, and he won. Not many real casino winning stories have such an ending, which makes it perfect as a Hollywood film. But, back to the story for now and a bit more about the man himself. Johnson grew up with horse racing and at one stage was trained to become a jockey. It prepared him for his occupation at the Philadelphia Park racetrack, where he was hired at age 30 in 1992. In his career, he also managed several other, and this opened a new career path as he became involved as a state regulator in other states.

Being involved with betting and sports betting for years in various jobs, one must develop some ideas regarding wagering. For Johnson, it was all about horse races, and in 2000, he also meets someone that could be a great partner. The Heritage Development is a company that is more focused on software and forecasting the results in horse racing. Johnson was not new to betting as he made quite a bit of cash on some lucrative deals by playing blackjack, and over time he became quite what you would call a high roller.

Atlantic City Casino Deal Was it In Their Best Interest?

What followed is worth discussing in a whole new article as it includes how far the casino went in their aim to get Johnson to play. What they agreed upon sounded fair at the time, but was it in their best interest? See, it is the stuff a great movie needs to keep people watching although you need hours of filming to tell the story of Don Johnson and we continue in our next article to tell you more about his moment of glory!

The Luna Cinema at Ascot Racecourse

At night the most prestigious racecourse in England becomes the perfect setting for the most unique cinema experience in the world. It all started in 1711 and was founded by Queen Anne since then Ascot is the most iconic racecourse worldwide. It is where the Royal Ascot takes place, which is also the most famous of all horse racing events in the world. It is always attended by the royal family and everyone else that have tons of cash to spend on fashion. It is probably also the event where the most money is spent on horse betting.

Evening Transformation of the Ascot Racecourse

A giant cinema screen is positioned on the racecourse lawns when the sun goes down and the designer hats will only block the view of others. The fashion statements are less flamboyant. The films showing at the Ascot Racecourse are announced well in advance so that everyone has the change to pen it down in their social diary. If you want to keep up the social aspect of the evening events you can arrive at 7:45 pm, it gives you quite a bit of time to catch up with other socialites, the film starts at 9:15 pm.

Watch These While You Enjoy Your Prosecco or Estrella Beer

If you’re planning your first night out at the Luna Cinema, packing a picnic is so yesteryear, so never make yourself guilty of such an act. Food and drink are available onsite, and the Luna Bar serves a full selection of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. But then you probably know that the atmosphere at Ascot is always vibrant and no trip to this racecourse is ever without indulging in the most gastronomic delights.

You can enjoy hot drinks, soft drinks or any drink your heart desires at the Luna Bar. The menu includes some of the best wines, spirits and an endless list of beers. When you get hungry you have an endless choice of gourmet foods perfect for a night of cinema enjoyment.

What Shows at the Ascot Racecourse?

Before we even get to what film you can view at the Ascot Racecourse, let us just tell you how it is done in style. You select the film and then get yourself a premium ticket. This places you in the director’s chair, why should you settle for anything else but the prime position, right in front of the screen. Oh! You also enjoy other treats such as a complimentary drink from Luna Bar.

What is most important is that anyone of your stature should never stand in a queue, with a premium ticket you have priority access to the bar. Ok, so what is showing in July is Bohemian Rhapsody on the 18th of July 2019. You can also book now for the 19th when Mary Poppins Returns is aired, or even the 20th to see Mama Mia! Here We Go Again.

Films About Winning

Hollywood is known for its remarkable ability to convey all types of emotions, including realizing the dreams of the viewer. Whether you dream of winning a progressive jackpot, big on sports betting or the lottery, there are quite a few films based on the lucky ones.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of the cleverest the film is excellent for children viewing as it tells the tale of a lucky boy. Parents watch such movies with their children and the golden ticket inspire dreams of winning cash.

Winning means placing a few sports bets to support your team, registering and playing at an online casino or purchasing a lottery ticket. The whole concept is that everyone has a golden chance to win.

At the same time the film shows how someone who can hardly afford anything gets the ticket, it opens up an opportunity, and it is a dream come true. For Warner Brothers, the film is the golden ticket as it collected over $475 million from movie fans around the globe.

Live is Sweeter Than Ever Before

What can be better than enjoying a film starring Johnny Depp in the leading role, he is brilliant and always make the character feel real. Apart from superstar Depp other actors include David Kelly, James Fox, Noah Taylor, Freddie Highmore and Helena Bonham.

The tale is about little Charlie; his dream is to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, something entirely out of rich due to his poor parents. His dreams come true when he finds a golden ticket. The ticket gives him a tour of a lifetime inside the chocolate factory of none other than Willy Wonka.

Winnings Awarded by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Johnny Depp wins massive amounts of cash every time he agrees to take the lead role. In 2017 his spending’s per month came to $2 million of which $30,000 was spend on wine. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle, and he paid just over $75 million for 14 houses on islands in the Bahamas. When Hunter Thompson died, he paid $3 million for the cannon to blast the ashes into the air.

When you take all the spending into account, you have to also look at how many times Johnny Depp did win the jackpot. In 1987 to 1990 he won big when he landed a part in 21 Jump Street, he became a teen idol, and it was the start of great riches.

Edward Scissorhands places Depp in a modern-day fantasy and at the same time turns his life into a fairytale. 1984 he wins another jackpot with A Nightmare on Elm Street, in 1986 with Platoon, 1990 it is Cry-Baby and in 1993, What is Eating Gilbert Grape.

In 1997 he starred in Donnie Brasco, from 2003 up to 2011 it is Pirates of the Caribbean that keeps him going. In 2007 he earned an Oscar for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.