Sports legends make as big a statement as any celebrity, if not bigger when it comes to stars such as John McEnroe, David Beckham or Kevin Durant. It could be the reason why sportsmen and women are often invited to play either minor or major parts in films. This is even when they lack in acting skills their names do attract huge crowds. It is just one of the connections between sports and the film industry. The next is the huge list of box office hits inspired by either sports or sports legends. The third the success of films based on sports betting.

Does Legalized Gambling Have Any Influence on Society

The youth is growing up in a gambling legalised culture in which sports betting and many other forms of gambling are widely accessible. Wagering on your favourite sports star, event or team is often a way to participate. More accurately, it is a way of feeling part of the action, while it is also a way of earning great cash returns.

While most views legalised gambling as a threat, several university studies are actually predicting the opposite. With the youth being more familiar with gambling it could have the opposite effect.

Bookies – Film About Young Students Being Successful at Sportsbetting

Bookies are one of the super popular films regarding sports betting, the film introduces the audience to young students who are very successful at sports betting. The students use a sneaky plan to help them profit from sports betting. Gangsters discover their success once they start living the dream and demand a share. Bookies is a comedy that offers many amusing scenes once the curious gamblers get to do with organised crime.

Bookies both Interesting and Witty

Bookies is a easy to watch a film that is basically inspired by every teenager’s dream. Whether you’ve seen it yourself, or just heard its storyline as others talk about it, the film sounds pretty amazing. The blockbuster film intrigued the audience, and anyone who is a sports betting devotee thought it was a very smart way of addressing the subject. The actor that truly shines in Bookies is Johnny Galecki, and even when you’ve seen him in other films, this performance is nothing short of stellar.

What Critics Had to Say About Bookies

The film Bookies offers a glimpse into gambling, an insight into the psychology of gambling and fundamentals of sports, was the main comments from critics. Hollywood Reporters described the film as one of the mons undemanding entertainment pieces that creep up and force viewers to enjoy it. The film was also recommended for anyone familiar with the sorrows and joys affiliated with sports betting. Even though Bookies was released in 2003, if you haven’t seen it, you should. It includes top actors such as David Proval, Nick Stahl, Lukas Haas, Racheal Leigh Cook and Johnny Galecki.