Hollywood has included many scenes about gambling, and it almost always shows the success of a gambler. It is not far-fetched at all since in real life there are plenty of highly successful punter tales worth showing.

But should you wish to make a film about the real-life story of some of the most remarkable players, you need a whole series to tell their tales. There is one tale in particular that deserves hours of story-telling, it’s the tale of Don Johnson, not the successful actor but the man who made millions in 2011.

Don Johnson A Real-Life Legend

If you wanted to make a film about Don Johnson the real-life legend, you’d have to start it probably with his victory in 2011. Not much interesting is available to tell before this year, which is when he won $15 million. Still, today it is one of the biggest gambling wins, but what is different to his tale when measured against that of other big winners. He never made his millions from other gamblers. He did not face opponents virtually or by playing live casino at home.

Don Johnson, Where it All Started.

Don Johnson played blackjack at the Atlantic City casinos, and he won. Not many real casino winning stories have such an ending, which makes it perfect as a Hollywood film. But, back to the story for now and a bit more about the man himself. Johnson grew up with horse racing and at one stage was trained to become a jockey. It prepared him for his occupation at the Philadelphia Park racetrack, where he was hired at age 30 in 1992. In his career, he also managed several other, and this opened a new career path as he became involved as a state regulator in other states.

Being involved with betting and sports betting for years in various jobs, one must develop some ideas regarding wagering. For Johnson, it was all about horse races, and in 2000, he also meets someone that could be a great partner. The Heritage Development is a company that is more focused on software and forecasting the results in horse racing. Johnson was not new to betting as he made quite a bit of cash on some lucrative deals by playing blackjack, and over time he became quite what you would call a high roller.

Atlantic City Casino Deal Was it In Their Best Interest?

What followed is worth discussing in a whole new article as it includes how far the casino went in their aim to get Johnson to play. What they agreed upon sounded fair at the time, but was it in their best interest? See, it is the stuff a great movie needs to keep people watching although you need hours of filming to tell the story of Don Johnson and we continue in our next article to tell you more about his moment of glory!