It is the third week, and by now the film takes quite a different turn as the casinos are fed-up, partly with the winning and luck of Don Johnson. Most certainly they realise what a mistake they made in agreeing to the terms when they wanted to convince him to play.

It is only understandable that no casino or sportsbetting company can continue to suffer such losses. The only way to stop such winnings is by taking care of it; the only way out for the casinos was to ban this high roller. The first to lose its patience was the Caesars Casino and, in this case, it can be seen as an honour as he did nothing wrong; he was just too lucky. But if it was an honour, he never received it from the Borgata Casino or the Tropicana Casino; they refused to let him play under the conditions they agreed to at the start.

Taj Mahal Casino of Trump Bans Don Johnson

Don Johnson was next banned by the Taj Mahal Casino that belonged to Donald Trump after he won $220,000. Now one of the movie highlights would be to see Johnson arrive at the casino, he is now 53 and accompanied by two gorgeous women and two younger guys.

Every one of those with him has been given some cash, and they play smaller bets to destruct the unwanted attention from the high roller. Their work shift if you want to call it that, lasts less than three hours as Johnson is happy with his winnings of $1.5 million. The other reason the workday ends early is that by now the casino managers are well aware of the high roller and ready to stop him from playing.

Time to Teach the Caesars Casino A Lesson

So instead he invites his crew to enjoy lunch at the Morton’s Steakhouse and apart from the Chateau Margaux the dinner had to be something well worth remembering, the bill came to $4,000. After a well-deserved break, Johnson decides it is time to finish off the Caesars Casino, and he furthers his winning by $4.23 million.

At this stage, the manager calls the boss as Johnson planned this visit while the boss was away. The telephone call to the boss was may unclear as he thought Johnson won $400,000 although it was over $4 million.

Winning Millions That’s A Don Johnson Thing

When you look back at the real-life tale of Don Johnson, he first got the casinos to agree to terms he knew would suit him best. He invested a lot of time to create a reputation as the rich high roller. He did what you’d expect from the rich folk and partied at the big clubs, his spending sprees were wild, and he arrived in a limousine.

He made friends with celebrities, and he became successful. He had a well-played plan and only enjoyed the rarest champagne while pretending to be the ideal casino patron. It worked, and at the end the casino mistook him, this became one of the costliest mistakes in the history of casinos. Maybe the movie should end with a scene based on his real live joy, one in which is order a bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne for his guests including Pamela Anderson and Bon Jovi.