Hugh Grant and the rest of the Four Weddings and a Funeral cast reunited recently as this time he is a grey-haired man and the father of the bride. It is difficult to believe it is twenty-five years after the original film was made and this time Richard Curtis is producing a follow-up for one main reason and that is to contribute towards Red Nose Day.

What We Discovered Up to Now

Some of the pictures available currently, from the film set show Lily James in a bridal gown and Hugh Grant as the very proud father of the bride. At the end of the first film, Grant seen as Charles was a happily unmarried lad and had a baby with Carrie played by Andie MacDowell. While everyone is already counting down the days to another helping of truly amazing humour, Carrie or MacDowell was spotted in Islington during a film shoot at the church and during this shoot in the north of London others at the church included Duckface played by Anna Chancellor, the vicar played by Rowan Atkinson and Matthew played by John Hannah was also part of the same scene.

What makes it all interesting is that Kristine Scott Thomas was there too and is most remembered for her role in the previous film as the aristocratic Fiona. Her love in the 1994 film for Charles was unrequited, but there is hope as Emma Freud shared a photo from the set where Scott Thomas and Grant appear to share a very intimate moment and the caption indicates that it was quite a kiss.

Five Weddings and a Funeral

The line-up of actors that were present in the first film and again in the second is the boorish drunk played by Rupert Vansittart, as well as the unfortunate husband discovering all about the unfaithfulness of his wife, Simon Kunz. One of the cast members that will be missed no matter who replaces her is Scarlet played previously by Charlotte Coleman, she, unfortunately, died in 2001 after an acute asthma attack and was Grant’s flatmate in the first film. Other cast members back for the second film also includes David Bower, Sara Crowne, Sophie Thompson, David Haig and Mike Newell is back as the director. The vicar is played by Rowan Atkinson and as Curtis puts it, everyone is older but most certainly no wiser when it comes to the characters.

What fans can expect is that everyone will meet this time to celebrate the fifth wedding, and as with the first, not all that is planned to go as intended. The first film called Four Wedding and a Funeral massively increased the international success of Grant and Curtis. The whole film was shot in only thirty-six days and Mike Newell was in a blind panic. Hugh Grant was the 72nd actor who auditioned for the lead and got the part as he was the only one that made it seem funny.