The Father of America, Tom Hanks, has revealed personal details regarding his dad & grandfather. Fans of notable actors commonly forget that these individuals live personal lives and outweigh those circumstances by the Hollywood Elites professional performance. That was similar for Tom Hanks until 2020, which saw his personal life reach international headlines. Tom Hanks contracted COVID-19 earlier this year but luckily recovered & will continue to thrive in cinema.

Tom Hanks told an incredible story regarding Amos Hanks & how he witnessed Ernest Buell Hanks get murdered. Amos Hanks was roughly Eight to Ten years of age when the event occurred, with a hired assassin killing his father (Tom Hanks Grandfather) in a barn. The murder happened in the state of California, within a small town named Willows. Amos Hanks wouldn’t tell his son, Tom Hanks, of the event until he was nearly thirty. Tom’s father revealed that he testified three times in front of his dads’ killer and that it hadn’t mattered because the killer was acquitted of all charges.

After telling the story of Amos Hank watching his father, and Tom’s granddad, getting murdered before his own eyes, the Hollywood elite reflected on the situation. Tom Hanks noted that witnessing this horrific event forever changed how his father saw the world and that he was a young child at the time. Tom Hanks said hos Amos Hanks never maintained a carefree lifestyle, didn’t know any sense of justice and saw the world as unfair. Tom Hanks would mention how it changed how Amos Hanks engaged with everyone from there on in.

The Best Movies from Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks often has thanked his father for being a drastic comedic & acting influence. Amos Hanks created an incredible lifestyle for his children, often teaching them valuable lessons from witnessing a great deal. Amos Hanks experienced everything from his father getting murders, to spending time in jail and fighting in the war. Tom Hanks noted that Amos had played a notable influence on which roles he selects. Below are parts that Tom Hanks selected in honour of his father.

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Sully
  • Cast Away
  • Forest Gump